Taking Care of your Vision Isn’t an Expensive Business

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Summer is almost over and it’s time for winter. Dry indoor conditions and sunlight reflecting off the snow can irritate your eyes and even impair your vision. Personally I get my eyes checked at least once in the winter season because the dryness just gets me and my eyes turn red and itchy. And if you’ve ever got your eyes tested, you know it’s not cheap. Going to the optician, getting your eyes checked, and then getting glasses made- it’s an expensive business. But there are ways by which you can reduce your eye exam costs.

Groupons for eye care

Many of you might already know about Groupon, the daily deal website that offers great discounts on many things. If you know what coupons are, then the concept of Groupon isn’t far away. Groupons are almost like coupons, except that they’re on steroids. The deals on Groupons start at 50% off, and can go up to 90%. With Groupons, you can get steep discount on eye care (and many other things). You can find many eye care companies on Groupon and pick any hot deal.

Vision insurance

I have vision insurance. It helps me cover the cost of lens fitting. I wear lenses because there are many things that I can’t do while wearing glasses. And since lenses are more expensive than glasses, it’s best to get vision insurance as it covers a large part of eye exam and lens fitting costs.

Do a money/time analysis

There are some cheap options out there, but you might spend a lot of time waiting… and waiting. Sometimes it is best to visit a private optician rather than going to a public one. If you want glasses for an impending trip, I would suggest going to a private optician and getting your glasses/contacts ready.

Shop online

Don’t assume that mall stores or national chains are cheaper. I had one of the most expensive eye experiences at a mall store. Though I have heard that national chains are cheaper, I haven’t really tried them so I can’t say anything. I find shopping online very economical. There are several online prescription eyewear distributors that allow you to browse their website for available products. They also let you compare their prices with their competitors’ prices so that you can know how much you are saving. Plus you might find some extras on eye wear for the same price, like scratch resistant coating, anti-glare lens, thinner lenses, and sunglass tinting etc.

Try these money saving methods and save a lot on eye care.

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