How BlogginHelped Land A Sweet Job

When I first started my blog I admit that I was setting out to make some money. I had dreams of turning it into a full time job being my own boss. While I technically could’ve made that a reality by continuing on the path I was on, I decided it made better financial sense to get a full time job and keep working as long as possible. If my online income was completely just a side gig, all of that money could be directed towards savings.

One of my other priorities with my blog was to continue to expand my website marketing skills and beef up my resume. That way, even if my blog didn’t produce enough income early on I’d at least be able to leverage it into getting a new job. Things did work out that way, but I never would’ve predicted the extent to which they did.

Showing My Website Marketing Skills

When applying for website marketing jobs, employers always want to see proof that you can deliver results. That can be a little difficult as previous employers may allow their rankings to slip while riding your past efforts. This is where it helps a lot to have your own websites to showcase your marketing skills.

In my case, I’ve had my own websites for a while, but unfortunately most of them were penalized by Google last year. So it was quite important that I showed that I could achieve results with my blog. Luckily I’ve done exactly that with my blog so far. In a fairly short amount of time I’ve built up a lot of traffic, impressive rankings and decent social media numbers.

During my job interview, they actually mentioned that they noticed the quick progress I had made with my blog and its rankings. I was happy to explain how I had managed to make it this far. It’s quite satisfying to hear that someone has noticed your results and recognized how fast they were produced.

Gaining Experience In A Relevant Industry

As a website marketer you can end up working in a wide variety of industries, often with little relation to each other. For example, some of the industries I’ve marketed include tires, motorbikes, outdoor gear, id card printers, aluminum briefcases and dumpster rentals. Talk about some random knowledge.

With my blog it turned out to be a very good decision to target the personal finance niche. Not only is it helping a lot with my own finances, but it also ended up being very relevant experience for this job. My new employer happens to be in the finance industry too. When I saw that on the job posting, I knew I would have an inside edge on a lot of the competition.

The affiliate websites that I’ve been running since 2004 are also in the finance niche. So that combined with my blog really made me a strong candidate.

Using A Blogger Friend As A Reference

After not landing the last job I interviewed for, I thought it might be a good idea to switch up my references. One of my references was a little outdated and one was a boss that I didn’t really see eye to eye with. So they very well could’ve been hurting my employment potential.

For one replacement reference I added my long time affiliate rep for my finance websites. While I’ve never actually met him, we’ve had numerous phone conversations and plenty of e-mails back and forth. Over the years he’s likely got to know me fairly well and I know I can rely on him to vouch for me.

The other new reference I added is one of my better blogging friends. Like the other new reference, I’ve never met him in person, but I’ve never even talked to him on the phone either. Again I knew I could rely on him to say good things about me and do what he can to help me out. With how much I try to help him, I sure hope he would anyway.

I’m not sure if I would recommend including references who you’ve never even met in person, but I think in the internet marketing industry it would be a lot more acceptable. The risk paid off for me at least.


Some people see blogging as a way to escape the rat race, but for others it may be a way to get back into the race. It can really lead too all kinds of opportunities. It’s not necessarily just about making some side income. It’s what you make out of it.

Has your blog lead to any other opportunities? Would you be willing to use a blogger friend as a job reference?

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