InsiderFinance Review 2023

Jeremy Biberdorf
By: Jeremy Biberdorf
Mar 01, 2023
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In a nutshell: InsiderFinance provides a powerful trading software with a focus on automated analysis. Day traders and swing traders in particular may benefit from InsiderFinance.

By analyzing millions of options contracts and dark pool prints each day, InsiderFinance aims to give traders an inside edge. This way they know which securities have the highest likelihood of moving the market.

Keep reading for a comprehensive InsiderFinance review so you can see how it might benefit your trading.

Monthly rate | $75 (billed monthly)Quarterly rate | $65 ($195 billed quarterly) Annual rate | $55 ($660 billed yearly)

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Pros & Cons
  • Intelligent order flow highlights smart money trades
  • Dark pool and equity prints give insider access
  • Crypto and forex market scanner
  • Custom watchlists
  • No mobile app
  • Limited scan options (and no saving scans)

InsiderFinance Review 2023 | Is InsiderFinance Right for Me?

InsiderFinance is a particularly helpful software for day traders and swing traders. When trying to make money on short-term stock and index movements, it’s highly beneficial to see unusual options activity.

InsiderFinance provides this and much more. So, if you’re a day or swing trader, or simply want insider access, then InsiderFinance may be a great tool for you.

Keep reading to learn more about how InsiderFinance works, including its top features.

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How Does InsiderFinance Work?

Imagine having access to the moves the smart money (i.e. Wall Street) is making. Couldn’t that make all the difference for your day or swing trading?

This is the premise that InsiderFinance offers. It aims to provide affordable access to all the smart money moves, arming retail investors with the information they need so they can have trading success.

InsiderFinance uses a proprietary system that automates technical analysis. This provides guidance on optimal position entries and exits. Knowing those are effectively the bread and butter for day and swing traders.

By seeing unusual options activity and dark pool prints, and pairing it with robust technical analysis and algorithmic trade ideas, InsiderFinance provides traders with the tools they need to succeed.

These tools also include industry-leading analysis and visuals, proprietary indicators and signals, sweep activity for smart money positions, and highly customizable filters (with presets). These features allow you to quickly search through smart money trading activity. Market news sentiment and headlines are also provided.

Taken together, InsiderFinance provides a comprehensive and intuitive platform that will help day and swing traders maximize their profits and minimize their losses.

InsiderFinance Features

InsiderFinance offers many unique features that help set it apart from other fintech software platforms.

Here are some of its key features and what they provide:

  • Real-time options order flow – Perhaps its major selling point, the real-time options order flow with unusual options activity and sweep activity makes InsiderFinance a top options screener. These large/smart-money transactions are key for day and swing traders to make money on short-term movements.
  • Dark pool and equity prints – Dark pool prints are another way that traders can benefit from InsiderFinance. For the unfamiliar, dark pool trades are block trades executed on an OTC market. InsiderFinance helps provide transparency for these dark pool prints, which often occur with penny stocks. As these stocks are a favorite of day and swing traders, this information can be a huge benefit.
  • Crypto and forex market scanner – While many such platforms only track securities and major indices, traders using InsiderFinance also have privileged access to currency movements, including crypto.
  • Technical analysis – InsiderFinance integrates with TradingView, a leading charting platform. This provides users with premier technical analysis tools. You can also access charting within InsiderFinance without a TradingView account.
  • Dashboard filtering – InsiderFinance provides a lot of tools aimed at making your life easier. Among these tools is the one-click dashboard filtering option, which offers actional presets, including “equities,” “unusual,” “sweeps,” “momentum,” “ETFs,” and “moonshots.” You can also customize each of these with an array of filters.

Insider Finance Pricing & Plans

InsiderFinance offers one, all-inclusive plan. There are no tiers or upgrades, which also means no upselling.

So, why are there three options? InsiderFinance offers a way for you to save by billing quarterly or annually instead of monthly. If you opt to bill quarterly or annually, you get a $10 and $20 discount, respectively, compared to the monthly subscription.

The pricing works as follows:

  • $75 billed monthly
  • $195 billed quarterly ($65 per month)
  • $660 billed yearly ($55 per month)

Is InsiderFinance Worth It?

InsiderFinance is definitely worth considering for day traders and swing traders. That’s because it provides key information in a comprehensive and intuitive platform. With insight into unusual options activity, smart-money moves, and dark pool prints, traders will have an edge when looking to capitalize on short-term stock and index movements.

While there are many fintech platforms out there nowadays, InsiderFinance stands out for its ease of use, proprietary algorithms, and insider access. It also has few drawbacks and is relatively affordable.

If you would like to explore InsiderFinance for yourself, click here so you can check it out today.

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