Is Capitalist Exploits worth it?

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November 1, 2023November 1, 2023

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The year 2023 has been rocked by trade wars, natural disasters, and intensifying US-China relations, all of which pose potential threats to the US economy and your investment plans.

Amidst these unpredictable times, investors are seeking trusted resources like Capitalist Exploits to navigate their investment decisions.

But the steep subscription fee has many hesitating and asking, “Are Capitalist Exploits genuinely worth the investment?” This comprehensive review aims to shed light on this question.
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What is Capitalist Exploits?

At its core, Capitalist Exploits is a dedicated community for investors. It provides members with current and actionable insights on stock market movements, available through their blog, a paid newsletter, and a top-tier premium service. Chris MacIntosh started the company with the aim of helping people do better with their investments,

While you’ll naturally pay more for the premium perks, what you receive in return is substantial. Premium members benefit from the firm’s in-depth research, a thorough breakdown of global market trends, expert interviews, advanced stock screening tools, and a plethora of resources tailored to guide your investment decisions.

Capitalist Exploits: Products and Services

Capitalist Exploits is all about aiding your financial intelligence. It isn’t just a generic financial advice platform; it offers specialized tools and insights designed for dedicated investors.

Insider Newsletter

For a bustling investor, staying informed is crucial. The Capitalist Exploits Insider Newsletter is your ticket to an in-depth understanding of the market landscape. It doesn’t simply hand you news bites.

Instead, it provides an analytical perspective on why and how certain events can impact the stock market. The goal? To make you not just informed but market-savvy.

At a modest subscription rate of $35 per month, post a $1 trial period for the first month, what can you expect?

  • Curated Insights

Every week, your inbox will be enriched with carefully selected investment recommendations. This is not just about highlighting stocks; it’s about providing a perspective – be it the “big five” stock ideas, macro investing concepts, or insights drawn from a seasoned team with more than half a century of collective experience.

  • Unearthing Hidden Gems

Capitalist Exploits casts a wide net to spotlight stocks that are undervalued but carry the promise of robust growth.

  • Macro Perspective

In a globalized world, understanding macroeconomic factors is paramount. With this feature, members get an eagle-eye view of global market dynamics, helping them discern the basics of stock evaluation.

CapEx Insider Membership

The Elite Offering of Capitalist is the CapEx Insider membership. The annual fee is a substantial $2,499, so the stakes are high, and so are the expectations.

But before you commit, there’s a silver lining – a $1 trial for a month. This lets you dip your toes into the premium waters and gauge if this elite club is where you belong. Now, what does this membership truly cover?

  • Exclusivity

This isn’t just a subscription; it’s an entry into an exclusive investor circle. Members get a privileged view of specialized research, making them privy to details many in the market may overlook.

  • Comprehensive Analysis

From dissecting global markets to one-on-one interviews with market maestros,] you get a deep dive into the finance world.

  • Advanced Tools

The membership comes equipped with state-of-the-art stock screening tools, ensuring that members are armed with cutting-edge technology to refine their investment strategies.

Timely Alerts and Knowledge Exchange

Capitalist Exploits ensures you’re in the know with instant notifications on global market shifts, stock moves, and pivotal events that might affect your investments.

Additionally, the Q&A sessions aren’t just insightful; they’re eye-opening. Hearing diverse investor queries broadens your horizons and makes you rethink the best strategies. It’s not just about the answers; the questions themselves are gold mines of knowledge.

  • Education

The Groundwork: New to the world of stocks? Capitalist Exploits has your back. Dive into their series of educational videos that simplify investing concepts, ensuring you enter the market informed and confident.

  • Mentorship

Guided Investing Past the basics but still seeking clarity? That’s where mentorship steps in. Tailored guidance, strategic discussions, and a deep dive into investment nuances are all part of the package.

  • Sneak Peek

Capitalist Exploits Portfolio Witness investing prowess in action. The Capitalist Exploits Portfolio offers a rare glimpse into expertly curated investments. No more wading through piles of data; here’s a ready reckoner of promising, high-growth opportunities.

How Capitalist Exploits Works

The platform combines deep research, dynamic strategies, and an ear to the ground to provide investors with the best investment information. Their free resources are a treasure trove of information, and the weekly newsletter keeps you updated with handpicked stock recommendations and sharp analyses.

For those seeking an enriched experience, the paid newsletter is a step up. Here, you’re treated to five unique stock suggestions coupled with expert insights into global investment landscapes.

The best part? The premium membership. It offers custom stock advice, tailored investment plans, and a closer look into investing.

The essence? Every recommendation, free or premium, is the result of rigorous vetting, aiming to maximize returns while minimizing risks. It’s not about following the herd; it’s about discovering untapped, rewarding opportunities.

Capitalist Exploits Performance and Pricing Plan

Stellar Returns Capitalist Exploits has been a force to reckon with in the investment landscape. Their credentials? A remarkable average annualized return of over 14%, outpacing the national average for macro stocks by almost double.

And this isn’t a one-off. Over the past half-decade, they’ve maintained an average portfolio compounding rate of 13.5%. What’s more, they’ve achieved this with minimized risks, a testament to their robust strategies.

While promising value does come with a price tag. The Insider Newsletter is up for grabs at $35 monthly after the enticing $1 trial period. For those desiring an enriched experience, the CapEx Insider annual membership stands at $2,499.

How does this stack up? When compared with traditional college-based investment courses, Capital Exploits emerges as the clear winner, not just in terms of costs but also the breadth of offerings – encompassing education, mentorship, a thriving community, and meticulously curated stock tips.

But, the landscape is vast. Other players like Alpha Picks, priced at $99 annually, or Motley Fool Stock Advisor, at $199 annually, make Capital Exploits seem steep. However,  It’s essential to weigh the price against the depth of services and the returns on offer. Remember, it’s not just about the cost; it’s about the value it brings to the table.

Conclusion: Is Capitalist Exploits Worth It?

Capitalist Exploits is tailor-made for those who’ve dipped their toes into the investment waters and are now keen on diving deeper. If you’re keen on delving into macro stocks that come with a promise of low-risk and high returns, then this platform is a fitting choice.

Couple that with the camaraderie of a like-minded community and insights from industry maestros, and the value proposition becomes clear.

For the uninitiated in the world of investing, Capitalist Exploits does extend a helping hand with its educational content spanning courses, blog posts, and enlightening podcasts.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to align your investment preferences with what’s on offer. If you’re on the hunt for adrenaline-charged, high-risk bets, dabble in the enigmatic world of crypto, or have an appetite for alternative investments, then this platform might not be your cup of tea.

To answer the question directly, it’s a platform tailored for those serious about mastering the stock market. Click here to sign up for an account.
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