Is Elite Trader Funding Worth It?

Jeremy BiberdorfBy: Jeremy Biberdorf

September 29, 2023September 29, 2023

Elite Trader Funding

Elite Trader Funding is a prop firm that provides funding for traders looking to prove their skills and gain experience in live markets. Once traders pass their evaluation, they receive capital to trade stocks, futures, forex, and more.

Elite Trader Funding makes money through profit shares from funded traders. Traders keep 70-80% of the profits, while Elite Trader Funding takes the rest. If you have a losing month, you owe nothing. You can trade as often or as little as you want with no monthly fees or platform charges.

If you’re looking for a path to become a professional trader or want to supplement your income through trading, Elite Trader Funding could be worth exploring.

With the opportunity to trade live markets with substantial capital and keep a majority of the profits, Elite Trader Funding offers an attractive proposition for skilled traders. The only question is, do you have what it takes? Here is an Elite Trader Funding review.
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Who is Elite Trader Funding Best For?

If you’re looking to take your trading to the next level without risking your capital, Elite Trader Funding could be a great fit. Here are the types of retail traders who tend to benefit the most from their program:

Novice Traders

As a new trader, Elite Trader Funding provides the perfect opportunity to gain real-world experience without putting your own money on the line. Their training and mentorship help you learn the ropes, and you can start with a small account to build up your skills.

Experienced Traders

For seasoned traders, Elite Trader Funding offers high-profit splits and the chance to trade larger account sizes than you may currently have access to. If you’ve got a proven track record of success or you are an aggressive trader, they want to see you take your trading to greater heights.

Flexible Traders

Don’t want to be chained to your desk from 9 to 5? Elite Trader Funding gives you the freedom to trade when you want. As long as you meet their minimum time requirements, you can opt for part-time or full-time hours on your schedule.

Swing and Day Traders

Elite Trader Funding’s model is tailor-made for swing and day traders who thrive on daily financial market volatility. Their accounts provide the opportunity to utilize short-term price fluctuations across stocks, forex, futures, and options.

The Benefits of Joining Elite Trader Funding

Joining Elite Trader Funding comes with several benefits for aspiring traders.

  • Transparent Evaluation Process: Elite Trader Funding’s evaluation process is straightforward and transparent. Every aspect, from drawdown rules to profit targets, is clearly defined and explained.
  • Trustworthiness: Trust is integral to the individual trader prop trading firm relationship. Elite Trader Funding’s transparency extends to its profit split and payout structure, a feature that has won the trust of many traders.
  • Reliable Technology: The reliability of trading platforms is a critical concern for traders. In this regard, Elite Trader Funding is proactive in addressing technical issues that may affect trading activities.
  • Open to Feedback: Elite Trader Funding remains open to feedback and criticism. While there are a few negative reviews, as is typical for any service, the firm does not shy away from them.

Elite Trader Funding Performance

Elite Trader Funding had an impressive year in 2022. Over 1,700 traders qualified for funding across more than 5,200 accounts, generating over $1.75 million in profits. Elite Trader Funding paid out $630,000 to successful traders and $300,000 to affiliates.

Elite Trader Funding introduced three new types of evaluations to provide more opportunities for traders to qualify for funding. The Micro account only requires a $500 minimum deposit. The Swing Trader evaluation has flexible risk parameters for swing trading strategies. The Scalper evaluation has tighter risk parameters suited for scalping strategies.

Elite Trader Funding’s Discord community grew to 2,500 active traders. The company gave away over $1 million in discounts, cash prizes, and other giveaways to support and engage with their community. Elite Trader Funding’s support team managed over 20,000 support tickets in 2022, demonstrating their commitment to providing prompt and helpful service to traders and affiliates.

Is Elite Trader Funding Worth the Investment?

Elite Trader Funding aims to give aspiring traders the opportunity to showcase their trading skills. Its trader-centric model, attractive profit split, and flexible trading conditions make it an enticing platform for those looking to elevate their trading.

While trading does come with risks, Elite Trader Funding works to minimize them through strict drawdown rules and openly disclosing all risks. Their trial period lets potential traders get familiar with how the platform operates before putting money on the line.

While the opportunity seems appealing, make sure to consider if Elite Trader Funding aligns with your profit goals and risk tolerance. Do sufficient due diligence to determine if it’s the right path for you before investing your time and money.

If, after reviewing the details, you think it could accelerate your trading success, it may well be worth the investment. Click here to join the Elite Trader Funding community today and start your trading journey.
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