Investing In Real Estate: Condominium

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November 6, 2015November 6, 2015

Investing In Real Estate: Condominium

Real estate has more to offer than simply finding a place to call home.

It is very common for anyone to be interested in owning a piece of real estate, and according to stats collected in the last 50 years, real estate is one of the leading investment vehicles. With proper research and advice, you can find ready opportunities that offer you big gains.

Compared to stocks and bonds, owning real estate is slightly different in many key areas. The basics of real estate involve buying, selling, or simply renting property.

Renting Property

This is one of the oldest real estate practices, similar in characteristics to land ownership. It typically involves buying a property then leasing it out to a tenant. Having bought a home, it is your responsibility to pay taxes, mortgage, and overall maintenance of the property.

Having taken care of the cost of ownership, a landlord sets a rental price that can cover the basic costs. You may adjust the price for a profit based on demand and it is your responsibility to know exactly when to do that.

A wise decision is keeping the rent just enough to help pay the mortgage, and whatever you charge afterward majorly becomes profit. After all, the property has the tendency to appreciate based on demand or location. However, there is a downside as well when a property depreciates. This is one of the blemishes in an otherwise attractive investment opportunity.

You may also come across the odd bad tenant who vandalizes and damages your property effortlessly or struggle to find any tenant at all. Any of these situations will leave you with a negative cash flow and a hard time at the mortgage office.

On the other hand, you may as well find yourself with enough money yet you can’t find the right property to buy. Choosing a place you want to buy or rent is not automatic, and you need to have proper guidance.

To complete a worthwhile investment, you should be on the lookout for the best places and locations that people mostly want to live.

Some of the major differences between renting a property and owning one is down to a few factors ranging from time spent, devotion, and the work involved to maintain it.

There are a few responsibilities that come with buying a home and being the landlord. For starters, you should always be ready to be called upon or be on standby when something is not working. When you get such complaints, you can hire a handyman to get the job done. Taking these necessary measures gives your tenant a reason to continue with your relationship.

Where do you invest?

As a first-time investor investing in real estate, the first question that always comes to mind is what kind of property to buy. A condo is a good place to invest. Compared to a family house, a condo can be relatively easy to manage. This is because a condo buyer owns the space inside and shares the exterior spaces with other owners. The maintenance fee, therefore, is usually based on the size of the condo. With rule-abiding tenants, condominiums can make for excellent investments.

Condos have what is called the homeowner’s association act that abides all tenants to agree to certain rules that ensure the serenity of any given neighborhood. As a buyer, you must make sure that tenants understand and obey these guidelines, which mostly involve the ownership of pets, parking regulations, etc. These issues often pose as the main points of discussion between homeowners and tenants.

Condos appreciate slower than family homes, and a good option would be to include your condo in a rental program to meet its potential. Location matters most with condominiums and a tourist attractive locale like a beachfront area or ski resort guarantees vacations at different times of the year and this helps pull the numbers to your business.

Before you buy a condo, confirm its rental records to know what kind of investment you are undertaking and also be able to approximate its income.

Buying a condo requires you to pay attention to all those details.

You can find an agent who can assist you every step of the way or you can do it yourself.

The most important thing is having proper guidance before you take the step and you can easily find this kind of information in a real estate marketplace.

This is where you get all kind of financial investment opportunities and expert advice from other investors in order to help you make proper decisions.

It is a frequented portal of condo buyers and sellers that help make connections for efficiency and liquidity in one of the fastest-growing worldwide condo markets.

Get access to over 5 million properties either on sale, rent or vacation. Not limited to the US, this market has seen significant growth and caters to over 70 countries globally, making it a go to place to begin your investment.

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  1. Real Estate investing can be real tricky at the moment due to instability in most major markets. Market research is critical. I would agree that long term it should be a sound investment and this could be the time to find that vacation home.

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