Is Being A Jerk Blogger Really Worth It?

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This week’s blogging tip isn’t something that I ever get anyone asking about. For most it’s just common sense. For some reason though, certain bloggers just take an approach that I really cannot agree with. As much as a blog is about your own expression, there are lines that you shouldn’t be crossing.

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And now for a bit of a rant about blogger negativity….

Why Being a Jerk Blogger Just Isn’t Worth It

Just like in your everyday life, some people just exude negativity. They might just have a natural tendency to be overly critical of others or they might go out of their way to be mean. I’m no psychologist though. So I’m not going to attempt to explain what’s going on in their heads. I do have my theories.

The Good

When you’re genuinely nice with the interactions you have with others, you stand to gain so many benefits. Being nice to others just creates all kinds of good karma. Bloggers are much more likely to help you out anytime you need a favor. They might even offer up favors without you even asking. I know with all the bloggers I’ve helped out, they’re happy to have a chance to help me too. If you want your blog to grow, it is crucial that you get a little bit of assistance from fellow bloggers. Readers may be more receptive to what you’re saying if they can tell you really care about providing help.

Your daily blogging routine also becomes a lot more enjoyable when you’re building solid relationships and surrounding yourself with positive energy. Personally I’d much rather do business with friends than struggle to gain traction without being able to get help from others.

The Bad

Then there are the bloggers who might have some closer contacts, but always seem to be getting on someone’s bad side. You know the type…sometimes a little too quick to speak their mind without worrying who they might be offending. Maybe they even regret things they say or are oblivious to how others may interpret what they say.

I’ve come across numerous bloggers like this. It seems that not everyone agrees with the approach I take with blogging. It’s probably pretty different than how they go about blogging and how they think blogging ideally should be. I might get offended by their comments or tweets, but it just rolls off my back knowing that they are probably just bitter. In most cases my blog happens to be much further along than theirs despite their blog being years older.

This kind of attitude still does help build connections with like-minded bloggers as you share a laugh together at someone’s expense. Meanwhile though, everyone else is seeing through the complaints and criticisms. Spewing the negativity just turns off a lot of people. I make a point of steering clear of bloggers that show that side a little too often.

The Ugly

The bloggers that I really don’t understand are the ones who purposely rip on other bloggers and pull shady marketing tactics. Ok I do understand what they’re usually trying to accomplish, but there are easier ways to get exposure than by aiming for negative press. It may work for celebrities that benefit from getting their names mentioned more, but as a blogger you just come off as a complete ass and outright pathetic.

The blogger in particular that comes to mind hosts a blog carnival that he uses as an excuse to indirectly vent some serious personal issues. I originally thought he was just trying to egg people on enough to get links to his site, but I suspect there’s much more to it than that. It makes me really wonder what he’s gone through in the past to end up like that. If he wasn’t so rude I might actually feel sorry for him. Seeing his photo, you can tell that he would make an easy target himself. Maybe I’m being a hypocrite by calling him out, but I really dislike how he tries to hurt people. I could write an entire post about this piece of work, but he doesn’t deserve the recognition.

This guy is the more extreme example of a jerk blogger who goes too far, but there are others who attack people in a more subtle fashion or who do other unethical things. Some of you may recall a certain finance blogger who got caught consistently plagiarizing content. He seems to have disappeared now but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s blogging in a different name now. He’s definitely not the only one ripping off people’s ideas and lines. You probably can’t even count them as bloggers, but there are also ‘blogs’ that just scrape full posts from other bloggers and publish it in full on their sites. It’s pretty ridiculous.


Ok so I admit this blogging tips post isn’t incredibly insightful, but sometimes you just have to get things off your chest. I may take shortcuts with marketing, but at least I’m not walking all over anyone or attacking anyone (the blog carnival guy excluded). I try to be completely honest and am quick to lend a hand to anyone who needs it. Going that route might take a bit more effort, but at least I can look myself in the mirror at the end of the day. If you’re just being a jerk, you’ll just end up bringing more negative energy your way. Maybe you’ll trick some people into linking to your blog that way, but is it really worth it? Do you really want to be THAT blogger?

What kind of bad experiences have you had with other bloggers? I recommend you exclude names, especially for anyone who acts that way to try to gain exposure.

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