Is Benzinga Options The Best Options Trading Alert Service?

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October 20, 2023October 20, 2023

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Benzinga is a prominent name in the world of stock trading news. It’s a platform that provides real-time updates, financial data, and stock trading news to traders. If you’re active in the stock market world, you’ve probably come across this name. So, is Benzinga Options the best options trading alert service available today? Let’s find out in our in depth Benzinga Pro review.
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Benzinga Pro Overview

Benzinga Pro is a leading subscription-based financial news and research platform, aiming to equip investors with real-time market data, insights, and valuable trading tools. Launched in 2010 by Jason Raznick, the service has established itself as a trusted source for traders and investors seeking actionable information to help navigate the complexities of the financial world. Based in Detroit, Michigan, Benzinga Pro offers its users a wide array of features designed to enhance their trading strategies.

Among these are daily trade picks offered by seasoned professionals, an advanced stock screener to pinpoint profitable opportunities, and customizable alerts to keep users abreast of market movements. Moreover, the platform boasts exclusive stories and sentiment indicators, allowing users to gauge potential impacts on market dynamics. Catering to both novices and experts, Benzinga Pro offers various subscription tiers, with the premium one providing advanced features and mentorship from renowned options trader, Nic Chahine. Whether you’re just starting out or have years of trading experience, Benzinga Pro promises powerful insights to help traders make informed decisions and maximize their profits


Benzinga Pro, a platform revered for its swift and accurate stock trading news, provides traders with diverse subscription tiers tailored to cater to a variety of needs. Here’s an in-depth overview of the pricing structures:

Basic Tier – $27/month

  • Nasdaq Basic: Access to Nasdaq quotes albeit with a 15-minute delay.
  • Comprehensive Newsfeed: Stay updated without any advanced filtering options.
  • Interactivity: Engage with peers and experts via the chat feature.
  • Movers: Track the significant market movers with ease.
  • Alerts: Benefit from the watchlist alerts to never miss vital updates.
  • Premium Content: Gain insights from Benzinga’s premium articles hosted on their official website.

Essential Tier – $197/month or $166.42 /month if paid annually (Most Popular)

  • All Basic Features: Everything the basic tier offers and more.
  • Nasdaq Upgraded: Real-time quotes for a closer grasp on the market.
  • Filtered Newsfeed: Advanced news filtering based on various technical parameters.
  • Tools: Real-time scanner, audio market updates, calendars, and signals.
  • Bonuses: Unlock special features, including the noteworthy options trading newsletter, with values amounting to hundreds of dollars annually.

Options Mentorship Tier – $457/month or $381/month if paid annually

  • All Essential Features: Every feature from the essential plan and then some.
  • Expert Guidance: Personalized trading mentorship from renowned trader Nic Chahine.
  • Inner Circle Access: Join the exclusive options inner circle chatroom for in-depth discussions.
  • Customized Overviews: Align your strategies with Nic’s market overviews for a more winning approach.

Regardless of the tier, all members get access to the Benzinga news feed, watchlists, charting tools, and more. Additionally, there’s dedicated support available via phone, email, or online chat, ensuring users extract maximum value from the platform. For users opting for a trial, payments are made through credit cards. If one chooses to continue, the credit card gets billed automatically without any interruption in the subscription.

Is Benzinga Options The Best Options Trading Alert Service?

Benzinga Pro has emerged as a game-changer and one of the best stock chat rooms tailored for traders. Here’s a quick breakdown of what it offers:

  • Comprehensive Trade Information: Benzinga Pro brings forth daily trade picks, where seasoned day traders share their trades and provide expert support throughout the trading day.
  • Exclusive Stories: The platform offers exclusive market-moving news on deals and trial results, ensuring that its users get first-hand information.
  • Advanced Features: With a unique stock audio feature, traders can receive key headlines and real-time market updates without needing multiple screens.
  • Breakout Stock Identification: The stock scanner tool is trusted by day traders to pinpoint breakout stock trades.
  • On-the-go Alerts: Benzinga Pro’s stock alerts and mobile app allow for tracking breakout stocks while on the move.
  • Community Experience: One of the unique selling points of Benzinga Options is its strong community experience, invaluable for traders seeking camaraderie and shared insights .

So, is Benzinga Options the best options trading alert service? While Benzinga Options is undoubtedly a powerful tool for active traders, it’s essential to recognize that choosing an alert service should be based on individual preferences, trading style, and specific requirements. However, with its comprehensive set of features, timely updates, and user-friendly interface, Benzinga Pro and its Options subset stand out as strong contenders in the world of trading alert services.

Is It Worth It?

So, is Benzinga Pro worth it? For intermediate to advanced traders who rely on fundamental news and unique options activity for intraday trading decisions, the platform seems to offer a compelling value proposition. Its clean interface, extensive customization options, and timely alerts make it stand out among competitors, potentially justifying its subscription cost for serious traders.

Final Thoughts

For anyone keen on not just surviving but thriving in the stock market, embracing top-notch tools is paramount. If you’re eager to explore one such game-changing platform, take a leap and experience what Benzinga Pro has in store for you. You might just find that it’s the catalyst you’ve been searching for.
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