Is Fidelcrest Legit?

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February 14, 2023February 14, 2023


Fidelcrest LLC is a well-established proprietary trading firm that was founded in 2018. The company offers a unique opportunity for traders to earn a profit split of up to 90% by passing its trading challenge and verification phase. With the option to choose between a “Normal” or an “Aggressive” challenge, Fidelcrest provides a way for experienced traders to demonstrate their skills and reap the rewards.

However, with the potential for high rewards comes the potential for risk. When it comes to investing in the stock market, it’s important to make sure that you are using a legitimate and trustworthy platform. In this blog, we will take a closer look at Fidelcrest, its features, and what traders are saying about the platform to help you determine if it’s a reputable and secure option for traders. But for those looking to cut to the chase, yes Fidelcrest is legit.

Whether you are an experienced trader looking for new opportunities and high initial capital, or just starting out, Fidelcrest offers a unique opportunity to potentially earn a profit through stock trading. They are also the only prop firm that offers a bonus option for completing the verification stage of their trading challenge. For these reasons and others we discuss below, is you are asking if Fidelcrest is worth it, we say yes.
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Fidelcrest Background

Fidelcrest is a globally recognized proprietary trading firm founded in 2018, with headquarters in Nicosia, Cyprus. The company provides access to funded trading accounts of up to $1,000,000 for qualified traders, offering them the opportunity to make a difference in their lives. Fidelcrest’s management team comprises of Forex traders and professionals with over ten years of experience in the industry, working for global brokerage companies. The company has received recognition in the industry, including being awarded “Best Proprietary Trading Firm in UK” in 2022 and “Best Micro Forex in Europe 2021.”

Fidelcrest caters to traders of various levels of expertise and needs, offering a range of account size options. The trading challenge starts with an evaluation period, where traders trade with a demo account and must follow predefined trading rules. Once they pass the challenge within the required trading period, traders can receive funding and start trading over 1,000 trading instruments.

The company is known for its strict trading rules, which all account holders must abide by to avoid account suspension. Fidelcrest is also one of the largest Forex trading prop firms, offering traders up to 90% profit share. With the lowest funding option starting at $5,000, Fidelcrest caters to less advanced traders as well.

Getting funding from Fidelcrest proprietary trading company is realistic, as the company is competitive in regard to the levels of trading standards required to pass the challenge and verification stage which operate over 30-day trading periods.  However, it is important to understand the strict rules that account holders must follow to ensure a successful trading experience with Fidelcrest. But ultimately, Fidelcrest is actively seeking skilled traders to fund with real money.

Customer Reviews

According to the data provided, Fidelcrest has received an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars from 640 reviews on Trustpilot and has a 92% customer satisfaction rate based on 23,174 reviews in the past 12 months. Customers have praised Fidelcrest for its efficient and knowledgeable trader support team, as well as its excellent customer service. Many customers have been impressed with the company’s quick response time to any questions or issues that arise.

One user reported that they were initially skeptical about Fidelcrest, but the company proved them wrong with its fantastic communication during a downtime of its MT4 evaluation platform. Another user noted that Fidelcrest is a wonderful prop firm and that each interaction with the company was effortless.

Overall, the feedback received from customers about Fidelcrest’s products and services has been positive, with many users reporting that they would recommend the platform to others.

Payouts and Potential Returns

Fidelcrest is a prop trading firm that offers a unique opportunity for traders to earn significant profits. However, it is important to note that the potential returns and earnings are exceptionally high but dependent on undeniable trading skills. This is not a skillset that is developed overnight or by chance.

The firm offers a maximum initial funding of $1,000,000, which is an incredibly high amount compared to many of its competitors in the prop firm trading space. However, this level of funding requires active traders to pass the trading challenge, which is not guaranteed. For profitable and consistent forex traders, Fidelcrest provides a ticket to the big leagues.

In addition to the high initial funding, Fidelcrest also offers a capital scaling program for traders who consistently make returns on their funded account. To be eligible, traders must achieve a minimum profit target of 15% gain on their capital within three consecutive months, with an average return of 5% per month. If successful, traders will receive a 25% increase in capital every three months, capped at $2,000,000.

Fidelcrest is the only prop trading firm that pays traders a bonus upon successful completion of the verification phase. The bonus payout on virtual profits can be up to $30,000 for the 500k Aggressive account size and type, with profit targets differing by account type and size. Profit splits are either 80% for the Normal account type or 90% for the Aggressive account type.

The firm offers several payment and profit split payout methods, including credit/debit card, wire transfer, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Skrill/Netellar, and PayPal.

Final Thoughts – Is Fidelcrest Legit?

Fidelcrest offers traders an exceptional opportunity to earn significant profits, but success is dependent on being a great trader. Traders should be aware that developing the necessary skills to be successful takes time and discipline. But yes, Fidelcrest is legit! Click here to get started today.

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