How Guest Posting Helps Your Blog

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This week for my blogging tips series I’ve decided to cover something that I realize not everyone agrees with. Just recently I noticed a fellow blogger comment about guest posts in a negative fashion. I found her opinion to be a little closed minded, but we are all entitled to our own opinions. It seemed that she felt that a blog really should be written by the blogger and not by others.

I really can’t agree though. I understand that some people want their blog to be exclusively in their own voice. Some of those bloggers are wanting to build up their own personal brand and maybe even pursue future writing work. That’s not for everyone though. For blogs like my own I have no problem taking the magazine approach where numerous writers will contribute. In this post I’ll explain how it benefits bloggers to accept guest posts and also how it helps to guest post for other blogs.

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How Accepting Guest Posts Helps Your Blog

I’m not really sure why but it seems that female personal finance bloggers are more against accepting guest posts. For whatever reason, they seem to feel more attachment to their blog and what they’re creating. Guys on the other hand seem to be more willing to treat it as a side business and accept other writers more. There are plenty of exceptions but this seems to be a trend.

Whichever side you’re on you should stop to consider some of the benefits…

A More Informative Blog: Unless you are truly a financial expert with a wide variety of knowledge, your blog could probably benefit from other people’s experiences and expertise. Do you really have enough financial stories to tell and advice to dole out to fill a blog for years? I’m sure there’s some kind of topics that you can’t competently cover. On my blog I even accept guest posts for this blogging tips series. While I do know a ton about SEO and website marketing, I know there are some topics that other people might be able to cover more effectively.

More Varied Content: Not only do guest posts bring different topics to the table, but they also bring a fresh writing style and voice. Unless you have an incredibly interest writing style, that kind of variety could benefit a blog. Even if I did have unlimited topics that I could write quality content about, I think readers would still appreciate different points of view. It seems a bit narcissistic to refuse to have anyone else’s writing on your blog but your own.

Free Extra Content: Every blogger knows how time consuming it is to manage a blog and continually pump out content. We could all use a break in our schedules. Plus it’s a lot more economically feasible than paying for staff writing.

Increased Traffic: With SEO, the more content you have on your blog, the better. Each post stands a chance of attaining search engine rankings and regularly bringing extra visitors to your blog. Depending on who is guest posting on your blog you might also get exposed to their readers and social media followers.

Stronger Connection With The Writer: This is probably the most overlooked benefit of accepting guest posts from other bloggers. When you accept a guest post from another blogger you are essentially doing them a favor. When I publish a blogger’s guest post it usually goes a long way in building a bond with that blogger.

Possible Monetary Compensation: You have to be careful with this benefit as this would be violating Google’s terms of service…unless you convince the advertiser to use a nofollow link. So you can make money with guest posts, but then you are taking a risk with Google.

How Submitting Guest Posts to Other Blogs Helps You

Guest posting on other blogs helps even more than accepting guest posts on your own blog. Let’s explore some of those benefits…

Strong Link Building: SEO-wise, the links you get from guest posting are some of the strongest links you will get for your blog. This is especially true if you are guest posting on an established blog with decent stats. The thing you have to keep in mind is that those links are on posts that slip into that blog’s archives. So the links lose some value as that happens. At least you get to insert the exact links you want in the ideal context. Having that kind of control over your links is huge.

Increased Traffic – A guest post on another blog is the ultimate way to leverage that blog’s traffic. That blog’s readers can’t help but notice you. If you’re posting on a popular blog that could mean a huge rush of traffic. If that is the case, consider making a plan on how you will try to cater to that rush of traffic. Maybe you’d want to push them to a newsletter subscription or maybe you at least want to write a welcome post specifically for them.

Stronger Connection With The Blogger: Unless the blog you’re guest posting on is extremely well established, they will likely appreciate the free content. They would be getting the benefits mentioned above. So by doing that mutual favor for each other, you open the door to a stronger relationship with that blogger.

Really this is a big reminder for me to get my ass in gear with guest posting myself. I accept a ton of guest posts, but I still have yet to guest post on another blog. One of these days I’ll have to lose my cherry and follow my own advice.

How many of you actively guest post on other blogs? For those of you who don’t accept guest posts on your own blog, what is your reasoning?

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