Is Funded Trading Plus The Best No Evaluation Prop Firm? A Deep Dive

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October 19, 2023October 19, 2023

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Proprietary trading firms allow individual traders access to larger capital, letting them trade on the firm’s behalf and share the profits. The rising demand for such platforms stems from the allure of trading in substantial volumes without personal financial risks, coupled with professional support and state-of-the-art tools.

Funded Trading Plus is more than just another name in the crowd. It has carved a niche with its distinct offerings and dedication to trader success. Funded Trading Plus is committed to transparency, efficiency, and trader education.

As one of the best no evaluation prop firms, it promises a streamlined process for its users. It ensures they spend less time on administrative hurdles and more on what they love – trading. As part of a long list of prop trading firms, Funded Trading Plus’s robust platform and strong reputation make it a top choice for many.
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An Overview of Funded Trading Plus

Funded Trading Plus was born when traders started seeking innovative platforms to offer them more opportunities without the weight of personal financial risk. Its inception aimed to bridge the gap between individual aspirations and the vast trading world.

Simon M., the enterprising Managing Director, shifted gears from an intense career in emergency services to immerse himself in the dynamic realm of trading. Under the guidance of ex-city trader Pasha, Simon grasped the unparalleled benefits of trading with significant capital. This insight became the cornerstone of Funded Trading Plus. Simon’s dream was to give traders substantial capital, emulating the advantages he once relished.

On the technical side, James F., the Director of Operations, blends his insight as a technical solutions architect to fortify the platform’s infrastructure. After departing the corporate world, James’s journey took a turn toward devising tech-infused trading solutions. His collaboration with Simon and Michael has been pivotal in ensuring the platform’s technological excellence.

Lastly, Michael C.’s journey from the financial crisis of the 2008 downturn to a strategic trader became the driving force behind his role as the Director of Strategic Overview.

This trio’s dedication and collaboration with experts from Wall Street and the City of London have set Funded Trading Plus a notch above its peers.

Funded Trading Plus Offerings and Services

Funded Trading Plus has stood out in the sea of trading platforms with its distinctive offerings tailored to novice and experienced traders.

Central to its value proposition is the education center. This resource hub is a beacon for traders aiming to hone their skills and expand their trading knowledge. By emphasizing education, Funded Trading Plus ensures its members have the tools and knowledge necessary for success in the complex trading world.

Additionally, users consistently praise the platform’s dashboard for its user-friendly design. Its intuitive layout allows traders to navigate through different sections effortlessly. This makes tasks such as monitoring trades or assessing progress incredibly straightforward.

One of the standout features is the company’s commitment to transparency. Every detail, from the metrics used for evaluations to the terms of payouts, is made clear to users, ensuring there are no unwelcome surprises.

  • No Evaluation Prop Firm Feature: Unlike many prop firms requiring rigorous evaluations, Funded Trading Plus stands out by offering opportunities without stringent evaluations.
  • Instant Funding for Traders: Efficiency is at the heart of their operations, ensuring traders can access funds promptly.
  • Straightforward Contract After Passing Evaluations: No convoluted legalese; traders are presented with clear and direct contracts once they pass evaluations.
  • Prompt Customer Service and Support: Renowned for their swift response, the customer support team is always ready to assist, making the trading experience seamless.

Funded Trading Plus is more than just a trading platform; it’s an ecosystem designed for trader growth and success.

Funded Trading Plus Pricing

In trading, it’s essential to consider the cost implications, especially when partnering with prop firms. While being recognized for its quality services, Funded Trading Plus has also received attention for its transparent and competitive pricing model.

For those unfamiliar with the landscape, prop firms typically provide traders with capital to trade in return for a share of the profits. The cost structures of these firms can vary widely, with some charging monthly fees, others taking a percentage of profits, and some having a mix of both.

Funded Trading Plus offers clear pricing tiers that cater to different types of traders, from beginners to seasoned professionals. Each pricing tier comes with rules, benefits, and a profit split of up to 90%. This ensures traders receive value for their investment.

Moreover, budget-conscious traders can use the time-limited Funded Trading Plus coupon codes to save on fees.

When juxtaposed with industry standards, Funded Trading Plus showcases a balanced blend of affordability and value. Many prop firms in the industry have hidden fees or confusing structures that can be daunting for traders. However, this platform prides itself on transparency, ensuring traders know all costs upfront.

In conclusion, for traders seeking a prop firm that merges competitive pricing with unparalleled service, Funded Trading Plus is a strong contender.

Funded Trading Plus User Reviews and Experiences

User feedback serves as a mirror, reflecting the true image of any business or service. In the case of Funded Trading Plus, the reflections are predominantly glowing. The platform, much acclaimed for its offerings, finds its users to be its loudest cheerleaders, with over 1,800 rating it at 4.9.

One undeniable highlight that many traders mention is customer service. Users often describe the support as “amazing“, always ready to lend a hand when confusion or queries arise. A trader named A T extolled the firm’s transparency and mentioned the user-friendly dashboard that makes trading a breeze.

Distinguishing itself from competitors, Funded Trading Plus offers a seamless user experience and boasts a robust tech infrastructure. R’Nesh W, who began trading in October 2022, appreciated the platform’s diligence in resolving tech glitches, resulting in a flawless trading experience.

For many, the journey with the firm includes facing trading challenges and passing evaluations. Despite the hurdles, many have breezed through these phases thanks to the support and resources available. Lastly, the transparent and swift withdrawal process has garnered much praise, with several traders eagerly sharing their positive withdrawal experiences.

Funded Trading Plus has delivered its promises and has gone above and beyond to ensure user satisfaction.

Conclusion: Is Funded Trading Plus The Best No Evaluation Prop Firm?

Funded Trading Plus has carved a significant niche among prop trading firms.

The platform’s core strengths lie in its commitment to transparency, impeccable customer service, and a user-friendly experience. While the competition is stiff, it’s evident that Funded Trading Plus is a contender that holds strong.

The vast landscape of prop trading firms showcases a variety of offerings and promises. But as is always the case, not all promises are delivered upon. This is where Funded Trading Plus differentiates itself. The glowing user reviews and the success tales resonate with the platform’s commitment to excellence.

While it’s always prudent for potential traders to do thorough research, the encouraging reviews about Funded Trading Plus speak volumes. This platform is a commendable choice for those considering diving into prop trading.

Visit Funded Trading Plus and discover a trading partner ready to propel one’s trading journey to new heights.
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