Is Fidelcrest The Best Instant Funding Prop Firm? A Deep Dive Review

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October 16, 2023October 16, 2023

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Instant funding prop firms allow traders to trade larger account sizes backed by the firm’s capital. These firms provide funding to traders based on their demonstrated skills and performance metrics. It allows them to amplify their trading potential. But unlike the usual prop trading firms, Instant funding prop firms enable traders to bypass the waiting list—a massive difference in an industry where every second counts.

For budding traders, the allure of such firms is undeniable. However, this boon comes with its share of challenges. The many prop trading firms flooding the market make it difficult to choose the right firm that aligns with a trader’s goals, strategies, and risk tolerance. The right prop firm provides financial backing and essential resources like training, market insights, and advanced trading tools.

Fidelcrest is one of the best in the industry, with comprehensive services catering to beginner and experienced traders alike. By reviewing Fidelcrest’s features, pricing, and user testimonials, we will try to answer one pivotal question:” Is Fidelcrest the best instant funding prop firm?”.
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Fidelcrest’s Foundation and Mission

Fidelcrest’s inception marked a turning point in providing traders access to greater capital, especially within the Forex market. From its nascent stages, It has a vision to democratize the trading landscape. Recognizing the vast potential and volatility inherent in the Forex market, Fidelcrest provided traders the means to harness this potential to its fullest.

At the heart of its creation was a profound passion: to break down the barriers many traders face, particularly those related to capital constraints. Fidelcrest sought to bridge this gap. It offered traders a unique platform to amplify their trading aspirations, backed by substantial funding.

Another distinguishing facet of Fidelcrest is its particular niche for aggressive accounts. While riskier, this approach caters to traders adept at rapid market maneuvers. It allows them to capitalize on fleeting market opportunities. The firm acknowledges the diverse trading styles and offers tailored solutions. This reflects its mission to be inclusive and to cater to the broad spectrum of traders in the Forex landscape.

Therefore, it’s unsurprising that it provides some of the best funded forex trading accounts today.

Fidelcrest’s Core Offerings And Services 

In the crowded landscape of prop trading firms, Fidelcrest stands out due to its distinct features and comprehensive service offerings tailored to modern traders.

A cornerstone of its services is the broad spectrum of tradable assets it presents. Focusing primarily on the Forex market, traders also have the opportunity to delve into Indices, expanding their portfolio and hedging opportunities. It is also a top-tier crypto prop trading platform.

Regarding sharing the rewards, Fidelcrest offers an enticing profit split that can reach up to 90%. Such an arrangement underscores the firm’s commitment to recognizing and valuing trader expertise and effort.

One of the pivotal aspects of partnering with Fidelcrest is its detailed evaluation process. Unlike with no evaluation prop firms, potential traders undergo a comprehensive program. It ensures they are well-suited to maximize the platform’s potential. An essential component of this evaluation is the daily drawdown monitoring. This tool gives traders insights, enabling strategic trading decisions that align with market fluctuations.

Furthermore, recognizing traders’ varied preferences, Fidelcrest provides instant funding and supports multiple platforms. This ensures that each trader can select a platform they are comfortable with, fostering a seamless and tailored trading experience.

Fidelcrest’s Pricing Details

The pricing model is one of the pivotal factors every trader scrutinizes. Fidelcrest, being conscious of its audience, offers a transparent and competitive pricing structure that stands out in the industry.

Fidelcrest’s pricing depends primarily on the type and size of the stock trading account chosen. It provides packages ranging from €99 to €3,499, each designed for a specific trader profile. They are divided into the Pro Trader Program and the Micro Trader Program. Each Program has a normal and an aggressive mode.

However, there’s good news for traders looking to get the most out of their investment. Using the Fidelcrest promo code, they can save a significant percentage. This makes the entry point even more accessible and appealing.

In trading, where every dollar counts, Fidelcrest’s transparent and trader-friendly pricing model truly differentiates it.

Fidelcrest User Reviews and Feedback

When determining the reputation and efficacy of any service, the voices of its users often speak volumes. Fidelcrest, in this regard, has garnered an array of positive feedback from its diverse clientele. More than 1,200 reviewers gave it an average of 4.6 out of 5.

For instance, Alessandro Bertini Malgarini lauds Fidelcrest as a top-tier forex prop trading company, praising its competitive forex spreads and quick, efficient support. Abbas Rahimi commends the company’s honesty and the seamless experience he enjoyed, particularly the proactive assistance from their staff member, Arthur. Stevie Haines’ feedback underscores the speed, clarity, and ease with which she received solutions from the support team at Fidelcrest.

The common thread running through most testimonials is the high regard for Fidelcrest’s efficient support, smooth transitions between trading phases, and the company’s overall responsiveness. This consistent positive feedback gives potential traders confidence in choosing Fidelcrest as their prop trading partner.

Conclusion: Is Fidelcrest the best instant funding prop firm?

In the ever-evolving realm of instant funding prop firms, Fidelcrest is a formidable player.

Its core strengths lie in its tailored offerings for aggressive accounts and its unwavering commitment to the Forex market. With up to 90% profit splits and support for multiple tradable assets, it’s clear that Fidelcrest has the trader’s interests at heart.

For every budding trader, choosing the right prop firm is a pivotal decision that could shape their trading journey. Fidelcrest, with its notable strengths and positive user reviews, stands out as a trusted partner in this journey. The firm offers favorable terms and supports traders with a robust platform, which makes the trading experience seamless.

For those poised at the crossroads, contemplating which firm to partner with, Fidelcrest might be a wise choice.

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