Importance of RSS Readers in Blog Marketing

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This week, we discuss the importance of using RSS feed readers when doing blog marketing. I know some of you have yet to adopt this useful technology.

Blog Commenting Benefits

Even if you’re brand new to blogging, you realize that blog commenting is one of your most useful marketing strategies. There are many benefits, including:

  • Builds links to your blog.
  • Helps you build a connection with that blogger.
  • Gets you on the the radar of other bloggers and advertisers.
  • Expands your knowledge by reading other opinions and experiences.
  • Leads direct traffic to your blog.

Why You Shouldn’t Just Bookmark Blogs

So now that you know how important blog commenting is, what’s wrong with just bookmarking them in your web browser? It is what you do with all your other favorite websites after all.

This approach is very inefficient with blog commenting. You will end up wasting far too much time loading blogs unnecessarily.

For example, when you visit each blog that way, is there always a new post you haven’t read yet? When there is a new post, is it always something that you’re interested in and knowledgeable enough about to comment on?

How RSS Feed Readers Are Superior

I was hesitant to start using RSS readers when I first got into blogging. I figured that my bookmarking routine was working for me. Why would I want to read posts in a separate browser? It didn’t really make sense to me. Then I clued into what I was missing out on and I haven’t looked back.

These are some of the benefits of using an RSS feed reader when doing blog commenting:

  • Knowing About New Posts – Do you really want to try to remember each blog’s posting schedule? Some may post only 1-3 times a week while others post every weekday. Or there may be ones that always seem to post later in the day. When using an RSS reader, you know exactly which blogs have new content to check out.
  • Getting A Post Sneak Peak – Unless you have the time and knowledge to comment on every single post from the blogs you follow, you are probably a little selective in which posts you comment on. In my case I tend to skip the ones that deal with US specific topics like 401Ks, IRAs and private health care. With my RSS reader I don’t have to load up the entire blog and its design elements to know I want to skip such a post.
  • Ability To Organize and Prioritize – Technically you can do this with browser bookmarks too, but it is much more beneficial within an RSS reader. Each person will have their own way they want to organize things, but I have all kinds of categories in my RSS reader: 1 for high priority blogs that I want to comment on every post, 1 for blogs where I occasionally comment, 1 for blogs with dofollow links, 1 for investing blogs where I often just read without commenting and several other various categories.
    I also have notes on each blog for anything I need to remember, as well as their PR as an extra layer of prioritization. People who use different variations of their name when commenting can easily put in a note for something like that. Or maybe you want to put in a note reminding yourself that you owe them a favor.

It really was night and day when I switched to using an RSS feed reader for blog commenting. I was suddenly saving so much time which could go towards commenting on additional blogs or doing other work. I’m sure you all like extra free time.

As for which RSS feed reader to use, I used RSSOwl from the start without any complaints. The only real downside is that it is desktop software, which means I don’t have access to my list of feeds when away from my computer. If that is a concern, you can use a web based RSS reader such as Google Reader. Really, there is only so much that can be done with RSS reader software. So pretty much any reader out there should be sufficient.

Do any of you want to admit to not using an RSS feed reader yet? I noticed some of you didn’t enter my recent contest with the RSS subscription options. So I know who some of you are 😉 If you’re embarrassed, you can e-mail me directly with any questions.

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