Goldco vs Augusta Precious Metals 2024: Which should you use?

Jeremy Biberdorf
By: Jeremy Biberdorf
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Investing in precious metals has evolved significantly with advancements in technology and an increased demand for physical assets like gold and silver. Companies that facilitate this type of investment are revolutionizing how investors can diversify their portfolios. Goldco and Augusta Precious Metals, two leading platforms in this realm, provide comprehensive services for individuals seeking to invest in physical precious metals and self-directed IRAs.

These platforms not only provide guidance on the purchase and sale of precious metals, but they also offer resources for investors to understand the market, plan for retirement, and manage risks. In 2023, both Goldco and Augusta Precious Metals have gained considerable recognition for their respective offerings.

Goldco is Better for:Augusta Precious Metals is Better for:
Self-Directed Precious Metals IRAsWide Selection of Precious Metals
Low Minimum InvestmentEducational Resources
Dedicated Customer SupportTransparency in Pricing
Simplified Buying ProcessOnline Account Management
Long-Term InvestorsBoth Beginners and Experienced Investors

Why are platforms like Goldco and Augusta Precious Metals pivotal in today’s investment landscape? They provide an accessible route to precious metals investing, a sector traditionally dominated by wealthy individuals and institutional investors. They offer convenience, flexibility, and an array of services that make investing in precious metals simpler and more attainable.

Goldco, known for its self-directed precious metals IRAs and dedicated customer support, is a popular choice among long-term investors looking to safeguard their retirement savings. Meanwhile, Augusta Precious Metals, with its wide selection of precious metals and robust educational resources, caters to both beginners and seasoned investors seeking to diversify their portfolios with physical assets.

The ultimate decision between Goldco vs. Augusta Precious Metals will depend on your individual investment goals, level of experience, and preferences for customer service and platform features.

Goldco Augusta Precious Metals
Service Type Specializes in gold and silver IRAs, also offers other precious metals. Offers self-directed IRAs backed by precious metals.
Fees Charges a fee for account setup, along with annual maintenance and storage fees. Flat fees for setting up a precious metal IRA, with annual maintenance and storage fees.
Customer Support Offers customer support via phone and email. Provides customer support via phone, email, and web chat.
Best Use Suitable for investors interested in diversifying their retirement portfolios with gold and silver. Best for individuals looking for a self-directed IRA backed by precious metals.
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Factor 1: Product and Service Offering

Augusta Precious Metals has a wider product offering

  • Goldco offers a variety of precious metals for IRAs
  • Augusta Precious Metals provides a wide selection of metals for direct purchase
  • Both companies offer services to assist with purchase, storage, and management of investments


Goldco stands out for its comprehensive offerings in the realm of precious metals Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). They provide a diverse selection of precious metals including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, all eligible for inclusion in a self-directed IRA.

This focus on precious metals IRAs means Goldco can provide investors with a specific set of services tailored to retirement planning, including rollover assistance, educational resources, and dedicated customer support.
Goldco’s approach is ideal for those looking to diversify their retirement savings and hedge against economic uncertainty using physical assets.

Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals, on the other hand, is known for its wide selection of precious metals available for direct purchase. They offer a variety of gold and silver products, including bars and coins.

In addition to this, Augusta Precious Metals provides extensive educational resources and customer service support to help guide both beginners and experienced investors. Their transparency in pricing and online account management further aid in making informed investment decisions.

Their wide selection and commitment to transparency make Augusta Precious Metals an excellent choice for investors seeking to diversify their portfolio with physical assets.

To get a full picture of what Augusta Precious Metals can offer you, read our comprehensive Augusta Precious Metals Review 2023.

Factor 2: Customer Support and Educational Resources

Goldco and Augusta Precious Metals Shine in Customer Support and Education

  • Goldco offers dedicated customer support and personalized service
  • Augusta Precious Metals provides comprehensive educational resources and customer service
  • Both companies offer online resources for self-learning and market understanding


Goldco excels in providing personalized service with a focus on customer satisfaction. Their team of experts is always ready to assist clients with their questions and concerns, making the investment process smooth and hassle-free.

In terms of educational resources, Goldco offers a comprehensive knowledge center on their website. This includes various guides and articles on investing in precious metals and managing a self-directed IRA. The resources are easy to understand and are designed to help clients make informed decisions about their investments.

The combination of dedicated customer support and abundant educational resources makes Goldco a reliable partner for your precious metals investing journey.

Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals also scores high on customer support and educational resources. They offer a highly trained customer service team that guides investors through every step of the process, from initial inquiry to finalized investment.

In addition to excellent customer support, Augusta Precious Metals offers a wealth of educational resources, including a blog filled with informative articles and market insights. They also provide webinars and an extensive knowledge center that covers a wide range of topics related to precious metals investing.

This commitment to customer support and education helps Augusta Precious Metals stand out as a leader in the field.

Factor 3: Pricing and Transparency

Goldco and Augusta Precious Metals Differ in Pricing Transparency

  • Goldco’s pricing structure and service costs are not readily available
  • Augusta Precious Metals provides more transparency regarding service costs and potential markups
  • Both companies require direct contact for detailed pricing on products


While Goldco does not directly deal with precious metals, they work with mints worldwide to source high-quality silver and gold coins eligible for investment. They also provide a Highest BuyBack Guarantee, promising to purchase back your IRA-approved silver coins at competitive prices.

However, Goldco does not openly provide information on the costs of their services or their gold and silver coin offerings. Details about the pricing structure and potential fees associated with the investment process are not readily available on their website, which may cause some potential investors to feel apprehensive. For precise information on costs, potential investors need to get in touch with the company directly.

Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals also requires users to call for specific pricing on products. However, they are more transparent about their service costs and potential markups on the sale of products.

On their website, Augusta discloses that the margin on common bullion products may be as high as 10%. This transparency in pricing helps to provide investors with a clearer picture of potential costs associated with their investments.

Augusta’s commitment to transparency extends to the cost of their services, providing investors with more upfront information and a more predictable understanding of potential investment expenses.

Goldco vs Augusta Precious Metals: The Bottom Line

Both Goldco and Augusta Precious Metals offer comprehensive services and robust support to help retail and institutional investors navigate the precious metals market. The choice between the two will ultimately hinge on your individual needs, investment strategies, and budget considerations.

Goldco distinguishes itself with its focus on precious metals Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), offering a range of precious metals that can diversify your retirement savings. Their dedicated customer support and extensive educational resources aim to help investors make informed decisions.

If you’re particularly interested in diversifying your retirement portfolio with precious metals, Goldco’s services may appeal to you.

Augusta Precious Metals, on the other hand, excels in offering a wide array of precious metals for direct purchase, as well as comprehensive customer support and educational resources. They stand out with their transparency in pricing and service costs, giving investors a clearer picture of potential investment expenses.

Augusta’s commitment to pricing transparency, combined with their broad range of products and superior customer service, makes them an attractive choice for those seeking to invest in physical assets. If the offerings of Augusta Precious Metals align with your investment needs and strategy, click here.
Learn More About Augusta Precious Metals
In terms of transparency and clear pricing, Augusta Precious Metals takes the edge. Though both companies require direct contact for detailed pricing, Augusta provides more upfront information, reducing potential uncertainties.

Both companies offer valuable tools and services to assist you on your investment journey. We recommend taking the time to thoroughly research each company and see which one aligns best with your investment goals and preferences. Your personal preference, investment strategy, and specific needs will ultimately determine the right choice for you, but with their commitment to transparency and exceptional customer service, Augusta Precious Metals stands out as our recommended choice.

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