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August 16, 2023August 16, 2023

Investor Underground

Day trading can be quite the challenge, especially for newcomers. Luckily, Investors Underground is here to provide a solution.

With real-time support, extensive training resources, and a nightly stock watch list, you won’t be navigating the market alone.

Investors Underground gathers some of the most successful stock traders worldwide. They all share the common goal of making informed decisions and crafting effective investment strategies.

In this Investors Underground review, we’ll help you determine if this day trading service suits your needs. We will also take a deeper look at Investor Underground reviews and ratings, so you can see what other users are saying.

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What Is Investors Underground?

Investors Underground has emerged as a dynamic online community tailored for day traders, complete with specialized trading chat rooms and comprehensive online courses.

Originating in 2004 as Investors Live, the platform rebranded in 2008, becoming the Investors Underground we recognize today. While it initially resided on, it ventured out to chart its own course.

Indeed, Investors Underground predominantly centers around day trading. It’s not just any chat room; think of it as a virtual hub for networking, offering online chats and valuable video lessons.

It serves as a stage for conversations between eminent industry experts and leaders. Engaging with seasoned professionals who were once nearly unreachable becomes possible within this platform.

But Investors Underground isn’t solely a chat room; it is a thriving day trading community and an educational resource. The platform showcases two comprehensive trading courses, crafted specifically for novice traders seeking to grasp the intricacies of the market.

Driving this service forward is Nathan Michaud, a prominent figure in the industry, backed by an impressive reputation and wealth of expertise. His Twitter account (@InvestorsLive) boasts an engaged following of over 100k individuals.

About Nathan Michaud

Nathan Michaud has been immersed in day trading since 2003, fully committing in 2007 after earning his finance degree. In 2004, he initiated, which later evolved into Investors Underground.

Michaud’s trading style is versatile, encompassing diverse stocks through long and short positions. His Twitter offers a closer look at his trading philosophy and real-time market insights.

Investors Underground Reviews and Ratings

Lets see what others are saying about Investors Underground reviews and ratings. The overall score on Trust Pilot is 3.8/5.0, which isn’t exceptionally high or low. Here are some specific user reviews:

Investor Underground Reviews

Bryan “midnitecoder” K

Feb 23, 2021

Want to learn, build a repeatable process, then consider joining IU.

Joined IU back in February 2020 while evaluating many other chat rooms/services. If you are looking for a sheep herder … buy here, sell there, this isn’t the room. If you are willing to learn, take some tough love / brutal honesty, build a repeatable process, IU is the service to join….Just with feedback/news alerts and others in the community it’s returned well over the cost paid for the service … many times over and above.

Date of experience: February 24, 2021


Feb 23, 2021

In my opinion

In my opinion, IU is one of the cleanest chat rooms for stock movement in the market. Absolutely no pumping is allowed. This room if for traders who want to improve and take trading seriously instead of waiting for buy or sell signals. Nate goes over trade ideas and thesis every single day. Even when I become a consistent successful trader, I will forever be in this chat, they alert you with some of the best moving stocks, and of course it is up to you to play that setup based on your personality.

Date of experience: February 24, 2021

Scott Yaniszewski

Feb 24, 2021

IU is hands down the best service out…

IU is hands down the best service out there. It’s not an alert service but truly a community for those that want to become better traders. The way Nate reads the market is like nothing I’ve ever seen before and you’re able to learn from his experience everyday. There is no other place that you can trade with and learn from the most experienced traders daily and everybody is willing to help as long as you are putting the work in.

Date of experience: February 24, 2021

Investors Underground Features

  • Daily Watch Lists: Every evening, renowned moderators like Nate, Alex, Dante, and Emil share their stock watch lists, including tickers, charts, and game plans for the next trading day.
  • Investors Underground Watch Lists: These watch lists offer more than simple “buy or sell” suggestions. For instance, Nate might indicate interest in going long on Twitter if it has a weak opening, or shorting it if it gaps up. This approach helps traders comprehend the strategy behind the trades, fostering a mindset of adapting to market movements.
  • Investors Underground Scan Nate: The watch lists are diverse, accommodating various trading styles. They encompass penny stocks, high-value stocks, long and short trades, day trades, and swing trades.
  • Trading Chat Rooms: Investors Underground provides access to three trading chat rooms:
    • Penny Stock Chat Room: Focused on lower-priced stocks, including cryptocurrency trading.
    • Swing Trading Chat Room: For traders holding positions over days or weeks, led by Michele of TradeontheFly.
    • Momentum Trading Chat Room: The highlight of Investors Underground, a bustling hub for intraday price action discussions and trade alerts.
  • Trade Recaps and Video Lessons: IU’s fast-paced chat room caters to traders of all levels. The Elite subscription offers weekly trade recaps stored in a video lesson library, delving into trading activity and concepts.
  • Educational Webinars: Regular webinars by moderators Nate, Cody, Alex, Dante, and Emil serve as check-ins for all members. Discussions span market updates, trade recaps, and extensive Q&A sessions, enhancing understanding and guidance.
  • Day Trading Courses: Investors Underground offers comprehensive trading courses with a one-time fee. Two courses are available:
    • Textbook Trading: A robust course covering day trading fundamentals and intermediate/advanced topics. With over eight hours of content, it’s a comprehensive guide for both beginners and experienced traders.
    • Tandem Trader: This advanced course builds on Textbook Trading’s foundation, illustrating real trades with commentary. It bridges the gap between trading theories and their practical application, perfect for experienced traders.
  • Morning Calls: Members gain access to morning calls where Nate discusses his trading methodology, providing insights and strategies for better decision-making.
  • Mentorship: Investors Underground’s vibrant community ensures readily available guidance from experienced traders and admins like Nathan. A dynamic exchange of questions and insights enhances learning.

Investor Underground Pricing

Investors Underground presents three distinct membership options:

  • Monthly Subscription: Priced at $297 per month, this option offers flexibility without long-term commitment. Annually, this amounts to $3,564.
  • Quarterly Subscription: For those seeking a middle ground, the quarterly subscription stands at $697 per quarter. Over a year, this totals to $2,788.
  • Annual Subscription: If you’re committed to a longer-term plan, the annual subscription is available at $1,897 per year.

While the upfront cost of an annual subscription might seem substantial, it’s a remarkable $1,667 saving compared to the month-to-month option. What’s important to note is that all plans provide the same set of features. Your choice primarily depends on your budget and desired membership duration. It’s noteworthy that these memberships don’t include educational packages.

Final Thoughts

Investors Underground is a dynamic platform for traders at all levels of expertise. With real-time insights, comprehensive training, and vibrant chat rooms, it’s a thriving community where traders can connect, learn, and refine their strategies.

If you’re serious about enhancing your trading career and joining a community of like-minded individuals, Investors Underground could be just what you’re seeking. Click here to explore your options and seize this opportunity.

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