How to Increase Your Earning Potential

Education is the Way Towards Long-Term Increased Earnings

It’s well known that education is one of the major factors towards a good salary, but choosing the right degree can help to boost long-term earnings as well as increase career opportunities. Having a good qualification also means that the likelihood of periods of unemployment is reduced, whilst building on qualifications over the long-term will reflect in regular salary increases.

Whether you’re starting off on a college degree course or considering career change it’s important to recognize that the right educational qualifications are key towards a good annual salary.

College grad vs high school

If you want to get financially ahead then the answer is to obtain a degree. It’s estimated that a college graduate will earn 60% more over the lifespan of their career than those with a high school diploma. Another major factor towards long-term earnings is that graduates, although not immune from unemployment, are less likely to have trouble finding well-paid work, than those without higher education qualifications. These factors are a major reason why so many people decide to go back to school in later life to study for qualifications that will help to expand their career choices and increase their salaries.

The right degree

As far as potential earnings are concerned it is generally the case that the higher the degree, the higher the salary will be. Climbing that educational ladder from a bachelor’s to a master’s to a doctorate will see a significant increase in expected salary. It’s also true that the academic discipline, or the major, as well as the chosen industry will make a difference to long-term earnings potential. Those with bachelor’s degrees who find work in fields such as technology, science, mathematics and engineering will generally have high earnings and stable employment over their career.

Popular educational qualification

There are some educational courses that always score highly when it comes to student enrolment figures due to the ‘safe’ long-term employment factor. For example, ACCA courses, (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) provide students with an extensive knowledge of finance and accounting as well as being internationally recognized qualifications. The courses offered can be tailored for those who wish to work in specific fields such as banking, consulting and management; which in turn mean greater career opportunities both at home and globally. Many of the courses can be studied online at the student’s leisure, and qualifications can be built upon over the course of a career; this is particularly beneficial for those already in full-time employment.

Four years or more of college might not appeal to everyone, but this is one of the major ways to achieve maximum earnings potential. With today’s online and part-time courses, you can work while studying for that career-enhancing qualification, and this will be an investment that provides long-term rewards.

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