Is Apex Trader Funding worth it?

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November 1, 2023November 1, 2023

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If you’re a trader, whether just starting or boasting years of experience, you might be scouting for ways to boost your trading prowess.
One name that might pique your interest in this arena is Apex Trader Funding. But is it truly worth your time and effort? Here’s our take on this comprehensive review.
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Pros and cons of Apex Trader Funding

apex trader funding benefits


  • Simple trading challenge
  • Affordable plans
  • Trading flexibility
  • Rich educational resources
  • Trusted by traders


  • Monthly account fees
  • Strict trading rules

Overview of Apex Trader Funding

Apex Trader Funding emerged in 2021, thanks to the initiative of Darrell Martin, a proficient day trader and rancher. This platform is not just a mere capital provider but a bridge that connects able traders with the funding they require.

At its core, the prop trading firm designs various funding programs catering to diverse trader needs, from performance-tied plans to fixed-fee ones. And for those looking for a cherry on top, they occasionally roll out Apex Trader Funding coupon codes.

The proposition is clear: if you’ve got the trading chops, they’ve got the capital. Additionally, they promise more than just funding; they equip traders with risk management tools and potentially lucrative profit-sharing arrangements.

Plus, their commitment to fostering a learning ecosystem makes them an enticing choice for traders hungry for both capital and knowledge. website

Apex Trader Funding Account Types

Apex Trader Funding offers a diverse range of funding programs tailored to different trader requirements, the differentiation being chiefly around the capital allocated for trading.

  • $25k Full Plan: Traders are availed $25,000 in capital. The aim is to achieve a profit target of $1500 within a ten-day frame. The set trailing drawdown is pegged at $1500.
  • $50K Full Plan: With a monthly subscription of $167, traders have access to $50k in trading capital. The profit goal is set at $3000, while the daily drawdown stands at $2500.
  • $75K Full Plan: This plan expects traders to hit a $4250 profit in ten days, with an associated drawdown of $2750. The capital offered is $75,000, and there’s a monthly charge of $187.
  • $100K Full Plan: Subscribing to this plan at $137 per month provides traders with $100,000. They aim for a profit of $6000 while managing a drawdown of $3000.
  • $100K Static Plan: As an alternative to the $100k full plan, this option’s drawdown significantly differs. While the full plan’s drawdown is $3000, the static method limits it to $625.
  • $150k Full Plan: By paying a monthly fee of $297, traders are given a whopping $150,000 to trade. The challenge is to make a profit of $9000 within ten days, handling a drawdown of $5000.
  • $250K Full Plan: Traders who opt for this have a hefty goal of reaching $15,000 in profit. They are given $250,000 in capital, with a drawdown set at $6500. Access to this account comes at a monthly charge of $517.
  • $300k Full Plan: Standing at the pinnacle of Apex Trader Funding’s offerings, this plan provides traders with $300,000. The profit expectation is $20,000, with a $7500 drawdown. Being the top tier, it comes with the highest monthly fee of $657.

Each of these plans caters to various trading proficiencies, giving traders flexibility based on their comfort level and proficiency.

What Can You Trade On Apex Trader Funding

Apex Trader Funding offers its traders a wide berth when it comes to choosing what to trade. While they have stipulated trading conditions, they do not place constraints on the type of assets you wish to change. A large number of traders leveraging Apex’s platform predominantly opt for trading futures.

Futures are like bets on the future prices of things like stocks, gold, or currencies. So, if you’re trading futures on Apex, you’re basically predicting how the price of these items will change over time.

On Apex, you can make such predictions on many different items, including company stocks, metals like gold, and even how interest rates might change.

However, just because there’s a wide array of options doesn’t mean traders can dive in without caution. Trading futures requires an astute understanding of the market dynamics and associated risks.

What Are the Benefits of Using Apex Trader Funding?

Are you thinking of taking a plunge into the world of Apex Trader Funding? Here’s a snapshot of what’s in store for you:

Capital Boost

Need funds for trading? Apex Trader Funding can bridge that gap. They provide traders with the capital infusion necessary to scale their operations and hit those financial targets. And if you’re new, grab that Apex Trader Funding coupon for a generous discount off on your first transaction.

Learning Hub

Always learn with Apex Trader Funding. They equip traders with a plethora of educational tools. From insightful webinars to hands-on workshops headed by trading bigwigs, you get a deep dive into trading techniques, the pulse of the market, and mastering risk. It’s a continual learning curve.

Support at Every Step

Trading can be daunting, but not with Apex’s robust support system. Whether you’re battling with account issues, evaluating risks, or grappling with the mental challenges trading can pose, Apex has got your back.

The best part is that you can join their dynamic forums to swap stories, strategies, and tips with fellow traders. Or, for a more personal touch, the Apex Mentorship Program connects rookies with seasoned traders for one-on-one guidance.

Withdrawals / Payouts

Apex Trader Funding, in a bid to enhance its payout structure, has made its withdrawal process more frequent – now, traders can enjoy twice-a-month payouts instead of the former monthly system. If you wish to use this feature, place a withdrawal request either between the 1st and 5th or between the 20th and 25th of any given month.

For those making their very first withdrawal, there’s a stipulation. You need to have traded for at least ten days within your funded account. Following this, every subsequent withdrawal will also require you to have traded for ten days between requests.

On the financial front, there’s a set minimum withdrawal of $500, which remains constant across all account tiers. However, the balance you must maintain to be eligible for withdrawal depends on your account’s tier.

Additionally, the first three withdrawals you make come with a maximum withdrawal limit. This limit is tier-dependent. For instance, if you’re on the $150k tier, you’d need to maintain a balance of at least $155,100.

Initially, the minimum withdrawal stood at $1000, but it’s now been reduced to $500. For the first three months, the maximum you can withdraw per account for each withdrawal is $2,750, but the silver lining is that you can make up to two such withdrawals a month.

Once you’ve gone past these initial three months, there’s no ceiling on how much you can withdraw from the fourth month onward. For a detailed breakdown of all these specifics, Apex Trader Funding’s official website is your go-to resource.

Conclusion: Is Apex Trader Funding worth it

Apex Trader Funding presents a compelling offer for traders on the lookout for capital and growth. While every investment avenue warrants caution and meticulous research, this platform, with its profit-sharing ethos and supportive infrastructure, makes a persuasive case.

If you’re considering hopping on board, it’s crucial to align your trading objectives with what Apex Trader Funding brings to the table. Click here to sign up for an account.
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