Is Asia Forex Mentor a Scam?

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October 26, 2023October 26, 2023

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In the intricate world of forex trading, where fortunes can be made or lost in the blink of an eye, education is a critical ally. For many aspiring traders, forex training courses promise to serve as the bridge between uninitiated enthusiasm and competent trading strategies. If you are looking for a trading career to become a profitable trader, you will need trading skills from legitimate online courses. Among the numerous platforms offering such knowledge, Asia Forex Mentor stands as a prominent name, often surrounded by both accolades and scrutiny. However, is Asia Forex Mentor a scam? Dive into our Asia Forex Mentor review to find out how you can achieve financial freedom as a full-time trader.
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Asia Forex Mentor Overview

Asia Forex Mentor is a premier consultancy and training firm dedicated to instructing both individual retail traders and financial institutions in the intricacies of foreign exchange (forex) trading. Established in 2008 by Ezekiel Chew, a seasoned trader with over two decades of experience, the platform distinguishes itself by offering guidance through Chew’s proprietary trading system and strategies.

Asia Forex Mentor’s methodology is unique, focusing on high returns and an ROI-driven approach rather than purely speculative strategies. Through Chew’s mentorship, participants learn not only the theory but also engage in practical sessions, where they can trade alongside the expert on weekly schedules. This hands-on approach has been pivotal in the consistent success stories emanating from the platform, especially among traders who transitioned from struggling to achieving substantial returns or even full-time income through trading.

One Core Program

One of the cornerstone offerings of Asia Forex Mentor is the One Core Program, an intensive curriculum that encompasses price action trading strategies, among others. The program promises to equip traders, ranging from novices to seasoned professionals, with strategies employed by banks and trading institutions. It encompasses a wide variety of topics, including price action analysis, chart patterns, and psychology, emphasizing practical trade management and performance tracking.

Ezekiel Chew’s holistic approach in the One Core Program is highly regarded. The course simplifies forex trading, enabling participants to read charts effectively, understand market dynamics, and apply various strategies. Past students have commended Chew’s method for its simplicity and the transparency with which he shares his trading knowledge.

The course’s structure allows self-paced learning, consisting of 26 detailed lessons requiring over 19 hours to complete. This comprehensive educational package is available for $997. While the initial cost may appear substantial, the potential for return on investment, personal growth, and skill acquisition in the trading field might justify the expenditure for many. The program’s 7-day free trial is an attractive starting point for potential traders still on the fence.

One Core Program Features

The “One Core Program” by Asia Forex Mentor, an educational powerhouse in forex trading, stands out with several distinctive features designed to elevate traders from novice to expert levels.

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: The program presents an extensive set of topics through 63 detailed lecture videos, encompassing areas like price action analysis, chart reading techniques, and trading as a business.
  • Proprietary Trading Strategies: Ezekiel Chew imparts his unique trading methods focusing on probability and returns. These strategies are the culmination of his vast trading experience and are intended to minimize guesswork in trading decisions.
  • Real-Time Learning: Students gain practical insights through Chew’s weekly “Golden Eye” video series and live market analysis, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world trading application.
  • Diverse Market Coverage: While forex is the primary focus, the curriculum also touches upon various markets, including stocks, indexes, cryptocurrencies, and commodities, providing a rounded financial trading education.
  • Continuous Mentorship: Beyond the structured lessons, continuous learning is encouraged through mentorship, with Ezekiel actively sharing his trade analysis and planning. This involvement creates an environment of ongoing education and support.

In essence, the One Core Program is more than a course; it’s an immersive learning experience, tailored to transform a beginner into a seasoned trader.

Is Asia Forex Mentor a Scam?

Critiques and inquiries often label various online trading platforms as fraudulent, creating an atmosphere of distrust. Forex trading, though legal and operational, isn’t immune to scams involving unrealistic profit promises and deceptive trading systems. However, distinguishing Asia Forex Mentor from potential scams is its reputed educational content and the transparency maintained by its founder, Ezekiel Chew.

Testimonials from participants highlight the transformative nature of the programs, particularly praising the clarity of instruction and the accessible mentorship provided. Unlike typical scams that exploit forex trading novices, Asia Forex Mentor invests in comprehensive lessons, teaching strategies, risk management, and trading psychology. The community support, along with Ezekiel’s proactive engagement, further reinforces its legitimacy.

While caution is paramount in the forex sphere due to the presence of scammers and fraudulent schemes, Asia Forex Mentor stands as a credible educational resource. It garners trust through its educational integrity, positive participant feedback, and an approach that emphasizes genuine skill over elusive, quick-profit methods.

Final Thoughts

For anyone venturing into the forex market, proper education is the sharpest tool one can possess. Asia Forex Mentor, with its comprehensive curriculum, hands-on learning, and a founder who is actively engaged in the success of the participants, presents an opportunity to grasp and excel in the intricate world of forex. If you’re looking to transform your trading journey from a game of chance to one of skill and strategy, Asia Forex Mentor could be the guiding light you need to become a professional trader.

With Asia Forex Mentor’s forex trading courses, weekly video series, technical analysis, and proprietary trading tools, you can learn the trading approach and trading style needed to go from a beginner trader to a professional forex trader. Day traders with an impressive track record have embarked on this online training study program and learned about price movements, resistance levels, and the ins and outs of the MT4 platform. The positive reviews testify to the rewarding experience of applying fundamental analysis to profitable trades and thereby achieving trading goals.

Eager to embark on this educational journey and unlock your potential in forex trading? Check out Asia Forex Mentor today. Learn the art of trading and see how this company can kindle a passion for trading in beginner traders and experienced traders alike. Profit in forex trading and extensive knowledge in financial markets are just around the corner. The world of successful trading awaits you!
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