Is Baselane The Best Bank For Landlords?

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October 18, 2023October 18, 2023

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Real estate investing requires a bank that understands the unique challenges, especially when managing multiple properties or seeking commercial real estate loans. A bank that’s great for personal use might not fit the bill for real estate activities. Investors should consider costs, features, and adaptability. The right business bank account is crucial for a real estate investor’s success. Depending on their approach, priorities vary.

Baselane is a free, popular choice for landlords. In this Baselane review, we will look at what they bring to the table to determine if it is the best bank for landlords.
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What is Baselane?

Baselane, established in 2020, is a financial solution crafted explicitly for landlords. This platform not only offers free services such as bookkeeping apps, rental collection mechanisms, and business banking, but also houses paid amenities, including loans tailored for landlords and integrated insurance options.

Serving thousands across all 50 states, its popularity is evident. For landlords or active property investors, Baselane presents an array of tools that streamline financial tasks, such as rent collection and expense oversight. It goes beyond just finance – Baselane’s suite includes tenant screening, TurboTax integration, and a library of legal documents.

It even provides on-call attorneys for any arising queries. The platform’s blend of favorable banking conditions and niche real estate financial tools solidifies Baselane’s reputation as one of the best banks for landlords.


Before determining if Baselane is the best bank for landlords, let’s look at the features it brings to the table:

  • No Hidden Fees: Baselane’s checking account comes without monthly fees, no charges for overdrafts, and requires no initial deposit. Additionally, users benefit from fee-free ATM withdrawals and cash deposits at over 55,000 locations and free ACH transfers, although a 2.99% processing fee applies when using Baselane to pay rent.
  • Interest and Cashback Perks: Baselane’s account offers an impressive APY of up to 3.30%. Users can earn up to 5% cashback on purchases with eligible home improvement merchants, which reduces to 1% after $2,000 in purchases.
  • Rent Collection: Baselane has simplified online rent collection, providing a secure and user-friendly method. This free service permits landlords to direct the rent into any preferred account, even those outside of Baselane.
  • Comprehensive Online Tools: Baselane’s online portal is equipped with features like automated payment reminders, late fee provisions, direct payment options for tenants, and advanced bookkeeping and reporting tools.
  • Additional Online Services: Baselane offers premium features such as tenant screening, legal document templates, and TurboTax integration for an additional fee.
  • Financing Options: Baselane provides varied loan options suitable for properties ranging from single-family homes to larger complexes. Applicants require a minimum FICO score of 680, with loans ranging between $55,000 and $2 million, finalized within 10 business days.
  • Bookkeeping App: Landlords can track expenses and generate tax reports with Baselane’s free bookkeeping app, although some account types might have limited auto-import features.
  • Cash Flow Insights: Baselane’s tool provides a detailed breakdown of various financial metrics, from revenues to net cash flow, with plans to add more features in the future.
  • Loans for Real Estate Investment: Through a collaboration with Lendency, Baselane offers loans ideal for property purchase, refinancing, or renovation, determined based on the user’s property portfolio.
  • Rental Performance Dashboard: Baselane’s dashboard offers insights into property valuations and cash flow, with future plans to include more landlord-specific performance metrics.

Is Baselane Easy to Use?

Baselane has been crafted with user-friendliness at its core, ensuring that property managers and landlords can easily navigate its offerings. The dashboard stands out with its clean and organized layout, ensuring swift access to essential information. Inputting data is hassle-free, and the property performance tools and income statements are displayed in a visually digestible format, assisting users in promptly assessing their real estate investment’s financial state.

The convenience extends to mobile access as well; Baselane’s mobile app is tailored to facilitate property management tasks on the move. From rent payment alerts to property performance tracking and bookkeeping functionalities, all these features are readily accessible via a smartphone.

Is Baselane The Best Bank For Landlords?

Deciding if Baselane is the best bank for landlords largely depends on individual financial nuances. Distinctively crafted for independent landlords, Baselane pioneers integrated financial solutions. Unlike generic bookkeeping alternatives such as QuickBooks, Baselane provides software specifically designed for landlords. This software mirrors the expense categories of the Schedule E tax forms, simplifying the tax filing process for property owners.

While platforms like also feature rent collection and analytics, Baselane manages to offer reports and insights in a more digestible, user-friendly manner.

Moreover, Baselane’s platform is not only intuitive but also cost-effective, catering to the requirements of all real estate investors, irrespective of their experience level.

Seasoned investors might find it beneficial to gradually integrate into the Baselane ecosystem. It excels by offering an all-encompassing online solution, especially for those managing multiple properties.

With perks like competitive cashback on purchases, interest rates that outshine the national average, and comprehensive tools to oversee the entire rental journey, Baselane indeed presents a compelling case for being a top choice for landlords and property managers.

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