5 Ways to Get a Good Price on Extended Warranty for Your Car

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With the ever-escalating car prices, there is also a significant rise on car repairs cost. A lot of investment is therefore anticipated in vehicle repairs especially in cases where the warranty has expired. Therefore, many drivers are taking the option of extending their car warranties. Sometimes this is referred to as vehicle service contract. If you have a plan to extend your warranty, you might want to consider some useful tips on getting the best extended auto warranty price. Remember that you will save a lot if you buy a warranty directly from a dealer as opposed to going to a dealership. Most providers will offer discounts if you are a first time caller.

When you purchase warranty from a dealership, you are likely to pay double the amount. This is because dealerships often obtain an extended warranty from a third party which makes the price to go up before you get access to their services. However, you are likely to have direct access to these extended auto warranties without passing through a dealership. They also focus more on offering the most expensive coverage. Although the deal may sound good at first, since dealerships include the cost of extended coverage into the monthly car payment, the coverage cost will end up being excessive when itemized out. Purchasing extended auto warranties directly from a dealer will ensure you get immediate repairs without any delays since you will have access to factory-trained technicians and the manufacturer authorizes the repair. You will also not need to pay upfront fee for file claims or reimbursement. There are various ways you can save money on extended auto warranty price. Here are 5 of them: