Is CrowdStreet The Best Investment For Accredited Investors?

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October 20, 2023October 20, 2023

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If you are an accredited investor, you’re in an exclusive circle, having access to specialized markets often beyond the reach of many. This privileged status, as defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), means you’ve showcased the financial capacity to engage with potentially high-risk alternative investments, typically off-limits to regular investors.

With a plethora of investment opportunities for accredited investors, you might be thinking about the most fitting choices. If you are looking to diversify with Real Estate, CrowdStreet must be considered. This platform offers these investors a gateway to premium real estate ventures.

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What Is An Accredited Investor?

Chances are if you are an accredited investor, you already know it. But in case you are unsure, let’s discuss the SEC definition of an accredited investor. An accredited investor refers to an individual or organization permitted to engage in securities transactions not always available to the general public, owing to their financial stability and expertise.

These investors meet certain criteria based on their income, asset value, professional background, or institutional status. Common examples of accredited investors are individuals with a high net worth, financial institutions, and certain trusts.

For an individual to qualify, they should have consistently earned more than $200,000 (or $300,000 combined with a spouse) annually for the recent two years and expect the same or greater income in the current year. Alternatively, possessing a net worth over $1 million, excluding the primary residence, either individually or with a spouse, can also qualify one as an accredited investor.

The SEC also deems individuals with specific professional roles—like general partners, executive officers, or directors of a firm involved in the unregistered securities issuance—as accredited investors.

On the organizational front, any institution with assets above $5 million or where all stakeholders are accredited investors, qualifies.

What Types Of Investments Do Accredited Investors Have Access To?

Those seeking the best investment for accredited investors have a lot of choices. Here are some of the broad categories of investment choices they gain access to:

  • Crowdfunding: Pool online resources to back specific projects or startups.
  • Hard Money Loans: Alternative lending methods using assets as collateral, typically outside traditional banking systems.
  • Real Estate Syndication: Groups collectively finance major real estate undertakings, often via a facilitating party.
  • Convertible Investments: Invest in bonds or shares that can be converted into common stocks in future-promising businesses.
  • REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts): Diversify into real estate, such as condos or commercial spaces, without handling daily management.
  • Venture Capital: Acquire stakes in early-stage startups, potentially earning as they grow.
  • Hedge Funds: Dive into a broader range of assets and investment strategies than typical funds.
  • Private Equity Real Estate: Invest in specialized property ventures that vary from undeveloped lands to luxury high-rises.

What is CrowdStreet?

CrowdStreet, launched in 2014 out of Portland, has been making waves in the commercial real estate sector. With a track record of orchestrating over 700 deals and drawing in a whopping $4 billion in investments, it’s clear they’re doing something right.

What’s the appeal? Well, for starters, investors can dive into a rich pool of opportunities, be it individual properties or diverse funds. CrowdStreet’s unique edge lies in its direct-to-investor approach. By cutting out the middleman, deals are transparent and straightforward, giving you more control and less hassle. And if you’re worried about the legitimacy of these investments, breathe easy.

CrowdStreet ensures every opportunity is thoroughly vetted, backed by in-depth info, so you know exactly where your money’s heading. It’s a fresh, transparent approach to real estate investing, blending the best of technology with human touch.

CrowdStreet Investment Types

Here’s a snapshot of how accredited investors can tap into this platform:

  • Individual Real Estate Investments: CrowdStreet’s Marketplace showcases a bunch of individual real estate deals. For those who love details, each listing delves deep, spotlighting the projected internal rate of return (IRR), the sponsor’s track record, fees, and more. Yet, while the platform’s user-friendly nature is commendable, potential investors should be prepared for high minimum investments, occasionally convoluted fee structures, and a somewhat cumbersome investment process.
  • Real Estate Funds: For investors seeking an amalgamation of properties without investing individually, CrowdStreet features diversified funds. These funds, some of which are helmed by CrowdStreet Advisors, bundle various properties based on common themes, making it easier for investors to diversify. Although they bear the same minimum investment as individual properties, they offer a broader asset spread, making them an attractive option for many.
  • Tailored Portfolios: This offering is for those looking for a bespoke investment experience. With a minimum threshold of $250,000, investors collaborate with CrowdStreet advisors, crafting a portfolio that aligns with their financial aspirations, risk appetite, and timeframes. These portfolios cater to those who favor a more hands-off approach, yet desire the expertise of professionals.

Is CrowdStreet The Best Investment For Accredited Investors?

Determining the best investment strategy is always a personal choice, but accredited investors might find CrowdStreet’s impressive 19.7% IRR quite enticing. CrowdStreet stands out as a particularly good fit for those with the accredited investor badge.

If you’re the type who views investments as long-term commitments, then this platform could offer a solid diversification strategy for your portfolio.

All in all, if you’re willing to play the long game and can handle the bumps along the way, then taking a closer look at what CrowdStreet has on offer could be a smart move.

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