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Personal finance is changing in America. For professionals, pensions, and a 401(k) used to be endgames in themselves. Thought sufficient to carry a worker from employment to retirement, and beyond, many workers just let these things just kind of…take care of themselves. That may have worked at one time, but it’s no solution for today’s workforce.

Today, with pensions on the out, and wages stagnant for most, employees really must maximize their 401(k) contributions and allocations if they hope to have a comfortable retirement. Yet, many Americans do not contribute to their 401(k). Others do, but simply don’t understand the potential for growth that they’re passing up by not actively managing their plans, or doing so poorly.

There has been a call among major corporations to provide financial assistance benefits alongside traditional 401(k) plans, but these have been far from universally implemented. What we’re left with is a workforce that is aging toward retirement without the proper education and financial preparation.

Enter Smart401k. Smart401k offers tailored advice on how to manage and adjust personal 401(k) accounts to the unique needs of individual users. Smart401k customers are able to adjust the specifications of their 401(k) allocations, according to a number of easily adjustable parameters. The result is a 401(k) that is constructed to meet your personal needs, maturing when you need it.

There are more than 52 million people out there who have active 401(k)s. Add to that the Millennial generation workers who are currently swarming into these programs (see the first link), and you’ll quickly understand how vital this program is to the developing economy. Without proper growth of this many retirement packages, American workers are likely to have anything but an independent retirement. Put simply, an American workforce that is ready for retirement is an important column in a healthy American economy. Services like Smart401k help to cement this future.

But realities like this don’t keep millions of Americans from ignoring or under-contributing to their 401(k)s. Smart401k reverses this trend among its user base. By offering online investment advice, they make managing your retirement investments easier, and they back up their recommendations with professional investment advisor support.

Enrollment is free, and the service’s benefits pile on immediately. Smart401k will quickly take stock of your personal situation: how much time you have to invest before retirement and how much risk tolerance you have. They’ll also recommend specific funds, according to your retirement goals, as well as specific dollar amounts which you should contribute in order to help meet your retirement goals. Smart401k will provide recommendations for updating your account when your situation, plan options, or market conditions change.

As you can see, a service like Smart401k is a small price to pay to plan for a secure future. It’s an important opportunity for people untrained at managing their own 401(k)s, and it can make a big difference in the way their lives develop over the coming years and decades. The 401(k) is essential for the individual worker, and for the American economy at large. Let’s make them everything they can be.

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