How To Save Money While Moving

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Moving costs money but it is up to homeowners how much they will spend on this endeavor. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive thing that people ever do in their lives. If they do the entire thing themselves or share the duties with a moving company, moving can be surprisingly affordable.

Have a Garage Sale

The less people need to pack and carry with them from an old house to a new one, the better. Especially if people are downsizing, they will want to eliminate several belongings so that they don’t have to pay to move them when they are not likely to need them in the next house. More than making it less costly to move, this strategy will help them put money in their pockets.

Obtain Moving Supplies for Free

Movers can purchase all of the boxes and packing supplies they need but this is an unnecessary expense. They can save this money if they plan in advance and ask their local grocery stores for their boxes. This way, they will receive several intact boxes that would have been sent to the recycling center. They save the grocery store employees the hassle of having to break these boxes down, so they will be grateful to be rid of them.

Packing supplies for purchase that movers use to cover their furniture and their breakables are also not required during a move. Homeowners always have old towels, sheets and blankets lying around that they can put to good use as furniture covers. Newspaper is also instrumental in wrapping up dishes, glasses and other things that can be broken during a move and it is already available.

Pack Your Own Belongings

Homeowners can outsource all of the moving duties to moving companies but they will need to pay for this service. If saving money is their goal, they can do these things themselves. After they obtain the supplies without cost, they can begin to pack their things on their own. The best way to handle this duty is to start well in advance of moving day so that they have plenty of time to complete the process before they are required to be out of their houses. Starting early will also have the effect of reducing their stress levels that tend to be high when people are moving.

Ask for Help from Someone Who Owns a Truck

Movers may know someone with a large truck they can use rather than hiring the moving company or renting a truck. It can be difficult asking for help from family and friends but homeowners can make it easier for them to agree to be of service. They will want to make sure that their friends do not feel taken advantage of, so they will need to have plenty of refreshments on moving day. Also, they will want to have enough help from family and friends so that no one will feel overwhelmed with all of the work there is to do.

Even if there isn’t anyone who owns a large vehicle that can assist them in their moving duties, homeowners will be able to rent a truck from a company that will be less costly than hiring the moving company. They may still need some help moving their furniture and their other belongings but they can take care of their helpers in the manner described above in this situation.

Hiring an Economical Moving Company

Sometimes, it’s not possible for people to do everything themselves. These movers do not have to think that they will have to pay the highest prices when hiring a moving company. They can save money in this area too if they take the time to make the necessary preparations. For example, movers have several moving companies that are going to need to compete for their business. They can make these companies offer their best prices for their services by asking for an estimate from more than one company.

After choosing a company, movers will want to make things as easy for them as possible. Movers are paid for their time and homeowners who do not make the job any more difficult than it needs to be will save their movers time and themselves money. If everything they need to move to the next house is set aside for them when they arrive, the movers will be able to take everything to the truck promptly and proceed to the next location.

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What kind of strategies to you find to be most useful for saving money while moving?

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