Leaving Your Heart Out Of Financial Decisions

Have you ever wondered why we sometimes rush into some financial decisions without properly thinking things through? Maybe you’re normally pretty careful with your money and then you just throw caution to the wind. Then once you finally stop to think about it, you start to regret that decision.

For some people, their love life follows a very similar course. They end up developing a very strong attraction to someone and pursue when they really should know better. Maybe she already has 6 kids from 6 different fathers. Maybe that person is already committed. Maybe they live 1000 miles away.

So what’s the deal? Are we just weak and unable to use our willpower? Maybe we are, but the reality of the situation is that we are letting our hearts impair our judgement. Or if you want to get all technical, it is our brain creating extra adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin. Plus critical parts of our brain actually get switched off temporarily once those chemicals get flowing.

With stuff like that going on in our brain, no wonder we can make such bad decisions in the heat of the moment. That being said, good luck explaining to your significant other that it was those chemicals at fault when you go and blow your whole paycheck or hook up with the office secretary. Those changes in the brain may effect our decision making, but ultimately we are still in control. Sorry, I bet that excuse was starting to sound pretty good, especially if you were to mention all those chemical names in a serious tone. Actually, give it a shot and report back how it went.

That means next time you find yourself craving that iPad, new sports car or brand name purse, walk away and take some time to think about it. Eventually your brain function will return to normal and your bank account will thank you.

When you do take the time to properly analyze these kinds of decisions, you realize that it’s probably not the best idea. Instead maybe you should be looking at the cheaper tablet that doesn’t charge an extra $200 for the Apple logo or maybe an eReader would suffice. Instead of buying that new sports car, a used model might be a much better deal. And instead of buying that 11th purse to add to your collection, maybe you should just consider collecting something a little more reasonably priced.

Don’t just think about all of the positive factors of going with your initial desire. Think about the negatives and the other alternatives you could choose. Also make sure that purchase can comfortably fit into your budget without affecting our finances too drastically. The more expensive the decision, the more you should analyze it.

After you think about it for a while, you may very well decide that you still really want that iPad or hot asian. And before you say that the hot asian isn’t a financial decision, know that it is probably the most expensive example listed, not to be racist or stereotypical. That’s just been my experience. If you’re lucky that woman may be a doctor or lawyer. Now if she’s that and got a great personality, don’t let that woman out of your sight. Sorry, got a little distracted there. I guess being single has been starting to wear on me.

If you do decide to make that big purchase now the next step is to shop around to find the best price. This will give you some extra time to think about it and also possibly expose some other options. Plus you’ll have a much better chance of running into the girl of your dreams. Hopefully she doesn’t cost you too much.

How do you avoid letting your heart affect your financial decisions? Did your heart win out on any recent purchases? Or better yet, any advice for me to find a new woman? lol

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