Is Investors Underground the Best Swing Trading Alerts Service?

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October 6, 2023October 6, 2023

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Investors Underground (IU) has established itself as one of the largest and most frequented stock chat rooms, serving as a reservoir of insights, motivation, and expertise for both investment aficionados and novices.

Initiated in 2008 by Nathan Michaud, who continues to participate actively, the service is a hub where respected day traders converge to discuss a plethora of intriguing topics, sharing trade alerts, watch lists, and educational content.

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What Is Investors Underground?

At its core, Investors Underground is a revered virtual assembly akin to a networking meeting, only facilitated through online chats and video lessons.

Here, you find yourself amidst discussions led by notable industry stalwarts and specialists, with the opportunity to participate and solicit advice from seasoned professionals.

Beyond a chat room, IU embodies a day trading community and an educational service, offering two distinct trading courses designed to acquaint beginner traders with market dynamics.

“Textbook Trading” lays the foundation, focusing on fundamental aspects through video lessons, while “Tandem Trader” delves into advanced trading strategies and real-time trade analysis.

Pricing Structure

The platform offers three membership tiers, differentiated by payment regularity:

  • The monthly subscription is priced at $297, amounting to $3,564 annually.
  • Opting for the quarterly subscription incurs a cost of $697, translating to $2,788 per annum.
  • The annual subscription is available for $1,897.

Day Trader Community

You might perceive a trading chat room populated by hundreds as chaotic, given the diversity in trading styles and ideologies.

IU addresses this by segmenting chat rooms based on trading style, offering spaces for OTC, momentum trading, and swing trading, reminiscent of platforms like Warrior Trading and Bulls on Wall Street.

The momentum trading style, characterized by identifying stocks with above-average trading volume and volatility, predominantly captivates the Investors Underground audience.

IU’s philosophy is steeped in technical analysis, with a focus on uncovering low-risk/high-reward opportunities, often employing strategies like short-selling parabolic moves, red/green reversals, and exploring ascending triangles.

The VWAP, or volume-weighted moving average, frequently emerges as a topic of discussion, aiding traders in smoothing price action.

The team’s diverse trading extends from penny stocks to large caps, fostering a fast-paced learning environment. For a more nuanced understanding of IU’s trading style and to connect with experienced traders, active traders, and the mindful trader community, exploring their diverse content, including video lessons, is beneficial.

The platform’s moderators, each an advanced trader with unique trading strategies, contribute to the rich educational resources, making it a conducive environment for learning and interaction.

Investors Underground Chat Rooms

Delving into the essence of our review, the Investors Underground chat rooms cater to different trading preferences – momentum, swing, and OTC.

The momentum chat room is the most evolved; however, exploring the others could equally elevate your trading knowledge, especially if swing and OTC trading align with your interests.

Let’s scrutinize each Investors Underground trading chat room to assist you in finding your niche, and remember, whether you’re seeking trade ideas, aiming to be a successful trader, or looking to delve into advanced trading strategies, IU’s day trading communities and Tandem Trader offer a plethora of educational content to guide you on your journey.

Momentum Chat Room

Delving into the heart of Investors Underground, you encounter the Momentum Chat Room – a realm brimming with diversity. While every trader here is honing their skills in momentum trading strategies, the room is a treasure trove of varied trading ideas and untapped opportunities.

You need to understand the moderators here are guardians of order, ensuring focus by limiting off-topic chats. Abiding by these rules is crucial, as straying off course may lead to a day’s muting.

Distinguished from its peers, this chat room hosts a myriad of moderators and seasoned traders, each sharing insights and alerts. But be aware while the multitude of experienced voices can be a wellspring of knowledge, it bears its challenges.

No Trade Alerts in Investors Underground Chat Rooms A crucial revelation is that if you seek explicit trade alerts, this might not be your promised land.

The ethos here is educational, emphasizing understanding over mere directives. If a definitive stock-picking service is your quest, perhaps further exploration is needed before finalizing your choice.

Swing Chat Room

Steering towards the Swing Chat Room, you discover Michele Koenig at the helm. Balancing dual roles, she also orchestrates her service, Tradeonthefly. This room, while still anchored in technical analysis, serves as a compass for those considering holding stocks longer.

For those eager to decipher the nuances of technical analysis, this room is a sanctuary of learning and annotated charts.

OTC Chat Room

The OTC Chat Room might seem like a quieter chamber, its pulse syncing with the OTC market activity. But when the market awakens, so does the room’s vibrancy. Here, leading traders dispense wisdom on navigating the tumultuous waters of OTC markets and penny stocks trading.

Investors Underground Market Recap

Videos In your quest for knowledge, don’t overlook the market recap video lessons. These guides are lanterns in the dark, helping you comprehend the philosophy and style of IU trading.

With a repository of numerous lessons and new ones emerging, you have a constant stream of learning at your fingertips.

Investors Underground Webinars

Beyond videos, the realm of Investors Underground is enriched with webinars, where seasoned traders dissect trading activity and unravel the logic behind trades.

Initially, Nathan Michaud was the sole narrator, but with time, a diverse array of voices joined, each bringing a unique perspective.


Within the community of Investors Underground, a unique approach to mentorship has taken root, distinguishing it from the conventional one-guru-following model prevalent in similar services. Here, the emphasis is squarely on fostering education and autonomy.

As you navigate through the platform, you’ll discover a wealth of traders from whom to glean knowledge, with Nathan Michaud notably offering personalized mentorship opportunities.

Imagine having a pressing trading query or encountering an issue; the remedy is just a message away. Reaching out to Nathan or the adept moderators can provide you with the tailored support you seek.

The Traders Lounge

Supplementing your journey is “The Trader’s Lounge,” a haven designed for traders in quest of additional support. Here, the discourse extends beyond trading styles and market phenomena, providing a rich environment for diverse inquiries.

Nathan Michaud’s frequent interactions, through voice messages, videos, or screen sharing, enhance the experience within this lounge.

Before initiating contact, it’s prudent to acknowledge that the moderators’ time is a precious commodity, especially during trading hours.

Patience is key if immediate responses are elusive, and specificity in your queries is encouraged. Additionally, a well-structured message is far more likely to garner a timely response.

Investors Underground Beginners

Assessing the suitability of Investors Underground for your trading aspirations necessitates a realistic evaluation of your foundational knowledge, particularly in day trading.

If the learning curve seems steep and trading jargon difficult, starting your journey with accessible resources, such as the free trading course offered by Investors Underground, can be an advantage.

Embracing this service is especially beneficial if you are adept at monitoring market activities during trading sessions – a characteristic trait of day traders.

Investors Underground is a realm for those with a thirst for knowledge, eager to cultivate self-sufficiency, craft watch lists, and identify lucrative opportunities independently.

Conclusion: Is Investors Underground the Best Swing Trading Alerts Service

By exploring Investors Underground, you’re embarking on a journey through a diverse landscape of trading rooms, each offering a unique perspective and a wealth of knowledge. From the bustling activity of the Momentum Chat Room to the insightful tranquility of the OTC Chat Room, every step is a chance to learn and grow.

However, it’s paramount to remember that while this community is rich in insights and varied trading strategies, it might not be the beacon for those seeking explicit trade alerts.

The path here is one of education and understanding, guiding you to make informed decisions in the stock markets and enhancing your trading experience on a daily basis. Click here to sign up and explore, learn and grow.

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