Is City Traders Imperium The Best Crypto Proprietary Trading Firm

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October 18, 2023October 18, 2023

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City Traders Imperium is a cryptocurrency prop trading firm based in London that gives qualified traders the opportunity to trade using the company’s funds. Founded in 2018 by Daniel Martin and Martin Najat, CTI offers profit-sharing benefits and funded accounts to traders who pass their evaluation and meet consistent trading requirements.

They provide capital, education, and support to help determined traders access opportunities and succeed in the financial markets. But is it the cream of the crop when it comes to the best crypto proprietary trading firms? Here is a detailed City Traders Imperium review.
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City Traders Imperium Features

Finding the right prop firm can be challenging, but City Traders Imperium (CTI) aims to stand out. Their rigorous evaluation stage identifies the most talented proprietary traders to fund, while the platform itself provides powerful tools for risk management and community.

  • Powerful Evaluation Process: CTI’s evaluation process evaluates retail traders on their trading skills, consistency, and mindset. Only the top performers gain access to funded accounts, ranging from $25,000 up to $2 million.
  • Tailored Funded Accounts: Once successful traders pass the evaluation phase, CTI provides them with a funded account tailored to their needs. Professional traders keep up to 80% of the profits, one of the highest splits in the industry.
  • Advanced Risk Management: CTI understands how crucial risk management is. Their platform closely monitors each trader’s performance and risk to help preserve trading capital.
  • Vibrant Trading Community: CTI’s platform fosters an engaged community of like-minded seasoned traders. Traders can connect, learn from each other, and collaborate.
  • Wide Compatibility: CTI works with popular trading platforms like MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5). This means you can keep using the trading software you know and love.
  • Crystal-clear Performance Metrics: Transparency is key at CTI. You’ll get easy-to-understand metrics showing your trading strategies and bots’ performance.
  • Custom Trading Bots: Want to automate your forex trading? CTI lets you build custom bots and trading algorithms. Backtest your strategies with historical data to see how they would have performed in the past.

City Traders Imperium Pricing & Plans

City Traders Imperium offers several pricing plans for profitable traders looking to get started, upgrade their skills, or take their trading to the next level.

Day Trading Challenge

For a one-time payment of £109 to £479, you can take this 90-day, 2-phase challenge. Various account funding levels are offered, from as little as $10,000 up to $100,000. This day trading challenge allows you to trade forex, indices, and commodities—it has a 15% target, a maximum drawdown of 10%, and a minimum trading day requirement of 5 days for each phase.


You can take either the Classic or Standard evaluation challenge for a one-time payment of £109 to £659. The evaluation sets a profit target of 7% and gives you 12 months to complete. Standard and Classic evaluations have a minimum active trading days requirement of 30 days, a stop loss risk of 1.5% per position, and a max loss limit of 5%.

Direct Funding

For experienced traders with a history of trading performance who don’t want to go through the process of an evaluation, Direct Funding or instant funding offers a way for them to secure instant funding.

This plan provides an initial $20,000 account balance and access to CTI’s video library and daily live trading sessions for those just starting. If you increase your account by 10%, your balance doubles to $40,000.

City Traders Imperium’s Scaling Plan

When a funded trader achieves a profit target of 10% or greater within four consecutive months, ensuring gains in at least two of those months, and completes at least two withdrawals based on the 80% profit share model during that time, their initial account receives a 30% increase in its starting balance in the first tier.

This means that if you start with an account of $10,000 and meet the profit targets, your account will scale to $13,000. Do it again, and it goes to $16,900. Complete the tier a third time, and you’re at $22,970 while also receiving 100% of the profits from that point onward.

The scaling plan incentivizes traders to stick with the program long-term, as the potential to grow accounts and earn higher profits increases over time through consistent success and experience. Traders who achieve the greatest scales will have access to accounts worth over $100,000, all while keeping 80-100% of the profit split.

Is City Traders Imperium the Best Crypto Proprietary Trading Firm

City Traders Imperium (CTI) is an excellent choice for crypto traders looking to join a prop firm. With its generous evaluation period, high-profit share, and educational resources, CTI provides an attractive platform for traders of all experience levels.

Their focus on risk management, transparency, and continuous learning shows their commitment to helping traders succeed. While obtaining the maximum 100% profit share may be difficult, the potential payout and support from CTI make them a top choice for aspiring crypto traders.

Their diverse offerings, generous profit split, and support resources provide an excellent platform for new and experienced crypto traders. To get started on CTI, click here and use our coupon code to save 10% on sign-up.
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