Humbled Trader Swing Trading: A Journey Towards Financial Freedom

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August 2, 2023August 2, 2023

Humbled Trader

Swing trading is a style of trading that aims to capture gains in any financial instrument over a few days to several weeks. This type of trading is very popular with hedge funds like Goldman Sachs, which usually uses a 1 to 6 months time frame. Amid this dynamic landscape, Humbled Trader has emerged as a beacon of inspiration and guidance for aspiring and seasoned traders.

The brain behind Humbled Trader is Shay Huang, a seasoned trader who has navigated the stormy seas of market volatility with skill and finesse. Shay’s journey from a high-stress career in the film and VFX industry to the frontlines of financial markets is not just a tale of career transition but also a story of resilience, learning, and transformation.

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Who is Shay Huang from Humbled Trader?

Shay Huang’s name might not immediately ring a bell for someone relatively new to trading. Yet, for many who have embarked on the challenging yet rewarding journey of financial markets, Shay is nothing short of an inspiration.

Before Shay ever encountered the world of swing trading, she was in the fast-paced film and VFX industry. However, the constant grind and the long, exhausting hours left her seeking a different path, leading her toward swing trading in 2014. The allure of potential financial freedom and the comfort of working from home were too enticing to ignore.

However, her transition to swing trading was not without its trials. A particularly disheartening episode saw her lose $20,000. Yet, instead of succumbing to despair, Shay’s resilience surfaced. She drew lessons from her failures and realized that trading was a challenging ticket to wealth. This marked a significant turning point in her career and the genesis of the principles that form Humbled Trader.

Shay’s paradigm shift in understanding the trading market gave birth to Humbled Trader, a platform dedicated to teaching its users the importance of these values.

What she learned from her initial setbacks became the core values of her unique approach to swing trading. She realized that there was no ‘perfect’ strategy that guaranteed success. Instead, successful trading requires discipline, analysis, and, most importantly, an understanding of the market’s dynamics.

Humbled Trader Swing Trading Approach

A swing trading strategy is not the same as a day trading strategy. Day trading strategies typically follow strict rules and guidelines, whereas swing trading is more process-oriented. Swing traders will use a combination of fundamental and technical analysis to make trading decisions. It aims to understand why a particular trade is worth making and when you should make it.

At the heart of Humbled Trader’s Swing Trading is a philosophy built around three pillars: understanding the market, risk management, and patience. Rather than focusing on predicting trends, Shay advocates for traders to gain an in-depth understanding of stock market dynamics.

Some popular swing trading strategies include credit, fixed income, global macro, short selling, and arbitrage. However, one of Humbled Trader’s favorite strategies is Event-Driven. The Event-Driven strategy predicts events that might influence a company’s future growth, such as earnings reports, clinical trials, or interest rate changes.

Finding potential swing trades requires continuous research and staying updated with stock market news. While large firms may have the resources to focus on every single event, focusing on a specific event can be more manageable for retail traders. For instance, earnings reports are a significant event that can provide a lot of volatility, momentum, and volume for trading. Therefore, a swing trader might focus their attention on companies due to release their earnings reports, as these can often lead to significant price movements.

Similarly, essential news or developments related to a company, such as funding news or significant operational changes, can trigger price swings, offering potential opportunities for swing trades.

Humbled Trader Advice for Small Accounts and Part-time Traders

Humbled Trader doesn’t only cater to full-time traders; Shay also advises part-time traders and small account holders. As she started trading while holding on to a full-time job, Shay day-traded before committing to her new trading journey. This allowed her to develop strategies that yielded high returns on relatively simple trades while managing her risk.

Buying the dip is one of the proven and effective trading strategies that works particularly well for part-time traders. Rather than trying to catch the breakout of the whole dollar or high of the day, which can often turn into fake-outs, the strategy emphasizes buying when prices suddenly dive with the expectation of them bouncing back.

Three crucial criteria underpin this approach. The first aspect is the identification of stocks exhibiting a parabolic daily chart pattern, indicating an ongoing sharp and steady upward trend. It endorses the practice of purchasing dips at support levels on stocks that display a solid parabolic daily chart.

The second aspect of the strategy involves meticulously drawing robust daily support and resistance levels. This approach encourages a patient mindset, urging traders to bide their time and wait for the ideal setup to emerge.

Lastly, although not a mandatory criterion, high short interest can significantly reinforce the trading setup and make the situation more favorable. This factor represents the percentage of a company’s stocks sold short but still needs to be covered or closed out.

This combination can help traders to capitalize on the emotional distress of short sellers caught in adverse positions. But the key, as always, is patience, and traders must be willing to refrain from making trades if the setup isn’t optimal.

In essence, the Humbled Trader Swing Trading method reframes the approach to trading. Instead of chasing quick profits, it adopts a disciplined, patient, and knowledgeable approach to navigating the often unpredictable landscape of swing trading.

Shay Huang’s Influence on the Swing Trading Landscape

Shay Huang has positively influenced thousands of aspiring traders worldwide through her trials, triumphs, and transparent sharing of her experiences.

Huang’s influence extends beyond Humbled Trader. She has cultivated a culture of understanding, patience, and risk management within the swing trading community. Her focus on these aspects has been pivotal in shifting the paradigm from chasing quick wealth to adopting structured and sustainable trading strategies.

A unique blend of personal attributes has contributed to Huang’s success in swing trading. Her resilience, epitomized by her ability to bounce back from significant initial losses, inspires many. Her well-rounded personality, combining a keen intellect with a great sense of humor, makes her relatable.

Shay’s impact on swing trading, encapsulated in Humbled Trader, has revolutionized how many view and engage with the market. She continues to provide guidance, inspiration, and practical tools to traders worldwide, propelling them toward financial freedom.


The journey through the dynamic world of swing trading is rarely straightforward. It takes patience, understanding, resilience, and a well-structured approach to navigate its waves successfully. Humbled Trader, by Shay Huang, encapsulates these qualities, offering movie and experienced traders a unique and effective approach to financial freedom.

Humbled Trader distinguishes itself from other trading services by grounding its strategy in market understanding and patience. Its primary aim isn’t to chase quick wealth but to provide a stable and sustainable way for traders to achieve financial independence. This unique approach, combined with Shay Huang’s personal touch and transparent sharing of her experiences, makes Humbled Trader’s Swing Trading approach a game-changer in the swing trading world.

Huang’s journey shows that with the right approach and guidance, financial freedom through swing trading is more than a distant dream; it’s an attainable reality.

If this Shay’s journey and philosophy have inspired you, you can visit Humbled Trader and dive into the world of swing trading. Let your journey toward financial freedom begin with Humbled Trader.

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