Imaginative Ways to Make Extra Money

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Have you been coming up a little short on your rent and utilities each month? Dreaming of buying that new car or finally taking that vacation abroad? Most of us could use a little extra cash to ensure the bills get paid without having to miss out on fun. Here are just a few imaginative ways to boost your monthly income:

1) Turn your hobby into a side business.

If you’ve got a bit of an artsy side, you may be able to earn some extra monthly income online. Crafters can sell their creations on Etsy, while artists and graphic designers may have some luck on Artonomy, Artbreak, or CafePress. Shutterbugs may try selling their photos to a stock photography website like Shutterstock, while writers might start a blog and sell advertising space on it. People who like baking could try a specific niche like cupcake toppers. Don’t forget to spread the word with family and friends that you’re looking for some side work, too: you never know when an opportunity will arise!

2) Voice your opinion.

These days, you can get paid simply for saying what you think. Market researchers are always looking for fresh perspectives to help them improve the consumer experience or determine what will be the next big thing. Browse the listings on and FindFocusGroups to start getting paid for your opinion. You can even make money testing new apps on uTest.

3) Sell your junk.

Now more than ever, it’s easy to earn some spending cash from your unwanted clutter. Create a seller’s account on to sell back your old books, or ship old textbooks into a site like Cash4Books, AbeBooks, or in exchange for cash. Likewise, old DVDs, CDs, and games can be recycled on other websites. If you’ve got old furniture or big electronics to sell, try posting an ad on Craigslist. EBay is a great catch-all site where you can sell everything from collectibles and art to sporting goods and toys.

4) Sell your body to science.

This one may conjure images of science experiments gone wrong, but it’s not nearly as sketchy as what it sounds. Donate blood and plasma to your local hospital every one to two months to earn some extra cash and help those in need, and check the listings at nearby universities to see if they need people to participate in their studies. You could earn a nice chunk of change just for giving away your blood—or a little bit of your time.

5) Do a micro-gig.

Are you a pro at retouching photos or solving WordPress issues? Have a talent for doing impressions or writing beautiful calligraphy? Capitalize on these specialized talents on a microgig website like You’ll earn $5 each time you perform your listed service. It may not sound like much, but you can boost your income by $100+ monthly just by performing the task once daily. Another great site for microgigs is

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