How to Make Money on Every Dollar You Spend

Cash rewards are always welcome, especially when you’ve been splashing your own cash. And it can happen more than you think!

While there are less opportunities than there used to be, you can still earn money by not changing a thing to your daily spend.

Just go about your day to day routine in the same manner but take on these simple tips…

Use cashback websites

Everyone needs to do a grocery shop and you can actually earn by shopping at certain stores.

You’ll find plenty of cashback sites online and millions upon millions are signed up earning hundreds of dollars of rewards. They’re free to join and all you need to do is click on the links and codes for the websites you’re going to spend on.

There are some huge retailers on these sites and you’ll often be able to earn rewards on your grocery shop, buying insurance and even switching utility bill and cellphone contracts.

Pretty much everything is on there and you’ll find they’re perfect for booking holidays on sites in which you can earn around 15% cashback on package deals and hotels.

Get a cashback credit card

There are dozens of companies offering credit cards and they’ve been an incredibly popular way of earning rewards for years. You’ll likely have heard of collecting air miles for instance, while you can now also earn rewards for spending with certain retailers.

This might be 5% cashback when you spend with a certain restaurant chain, while with some cards you’ll earn points which will then be rewarded with vouchers.

Plenty of sites will give you insight into which credit cards offer good cashback opportunities. currently have a list of the best for 2018, while your current bank will no doubt have a page dedicated to their rewards.

Current account rewards

It isn’t just credit cards that’ll reward you for spending, current accounts also will regularly offer you rewards for spending in certain places.

This will usually come in the form of 5% or 10% cashback, while some will even offer you cashback on bills you pay through the account such as utility, broadband and television subscriptions.

This will generally be in the region of around $50 per year, but of course that’s better than nothing. Especially if you are already paying your bills through your current account.

Elsewhere, restaurants, retail outlets and technology stores are among the companies which are often earning you cashback for spending in them. So if you’re a serial shopper, it’s well worth looking into.

These three simple ways of spending can save hundreds of dollars every year, and in a world where we need to look after every penny, they’re well worth taking on.