Ten Harsh Realities of Buying a Second Hand Car

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There are many, many benefits to buying a second hand car. However, it is only fair that you are made properly aware of the risks as well. Here are ten points that you should know about before considering whether to buy a second hand car.

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1. Buying a stolen car

Unfortunately, there are some pretty unscrupulous people out there. You need to do a proper check into any used cars background before handing over any money, as it isn’t unknown for people to steal cars and sell them on. You don’t want to be caught up in any illegal activities.

2. Cleanliness

Whereas garages and dealerships have professional cleaners to keep each car spick and span, your average Joe will only give their car a most rudimentary clean before selling it on. After purchasing the car, be prepared to get down and dirty with a bucket of soapy water.

3. Repairs

Although second hand cars are usually cheaper than brand new ones, they will more often than not require a lot more maintenance. Should you end up spending significant amounts of money on those repairs, you can find yourself operating in a false economy. Buy cheap, buy twice!

4. Write-offs

If someone has effectively written off their car, there isn’t much to stop them just selling it on. Be aware that any used car might have just come out of a serious accident.

5. Personality

A bit of a weird one but a car is a very personal thing. You want it to reflect who you are as a person. Buying a car from someone who has already made use of it for years can sometimes make that vehicle feel like it isn’t really yours.

6. Time

Because buying a used car requires so many more checks, you can end up spending a significant amount of time on the process – time that just isn’t worth the money saved.

7. Spare parts

Proper dealerships will not sell cars for which spare parts are no longer available. However, someone selling a car second hand which is no longer being manufactured may not be able to direct you towards any necessary spare parts.

8. Insurance

The older a car, the more safety risks it will have, and the higher your insurance will be.

9. Safety

As automotive technology improves year on year, so do safety methods. Buying an old, second hand car means you may not have access to the latest safety developments.

10. Interest rates

Interest rates on a car loan are typically lower for a new car.

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