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November 1, 2023November 1, 2023

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The world of professional trading is seeing a significant shift. No longer are the golden gates of the trading industry solely reserved for those with a prestigious education or hefty starting capital.

The rise of funded trader programs has democratized access, opening up the playing field for anyone with the drive to acquire trading skills.

But with so many options available, how do you know which program to choose? In this review, we’ll dive deep into one of the front runners in this space: City Traders Imperium (CTI).
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City Traders Imperium Overview

Located in the heart of London, City Traders Imperium stands tall as a beacon for aspiring traders. The brainchild of Daniel Martin and Martin Najat, both of whom were once at the helm as professional head traders, CTI was born out of dissatisfaction.

The two saw a big problem in the UK’s prop trading scene; they believed most companies were just making empty promises.

New traders were often ill-prepared for the reality of professional trading, having been fed an unrealistic image of the industry.

Determined to bridge this gap, Martin and Najat laid the foundation for City Traders Imperium. Their mission? To equip traders with robust educational resources, offer expert guidance, and provide the necessary funding, ensuring traders have all the tools to flourish in the trading arena.

A Closer Look at What CTI Offers

One of CTI’s standout offerings is its funding program. Catering predominantly to forex enthusiasts, CTI provides direct funding ranging from $20,000 to a generous $70,000.

With this kind of financial backing, traders from various backgrounds – whether they be day traders, swing traders, or even professional portfolio managers – find a home at CTI.

Another highlight is the flexibility in trading strategies. Traders are not boxed into a one-size-fits-all approach.

Instead, they are encouraged to apply diverse strategies, fostering innovation and creativity. Plus, the leverage of up to 1:100 is a significant boost, allowing traders to maximize potential profits.

Key Features of the Funding Program

At the heart of CTI’s program is a generous profit share, with traders standing to gain up to 70% of their profits. This is a remarkable offer in the industry. CTI provides two primary avenues for traders: Evaluation and Direct Funding.


This route is for traders to showcase their consistency in trading. It’s not just about hitting big trades but demonstrating stable performance over at least 30 days. The aim here is to sieve out flukes from genuine skill.

Here, traders get a 50% profit share and are tasked with a 7% account growth target, focusing on gold and forex trades. While some may find the potential year-long evaluation daunting, CTI ensures that once the profit targets and requirements are met, funding can be awarded.

This long duration especially benefits traders whose strategies span over longer timeframes, a demographic often overlooked by other funding providers.

Direct Funding

This plan allows traders to bypass the evaluation and get funded immediately. As a Portfolio Manager in this plan, there’s more leeway with trading frequency – one could even go inactive for up to two months.

The profit sharing here ranges from 60 to 70%, and traders have a 10% account growth target, with the liberty to trade gold, forex, and indices.

City Traders Imperium  Pricing Plan

Evaluation Program Costs:

  • $10,000 Direct funding (Evaluation account: $2,500) – £109
  • $20,000 Direct funding (Evaluation account: $5,000) – £199
  • $40,000 Direct funding (Evaluation account: $10,000) – £379
  • $50,000 Direct funding (Evaluation account: $12,500) – £449
  • $70,000 Direct funding (Evaluation account: $17,500) – £649

Direct Funding Program Costs:

  • $20,000 – £999
  • $40,000 – £1,799
  • $50,000 – £2,199
  • $70,000 – £3,099

The Mastermind Program

For traders yearning for a communal learning experience, CTI offers the Mastermind Program. This service ushers traders into an expansive online community of over 2,000 professionals.

Subscribers gain access to a treasure trove of learning materials covering topics from trading psychology to actionable trading strategies. Additionally, the 1-on-1 coaching from seasoned trading veterans is invaluable.

CTI believes that with the Mastermind Program, the journey to becoming a professional trader can be significantly accelerated. Some users have even aced the trading courses and funding challenges within just six months of joining.

However, the program is exclusive. Only 15% of monthly applicants make the cut after undergoing a thorough vetting process, including a 30-minute discovery call.

Is Getting CTI Funding Realistic?

When evaluating a prop firm, the flashy profit splits, and generous capital offerings might initially grab your attention. But the crux lies in the feasibility of actually securing that funding. Are the conditions favorable enough to make reaching the targets a realistic endeavor?

City Traders Imperium’s trading requirements, when juxtaposed with other leading names in the sector, emerge as one of the most accommodating. Noteworthy elements include a 1:10 leverage and a measured risk cap at 1.5% per position.

But what’s truly a game-changer is the extended evaluation period – a full year! Such flexibility is a boon for traders of all stripes, whether they’re day traders, swing traders, scalpers, or any other variant in the retail forex trading spectrum.

In a straightforward assessment, if one struggles to secure funding from City Traders Imperium, chances are slim with other prop firms. Some of the exceptions might include platforms like MyForexFunds and BluFx, known for their instant funding features.

However, CTI’s framework is designed to provide a balanced path to funding for traders who demonstrate consistent skills.

Is City Traders Imperium A Scam?

City Traders Imperium (CTI) is decidedly not a scam. In fact, within the prop trading landscape, CTI’s offerings stand out as some of the industry’s best.

Their robust framework, including a scaling plan that goes up to a staggering $2,000,000, along with perks such as one-time payments and a 70% profit share, distinguishes them from many competitors.

Add to that the user-friendly features like the 1:10 leverage and an extended evaluation period of a year, and it becomes evident why CTI enjoys such a sterling reputation among traders globally.

For those traders who’ve achieved a level of consistency or are on the lookout for additional capital, CTI is a commendable choice. Just imagine the potential: they offer traders the opportunity to earn a 60% profit using their capital and even provide funding up to $2,000,000. Reaching this peak would mean a milestone payout of a cool $100,000.

Conclusion: Is City Traders Imperium worth it

For those eager to embark on their professional trading journey, City Traders Imperium presents itself as a compelling choice. It promises more than just funds; it offers education, mentorship, and a community. If you’re searching for a prop firm that genuinely cares about your growth as a trader, CTI should certainly be on your radar.

The company tailors its program to help you elevate your trading game. However, as with all financial ventures, it’s essential to do your research and ensure it aligns with your trading goals and strategies. Click here to sign up for an account using our City Traders Imperium Coupon code.

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