Is Jigsaw Trading Worth it? A Must Have Book Trading Tool?

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September 3, 2023September 3, 2023

Jigsaw Trading

For those navigating the world of day trading, tools and resources play an indispensable role. Enter Jigsaw Trading, a prominent name offering a suite of tools specially crafted for traders eager to dive into book trading.

Trading experience, especially in areas like book trading, has been revolutionized by platforms like Jigsaw. With a strong emphasis on visual tools, educational resources, and specialized training like advanced order flow training, Jigsaw equips both rookie traders and experienced traders.

Beyond just the tools, Jigsaw is also known for its efficient trading platform, seamlessly blending depth of market insights, real-time data, and innovative workspace management for an enhanced trading experience.

Continue reading this Jigsaw Trading review to help you understand what it brings to the table and ultimately help you better answer the question: Is Jigsaw Trading worth it?
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What is Jigsaw Trading?

In 2011, the trading industry was introduced to a new force: Jigsaw Trading. Founded by Peter Davies, this privately owned company carved its niche by offering not just any trading software, but an efficient trading platform designed for both retail traders and institutional traders.

At its core, Jigsaw specializes in book order trading, providing tools like depth of market insights, flow charts, and heat maps.

Their platform is enriched with educational resources for day traders and advanced order flow training. However, it’s not designed for passive traders or traders that like to study varying trading styles.

Is Jigsaw Trading Worth it?

Is Jigsaw Trading worth it? If you’re diving into order book trading, the answer might be yes. Jigsaw Trading delivers a platform dedicated to this trading style, packed with education on proprietary strategies, simulated trading, and a live chat room for networking with fellow traders.

Both beginners and seasoned traders can find resources tailored to their expertise level. However, if you’re eyeing a holistic approach encompassing technical or fundamental analysis, Jigsaw might fall short. While they excel in order flow trading, those wanting to explore multiple day trading avenues might need to look elsewhere.

Jigsaw Trading Features

  • Platform Integration and Compatibility: Jigsaw Trading rises above the competition with its vast platform compatibility, tailored to fit seamlessly on both Windows systems and Macs (though Mac users would utilize Bootcamp or Parallels). Users have two predominant versions to choose from: the Daytradr Trading Platform and the Jigsaw Bridge/Plug-in.
  • Daytradr Trading Platform: Explicitly crafted with the day traders of futures and exchange-traded spreads in mind, this platform effortlessly connects with prominent trading infrastructures including CQG, Rithmic, GAIN Futures, Tradovate, Interactive Brokers, and IQFeed.
  • Jigsaw Bridge/Plug-in Integration: This unique tool bridges the gap, allowing traders to integrate Jigsaw’s cutting-edge tools into established trading platforms. The list includes fan favorites like NinjaTrader, MetaTrader, and MultiCharts.NET, ensuring a broader outreach.
  • Depth & Sales (Depth of Market) Tool: Beyond offering invaluable insights into market momentum and pinpointing stop order locations, this tool doubles up for streamlined order entry.
  • Trade Simulator: Whether you’re a novice grasping the ropes or a seasoned trader testing new strategies, this simulator replicates the market’s unpredictability, giving you a taste of authentic limit order fills and the occasional market slippages.
  • Pace of Tape (PoT) Smart Gauge: Boasting over 50 stylistic options, this gauge becomes indispensable in understanding the market’s current rhythm by looking at historical benchmarks.
  • Position and Orders Analysis Window: Taking user experience up a notch, this feature streamlines workspace management and embeds direct trading functionalities, making the trading process both smooth and efficient.

Jigsaw Trading Pricing

Currently, Jigsaw Trading offers a free training promotion for newcomers.

Paid Plans:

  • Independent ($579): Access to the Daytradr platform, Journalytix, trade calendar, leaderboard, chat room, trade simulator, support, and basic training.
  • Professional ($879): Everything in the Independent plan plus advanced order flow training.
  • Institutional ($1,979): Everything in the Professional plan, added institutional training, and 12 months of group therapy sessions.

If you decide to go for live trading, remember there’s a data fee: $50 monthly or a discounted $500 annually.

Final Thoughts

Jigsaw Trading has positioned itself as a notable name in the world of order flow trading. With a comprehensive suite of features tailored to both beginners and experienced traders, it truly provides a robust platform for those keen on diving deep into order book trading. Their varied pricing options, inclusive of a free training promotion, make it accessible for various budgets, while the focus on education underscores their commitment to trader success.

However, it’s worth noting that their niche specialization might not resonate with those looking for a broader trading perspective. If you’re set on mastering order flow trading, and value a mix of tools and education, Jigsaw Trading might be just what the doctor ordered.

To explore more about what they have to offer and to embark on your trading journey, click here to get started with Jigsaw Trading today.

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