Help Someone In Need #GivingTuesday Giveaway

Last week I wrote about being thankful and stressed how important it is to appreciate how much more you have than others. That post also included a $100 cash giveaway to enter if you haven’t already.

Coincidentally a few days before, Kevin Yu from Givology had contacted me about hosting a giveaway promoting the charity organization he is involved with. Of course I jumped at the opportunity to help out. I love to give back, but I’m really still establishing my financial footing and have been unable to give much money to charity.

Givology is a 100% volunteer run charitable organization that connects you with grassroots education projects and student scholarships around the world. So it’s not some charity where a big chunk of money goes to an extremely well paid board of directors and other employees.

This giveaway ties in with a new initiative called #GivingTuesday which celebrates the importance of giving back to the community. Following Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday brings people, companies and charities together to raise awareness and transform how people think about the giving season.

As thanks for hosting this giveaway Givology provided me with $25 to donate to the charity of my choice on their website. The charity I chose to support is Rehabilitating Former Street-Children, run by The Turning Point Trust. To me this seemed like a great cause that is bound to help a lot of struggling children. Based in Kenya, they help bridge the gap when street-children try to get into the school system. Without proper rehabilitation, these kids would struggle to adapt to school and are less likely to get their lives back on track.

In case you need further convincing to get involved, here are some great reasons to give some money or time to charity:

  • Create Inner Happiness: There is nothing more rewarding than the satisfaction of helping someone else. This is even more true when you know it is someone who is less fortunate and will truly appreciate it.
  • Charities Need The Money More Than You: Think about what you will be using your money for. Now compare that to what someone in desperate need would use it for. I have a feeling I know who would be putting that money to better use.
  • Donations Can Act As A Tax Write-Off: For some people, a big reason to donate to charity is to put themselves in a lower tax bracket or to essentially be in more control of where tax their money goes.

So when shopping for Christmas gifts this year, why not also put aside some money to give to charity? Or better yet, give a donation to charity on someone else’s behalf for their present.

For this giveaway you get to choose who to donate money to through Givology. Use the rafflecopter widget below to enter.


Until the end of November 2012, Givology will be matching donations dollar for dollar. If you’d like to donate, follow this link.

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