Is FundedNext Legit?

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June 20, 2023June 20, 2023

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Aspiring and experienced traders alike may be asking the question: “Is FundedNext legit?” If you’re considering partnering with this prop firm, this comprehensive FundedNext review will delve into everything you need to know about their services, features, and potential advantages for your trading journey.

Get ready to discover if FundedNext could be your next step towards a rewarding and successful trading career!

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Company Background

FundedNext is a rapidly growing proprietary trading firm (prop firm) designed to support traders in developing their trading skills and helping them unlock significant profit potential. With strong financial backing and a dedicated team of professionals, FundedNext sets out to create a comfortable trading environment that empowers traders to take their abilities to the next level.

One standout feature of FundedNext is their comprehensive evaluation program, designed to assess the trading ability of aspiring traders, and identify those who demonstrate the skills necessary to become profitable traders. They provide access to advanced trading platforms, alongside educational resources to help traders refine their strategies and maximize potential returns.

FundedNext’s commitment to transparency, along with its focus on providing personalized service, has earned it a strong reputation in the trading community, even despite some negative reviews. This demonstrates that FundedNext is not only a legitimate prop firm but also a reliable partner on your trading journey.

FundedNext’s Achievements and Unique Features

Over the years, FundedNext has built an impressive portfolio of achievements. With traders from over 195 countries, the firm has issued more than $39 million in total payouts. This significant payout volume, combined with an average payout time of just 5 hours, underscores the firm’s commitment to rewarding successful traders promptly.

The scale of FundedNext’s operations is further highlighted by its community of over 38,000 funded traders. This number serves as a testament to the firm’s global outreach and the effectiveness of its trading platform and support system. Moreover, FundedNext’s accomplishments have earned it features in reputable financial publications such as Bloomberg, Benzinga,, and Yahoo Finance.

However, what sets FundedNext apart are its unique features that are designed to provide traders with an edge:

  • 15% Profit Sharing from Challenge Phase: FundedNext is the only prop firm offering a 15% profit share from profits made during the challenge phases. This unique feature is designed to incentivize top traders and to deliver on FundedNext’s promise of providing the world’s best payout bonuses.
  • No Time Limit on Challenge Phase: Unlike other prop firms, FundedNext imposes no time limits on its funding challenges. This means traders can operate with complete peace of mind, without the anxiety of reaching the profit target within a deadline. This allows traders to focus on their strategies and make calculated decisions.
  • Balance Based Drawdown: FundedNext calculates the maximum daily drawdown based on your balance, not your equity. If you have trades running when a new trading day starts, the ‘balance’ at that time will be considered for the daily drawdown calculation. This approach provides traders with a more secure and reliable trading environment, further solidifying FundedNext’s promise of being the world’s most reliable prop firm.
  • Raw Spreads & Lowest Commissions: In line with its promise of offering the best prop trading conditions, FundedNext provides raw spreads, even in Swap Free accounts. Additionally, the firm offers some of the lowest commissions in the industry, with 3$/round lot on FX Pairs & Commodities and 0$/round lot on Indices.

All these features and achievements underline FundedNext’s commitment to its traders. The firm continually strives to provide an optimal trading environment, prioritizing transparency, flexibility, and trader success.

Trading Platforms and Education

FundedNext works with various brokers to offer users an array of advanced trading platforms, compatible with multiple devices. These platforms feature powerful tools that enable traders to perform in-depth technical and fundamental analysis, thus making informed trading decisions.

Beyond this, FundedNext stands out in terms of the educational resources they provide. From trading strategy guides to intraday trading tips, their resources aim to improve traders’ skills and foster consistent profitability. They also offer the services of a dedicated account manager, who provides personalized assistance and guidance throughout the trader’s journey.

Final Thoughts – Is FundedNext Legit?

Based on its firm foundation, transparent evaluation process, and robust trading platform offerings, it’s safe to say that FundedNext is a legitimate prop firm. Their dedication to helping traders improve their skills and become successful makes them a strong choice for traders at all levels.

Keep in mind, however, that trading always comes with risk, and success will ultimately depend on your trading abilities and risk management strategies. While FundedNext provides a supportive platform and extensive resources, the final responsibility lies with the trader.

If you’re looking for a prop firm with clear guidelines, competitive profit splits, and a comprehensive evaluation program, FundedNext could be worth your consideration. Be sure to take advantage of their resources and follow their trading rules to maximize your chances of success. Always conduct thorough research and consider your personal goals, risk tolerance, and trading experience before joining any prop firm.

If you decide that FundedNext is a good fit for you, you can start your trading journey with them today! Click here to get started!

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