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This time of year is always fun. Holiday season brings families together, we have parties, and celebrate the relationships we’ve built throughout life. It’s my favorite time of the year. Then, the book turns a page and BAM…we find ourselves smack dab in the midst of a new year. In 2 days, we’ll be enjoying the first day of the year 2014. We all know that with a new year comes new year’s resolutions.

In the past, when I came up with new years resolutions, I’d think of things I want to do and promise myself to get it done the next year, but those resolutions never came to fruition. So this year, I asked myself, “Why?”. Why didn’t I stop smoking in the year 2013? Why didn’t 2012 take me on the cruise of a lifetime? And, why am I still not married?

I Think I’ve Figured It Out

Every new year, when the first person asks me, “What’s your new year’s resolution?” I usually answer quickly with the first thing that comes to mind. That ended up being my resolution. But, there was no real thought in that went into it. My goals never really shaped my new year’s resolutions. Well, this year, I’m doing it differently.

My 3 Main New Year Goals

Get Married Within 2 Years – If you follow my Monday Money column here or any of my social media, or even my blog, you know that I’m engaged to the most amazing woman in the world. We’ve been engaged now for about a year and a half. In the beginning, we talked about having a long engagement, and that’s what it’s turning into. But, I’ve gotta lock this one down soon!

Retire At 35 – I love my dad so much. Growing up, I remember how much he worked to provide for me. He had a full time job and several side hustles just to make ends meet. Unfortunately, because he had to work so hard, we didn’t get as much time as I would like to have had. Of course, he made time for me in the midst of his busy schedule, I would have loved to see him more.

I don’t want my kids to miss out on me, nor for me to miss out on my kids. So, I’ve had a plan to retire at 35 for quite some time now. I figure by then, my kids will be between 5 or 8 years old. The key is making sure I’m ready to retire to spend time with them!

Quit Smoking ASAP – I know how bad smoking is for me. There’s only 2 problems. Truthfully, I really enjoy smoking. It makes for a good break to a hard or even monotonous day. The other problem is the pressure. I hate to say it, but every time I hear someone say something like, “You really should quit smoking.” I want to respond by lighting up a new cigarette and telling them to quit eating McDonalds. But, then again, I know I need to quit. It’s been affecting my breathing way too much lately.

Time To Start Planning Out My Resolution

First off, my resolution is going to have to have a considerable amount of savings for my wedding. I’m thinking that total, the wedding will cost around $20,000. I’m sure that if I asked Ana’s dad to help, I could get him to pay for some of it, but I don’t want to do that. Maybe it’s pride, maybe it’s a feeling of wanting to do this for Ana, who knows, I just want to do it on my own. So for us to get married in the next 2 years, I’m going to need to save about $10,000 a year to make it happen.

Retiring at 35 is a huge step. To do so, I’m going to have to have tons of money in the bank…or websites that run on autopilot. So, I’ve put together a pretty detailed savings plan, along with a business plan to make sure that if I don’t save enough, my websites can cover my living expenses.

As far as quitting smoking, that’s just up to me. There’s really not much that I can do to prepare for it but remind myself of how important it is to quit and how badly cigarettes affect me every time I light one up.

My Final New Year’s Resolution

This year, my new year’s resolution will be to put $1,650 (The maximum I can currently afford) into some form of investment each month to cover my wedding and plans for future retirement. I’ll also be drinking tons of orange juice as I hear that helps with quitting smoking, and make an honest attempt to quit at least 1 time per month.

Reader Question

So, what’s your new year’s resolution? Did your long term goals help to shape this year’s annual goals?

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