Is Cheddar Flow Legit?

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March 4, 2023March 4, 2023

Cheddar Flow

Is Cheddar Flow Legit? With the rise of fintech companies and new investment opportunities, it’s only natural to question the legitimacy of new platforms like Cheddar Flow. As an investor, you want to make sure your hard-earned money is in safe hands and will provide the returns you’re looking for.

Cheddar Flow is an options order flow platform designed to help retail traders track options order flow data and identify potential trading opportunities in the options market. The platform offers real-time data, supports advanced filtering, and can even be used for technical analysis.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look to help you determine whether it’s a trustworthy and legitimate platform. We’ll dive into the company’s background, customer reviews, and capabilities to help you decide, is Cheddar Flow worth it? Whether you’re a seasoned investor options trader or just starting out, we believe yes.
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Trustworthiness of Cheddar Flow

Cheddar Flow was founded in 2018 by Blaze Kuklinkski, who has a background in product design at companies such as Square and Weebly. According to, Blaze has a CEO approval rating of 90/100. While there may not be a significant number of reviews available on independent sites, the customer reviews that are available, such as the one posted on the Cheddar Flow website, are positive and highlight the usefulness of the platform for enhancing options trading returns.

What is Cheddar Flow?

Cheddar Flow is a subscription-based trading platform that provides real-time data on large call or put orders placed against specific stocks, giving traders insight into the unusual options activity in the stock market. The platform’s option flow scanner tracks and categorizes unusual options flow, providing traders with real-time market data to uncover hidden opportunities.

It also offers an interactive charting section powered by TradingView and dark pool scanning, providing real-time data and analytics on trades made through private exchanges. The platform is a valuable tool for traders who want to stay ahead of the markets and keep track of unusual options activity, but it’s important to remember that following unusual options activity is not a guaranteed investment strategy.

Additional Features

One of the primary features of Cheddar Flow is its AI Power Alerts. This intelligent signal generator is powered by a sophisticated algorithmic model that provides rich data information to aid decision making for day traders.

Cheddar Flow also offers a Dark Pool Transactions feature that provides access to high volume, privately negotiated orders from institutional investors that trade only on private exchanges. This feature is especially useful for traders who want to stay ahead of the market and identify profitable trade opportunities.

The Intelligent Order Tracking feature is another great feature of Cheddar Flow. It highlights orders and analyzes specific market data to alert the user. Their Advanced Charts provide real-time stock quotes and the ability to run technical analysis. Traders can customize the charts to their liking, making it easier to identify profitable trade opportunities. The Historical Data feature allows searching across a wide range of timeframes. This tool is especially useful for traders who want to analyze historical data and test their trading strategies.

Cheddar Flow’s Education Center provides tutorial videos and trading guides. These resources are especially useful for traders who are looking to learn more about the stock market and improve their trading skills. The platform’s community consists of a Discord chat for discussion and help. This community is a great resource for traders who want to connect with other traders and share insights and information.

Customer Results

What do users have to say? Well, a customer review posted on the Cheddar Flow website reported making over $20,000 in profit from using the platform. This is certainly an impressive result, but it’s important to remember that the potential for returns is dependent on a variety of factors, including the trader’s own skill and experience. The information provided by Cheddar Flow is just one piece of the puzzle, and traders will need to leverage it in the right way to see the best results. It’s also important to recognize the bias of any customer reviews found on the company website, rather than independent parties.

Most users of Cheddar Flow praise the platform’s comprehensive options order activity feed and range of filters to customize the feed. The platform’s historical options order flow data and flow overview for bullish/bearish options trading activity are also highly regarded by users. The integrated TradingView charts are also appreciated by users who require technical analysis tools.

Subscription Costs

Cheddar Flow offers two subscription tiers: Standard ($85/month) and Professional ($99/month). The Professional plan includes dark pool prints, custom watchlists, and desktop alerts. The Standard plan includes a 7-day free trial (credit card required). The pricing plans are reasonable for the features provided, and the 7-day free trial is an excellent opportunity for users to test the platform before committing to a subscription.

Final Thoughts – Is Cheddar Flow Legit?

Cheddar Flow is a legitimate and reliable trading tool that provides traders with comprehensive analysis, historical data, and education to improve trading skills. The platform’s advanced analytics and sophisticated algorithms set it apart from other vendors in the industry. The platform’s options order activity feed and range of filters are especially useful for traders looking to identify profitable trade opportunities.

Overall, Cheddar Flow is a great platform for traders of all levels who want to access accurate and up-to-date options order activity data. Its comprehensive analysis and real-time data, combined with its user-friendly interface, make it a great option for traders looking to make informed investment decisions. However, traders who are not options traders may not find Cheddar Flow as useful. Click here to get started with Cheddar Flow today.

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