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October 19, 2023October 19, 2023

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Behind The Markets is a newsletter that blends traditional stock-picking approaches with modern market nuances, enabling subscribers to traverse the volatile investing world. The platform’s tailored offerings cater to investors with varied appetites, ensuring everyone gets value for their money.
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Behind the Markets Overview

Dylan Jovine’s seasoned eye for mid-cap growth opportunities and proactive communication style ensure subscribers stay updated and ready for market dynamics.

The diversification in report topics, ranging from geopolitical tensions to the booming cannabis industry, provides a holistic understanding of the global investment landscape.

However, like all financial products, it has its drawbacks. While the affordability and range of services are commendable, the performance has seemingly been on par with the market average, making it questionable for those seeking extraordinary returns.

Additionally, the technical glitches, although minor, could be a deterrent for subscribers who want a seamless digital experience. This review explores the company’s strengths and weaknesses.

Pros and Cons of Behind the Markets


  • Focus on undervalued mid-cap stocks
  • Monthly stock recommendations
  • Weekly email updates with stock ideas
  • Various affordable subscription tiers
  • Special reports for in-depth analysis


  • Performance similar to S&P 500 since 2018
  • Variable results based on strategies and market
  • Occasional website lag reported by users

What is Behind the Markets?

“Behind the Markets” is a digital newsletter diligently curated by Dylan Jovine. Its mission is simple: to present subscribers with expert stock recommendations, timely trade alerts, and exclusive reports.

What sets this best stock market newsletter apart is its non-restricted scope. Instead of narrowing its focus on a specific sector, Jovine explores the entire expanse of the stock market, unearthing golden opportunities as he goes.

Such a diversified approach can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, when specific sectors experience downturns, the impact on portfolios not overly reliant on any one sector is mitigated.

Conversely, having a broad focus might not capitalize as aggressively on surging sectors as niche newsletters might. However, this strategy is a boon for investors who prefer a diversified and less risky portfolio.

Things To Know About Behind The Markets

Professional Integrity

The author suggests that while Dylan Jovine might be a genuinely good person in the stock-picking industry, his recent track record doesn’t necessarily reflect success. His current performance might make potential subscribers skeptical.

Past Affiliations

Jovine’s past associations with some controversial firms might raise concerns. Northeast Securities, for example, is infamous for its past dealings and connections to scams. Jovine’s defense that he was associated with a different franchise of Northeast Securities might be hard to prove, but it’s also a point to consider when judging his integrity.

Association with Agora

Given Agora’s reputation, Jovine’s stint at Agora can be seen as questionable. However, it’s vital to note that large companies can have different divisions, and not all of them might be involved in unethical practices. Jovine’s claim of innocence while at Agora can’t be verified easily, but the fact remains that Agora has had shady dealings in the past.

Comparative Analysis

Jovine might seem like a good pick in the stock-picking industry simply because he appears better than several worse alternatives. The stock-picking industry has many unscrupulous players, so being considered “good” might be a relatively low bar to achieve.


Jovine’s approach to selling his newsletter might seem more transparent and less aggressive than some competitors, which can be a positive sign for potential subscribers. However, the fact that he teases stocks without revealing them unless you purchase the subscription can be seen as a marketing tactic.

Behind the Markets Strategy

At the heart of “Behind the Markets” lies a well-defined strategy rooted in diligent analysis and insights. Here’s a snapshot:

●     Valuation-centric Approach

The core of their strategy revolves around identifying stocks that might be undervalued compared to the intrinsic value of the respective businesses.

●     Targeted Market Capitalizations

Jovine’s team typically zeroes in on companies with market caps hovering between $1 billion and $10 billion, ensuring a focus on mid-cap entities with significant growth potential.

●     Financial Health

The ideal companies boast high returns on equity and low debt, indicating sound financial health and a resilient competitive stance.

●     Temporary Setbacks

What stands out is the team’s knack for identifying companies possibly undergoing a temporary slump. Despite their momentary downturn, such companies hold strong potential for higher returns once they rebound.

Pricing Plan and Key Features

The Basics

“Behind The Markets” Newsletter is the flagship product of its umbrella entity. Priced from $49/year, it promises to offer a gateway into the world of strategic stock market investments.

Key Features

  • Portfolio Access

One of the highlights of this service is the direct access to the current portfolio. Not just the positions but a thorough analysis of why each stock is there and at what price it would be optimal to buy in.

  • Educational Training

This isn’t merely a newsletter. It’s a learning platform. The included training videos and resources break down their unique investing strategy, making it invaluable for beginners and seasoned investors.

  • Regular Updates

Subscribers receive fresh stock picks and a revised portfolio every month. Crucially, they also receive alerts about when it might be time to sell a particular stock.

  • Special Reports

This is where things get a bit tricky. While the reports are often teaser campaigns about potential stock opportunities (like the “5G missiles” company, Leidos), they cover many sectors, from micro-cap pharmaceuticals to marijuana stocks and biotech ideas.

Conclusion: Is Behind the Markets The Best Stock Market Newsletter

Behind The Markets Newsletter seems an excellent investment for those seeking informed stock recommendations without recurring costs. The added training materials bolster its value proposition.

Its affordability, range of reports, and regular updates make it a compelling option. Nevertheless, potential subscribers should always match their financial goals and risk tolerance with what the newsletter offers. The stock market is unpredictable, and while expert advice can pave the path, individual discretion and market research are always essential.

This newsletter is worth considering for those eager to make informed decisions and benefit from potential market undervaluations. Click here to sign up for an account.
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