Is Audacity Capital Legit?

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June 19, 2023June 19, 2023

Audacity Capital

Looking for a legit prop firm that offers access to capital, reasonable profit targets, and deep liquidity? Your quest might just end at Audacity Capital. In this comprehensive review, we aim to offer an insightful examination of this proprietary trading firm.

We’ll scrutinize its features, offerings, and trader feedback, which have contributed to its reputation among both novice and experienced traders. Join us as we explore whether Audacity Capital can be a springboard for your ambitious trading career, and determine if Audacity Capital is Legit.

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Company Background

Audacity Capital, based in Canada Square, London, is a proprietary trading firm or “prop firm,” catering to the needs of professional traders by offering them the necessary capital and resources to leverage their trading strategies. This firm, a brainchild of successful traders and industry veterans, strives to help budding and skilled traders alike achieve profitable outcomes in the financial market, predominantly in forex markets.

As a forward-thinking institution, Audacity Capital believes in the potential of traders and provides a platform where they can operate without risking personal funds. Unlike many prop firms, this company goes the extra mile by offering institutional liquidity provider partnerships, which assures deep liquidity even during major news events and rate decisions. This marks a significant advantage for traders seeking to execute large trades without drastic price shifts.

Trader Funding Programs at Audacity Capital

At Audacity Capital, traders have the choice between two primary funded trader programs, each tailored to suit different trading backgrounds and experience levels. Let’s delve into these programs to understand how they cater to specific trading situations and how over 70% of traders find success through these channels.

1. Funded Trader Program

The Funded Trader Program is the ideal choice for profitable traders who already employ a successful trading strategy. It’s especially beneficial for those with at least three months of experience managing a live account and are prepared to start managing live capital immediately.

This program is designed to provide maximum value for experienced traders, and the approval process involves just a brief interview with a member of Audacity Capital’s talent acquisition team.

Key Benefits:

  • No demo or challenge phase required.
  • Live funding approval within 24 hours.
  • Starting funding of $15,000 live capital.
  • Account growth with every 10% profit made, with a fast scaling plan up to $480,000.
  • Access to premium liquidity with zero commission and swap fees.
  • Flexible trading conditions with no time restrictions or deadlines.
  • Zero loss liability, mitigating the risk associated with trading.

2. Ability Challenge

The Ability Challenge is open to traders from all backgrounds, irrespective of their experience level in the financial markets. This two-step demo process offers traders the opportunity to showcase their trading abilities. Upon successful completion, traders gain access to a live account of their chosen size.

Key Benefits:

  • Fair evaluation of traders’ abilities through a 2-step process.
  • Option to start with a larger initial capital without account scaling.
  • No recurring monthly fees.
  • Generous monthly profit share of 75 – 25.
  • Increased leverage of 1:100 during the challenge phase.
  • Flexible trading conditions: traders can hold positions over the weekend, trade during news events, and there are no lot size limitations.
  • Fee refund upon successful completion of all stages of the challenge.

If you are an experienced trader ready to manage live capital or a trader seeking to demonstrate your ability in the financial markets, Audacity Capital offers tailored programs for your unique situation.

Risk Management and Support

The risk management team at Audacity Capital takes a hands-on approach, assisting traders in navigating volatile market conditions. They are instrumental in ensuring traders adhere to the stipulated drawdown limits while offering strategic advice on effective risk management.

Trading Platforms and Educational Resources

To help traders master the art of Forex trading, Audacity Capital provides access to cutting-edge trading platforms like MetaTrader 4, an industry standard for forex trading. These platforms are equipped with advanced charting tools that facilitate sound technical and fundamental analysis.

In addition, Audacity Capital offers an array of educational resources to refine the trading strategies of their traders. They range from webinars, strategy guides, to comprehensive courses. Traders can also benefit from personalized mentoring and expert advice from experienced traders.

Final Thoughts – Is Audacity Capital Legit?

Audacity Capital appears to be a legitimate and respected prop trading firm, offering traders substantial capital, a robust trading environment, and the advantage of deep liquidity. With clear profit targets, flexible trading accounts, and a wealth of educational resources, Audacity Capital is indeed a promising choice for traders looking to push their boundaries. Click here to check out other top prop trading firms like Audacity Capital.

However, it’s crucial to remember that trading involves inherent risks, and every trader should only engage with capital they can afford to lose. Furthermore, the decision to join any prop trading firm, including Audacity Capital, should come after rigorous research and self-evaluation of your goals, risk tolerance, and trading experience.

If you decide to embark on your trading journey with Audacity Capital, be sure to leverage their educational resources and heed the guidelines laid out by their risk management team. This approach will help maximize your potential as a successful prop trader. Click here to get started with Audacity Capital today!

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