Is the FundedNext Prop Firm Worth It: An Overview

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July 20, 2023July 20, 2023


FundedNext stands out for its accessibility and flexibility, accommodating various trading styles. But before diving in, it’s best to consider the initial costs, the potential risk of losing the evaluation fee, and the trading conditions.

The platform’s true value lies in its adaptability, varying with individual trading skills and financial goals. However, the company provides a unique, personalized experience for every trader.

So, whether you’re just beginning your trading adventure or seeking to elevate your trading expertise,  the firm offers a platform as diverse, welcoming, and adaptable as your trading aspirations. Click here to sign up for an account.

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Exploring Opportunities with Funded Next

Funded Next takes you on a diverse trading journey where you can trade in currency pairs, indices, and commodities.

The collaboration between Funded Next and Eightcap delivers a well-curated selection of trading possibilities.

While Eightcap provides opportunities in CFDs and cryptocurrencies, among other assets, Funded Next presents its partners with a select list of tradable assets: currency pairs, indices, and commodities.

This nuanced selection isn’t a limitation but rather a strategic decision that has resonated positively with most traders. Check out the platform’s FAQs section to  find the regularly updated list of available assets.

Exclusive features of Funded Next

● Unlimited Challenges

With Funded Next, not only do you get an unlimited time frame for the Challenge in the express funding model, but you’re also at liberty to restart your Challenge as many times as you need until you achieve the desired results.

● Mobile Dashboard

Get real-time data about your trading account on your desktop and at your fingertips with the free Funded Next mobile app. Stay on top of your trading game anywhere, anytime!

● Best Customer Support Team

Each trader gets a personal manager and access to resources like the economic calendar and an educational blog. With significant communities on popular social platforms, the firm ensures a supportive environment for all traders.

Exploring FundedNext Funding Models

Evaluation Model

The Evaluation Model is one of two primary avenues of funding offered by FundedNext. Traders with ample time and confidence can choose this model. The primary objective is to demonstrate proficient trading skills over two evaluation stages by meeting profit targets.

Four account sizes ranging from $25,000 to $200,000 are available. The entry fees for these accounts vary from $199 to $999. Each account has specific parameters within which traders must meet their profit target.

Additionally, each account has a maximum daily drawdown and overall loss, a minimum number of trading days, and leverage varies from account to account.

Fast-track Option

Traders confident in their abilities and have time constraints can opt for the Fast-track option, the Express Model. This option has the same rules and stipulations as the Evaluation Model but has no time limit.

With the express account, you can withdraw 15% of your monthly profit from the demo account, and once you meet your profit target, the firm presents you with a funded account. Their profit splits start at 60% but can increase to 90% based on performance.

Trading with FundedNext: Pros and Cons

Like any other firm, the FundedNext platform has its pros and cons, as outlined below:


Vast capital

With a FundedNext trading account, you can access up to $4 million, with a 90% profits split.


The standard 1:100 leverage allows traders to use the right lot size even with small stop losses.

Dedicated account manager

Each trader gets a personal account manager to handle individual queries.


FundedNext is partnered with an ASIC-regulated broker, EightCap, enhancing transparency and trust.


Costs and fees

Although not above the industry average, there is an entry fee for participating in the Challenge.

Risk of losing evaluation fee

Traders may lose their evaluation fee if they fail to meet the performance targets or risk management rules during the evaluation phase.

Limited control over trading conditions

Certain requirements must be followed during the evaluation phase of seeking funding. Fortunately, Express route traders can have unlimited time to meet their targets.

Evaluation Metrics for FundedNext Traders

FundedNext traders must demonstrate their ability to make consistent profits while managing risk appropriately. This is crucial to proceed to the verification stage and become a funded trader. In addition to achieving a profit target, you must stay within their risk cap.

Consistency Rules

One of the notable rules is the Consistency Rule, designed to help traders mitigate risk by maintaining consistency every week. This rule initiates in week two and is determined using an average of trading days, trades, and lot sizes.

Wrapping Up

Considering the significant access to capital, generous profit shares, and supportive trading environment, FundedNext offers an appealing proposition for seasoned and aspiring traders.

However, it also requires meeting stringent trading conditions and rules, making it a better fit for traders with well-honed trading skills and the ability to effectively manage risk.

Whether it’s worth it depends on your trading style, expertise, and financial goals. However, we recommend you take time to know more about the company specifics and consider your trading experience and risk tolerance before deciding. Check out our full FundedNext Review.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the CEO of FundedNext?

Abdullah Jayed is the Founder and CEO of FundedNext and NEXT Ventures. He has established successful ventures, including Growth Alliance and eComChef, which became market leaders in their domains.

How do traders get paid from the FundedNext platform?

Traders can withdraw their profits from the trading dashboard at the end of their trading cycle. FundedNext payouts are monthly and can be withdrawn via bank transfer, Coinbase, or PayPal.

What is the FundedNext fee?

For the FundedNext evaluation model, the challenge costs range from $99 for a $15,000 funded account to $999 for a $200,000 funded account.

What is the profit split for FundedNext?

FundedNext pays out up to 90%. Your profit share starts at 60% in the express real account and can get bumped to 75%, then 90% after the first and second withdrawal, respectively.

What is FundedNext’s evaluation process?

To pass the evaluation process, you must accumulate at least 10% account growth in four consecutive months in a real account.

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