Is Masterworks a Good Investment? The Art of Wealth Building

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September 8, 2023September 8, 2023

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Investing in assets has traditionally been focused on the stock market, real estate, and similar financial instruments. But there’s another fascinating asset class that has long been the playground of the rich and famous: art. Specifically, blue-chip art, which consists of works by renowned artists such as Picasso, Basquiat, and Warhol, often valued at millions of dollars. The challenge? High entry barriers—art pieces of this caliber are not affordable for most people.

Enter Masterworks, a pioneering platform that breaks down these barriers, making art investing accessible to the everyday retail investor. The platform allows you to buy and trade shares in multi-million dollar artworks, transforming an old-world investment into something modern and attainable.

But the critical question that stands out is, “Is Masterworks a good investment?” While investing in art is glamorous, digging deeper and exploring Masterworks’ features, services, and reliability is essential.

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The Man Behind Masterworks: Scott Lynn

Understanding the credibility of Masterworks begins with a closer look at its founder and CEO, Scott Lynn. Scott is far from a novice in business; he’s a serial entrepreneur with an impressive track record. Starting his first company at just 15 years old in Kansas City, MO, Scott’s early venture, Virtumundo, eventually morphed into This website became a sensation, becoming the most popular online game during the era. By 19, he had built a company with over 100 employees and had a top 25 website, according to MediaMetric (now Comscore).

Scott’s next move was into the advertising industry with Adknowledge, which rapidly became the fourth-largest advertiser marketplace, trailing only giants like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. This company boasted over $300 million in revenue and employed 450 people. But Scott’s portfolio doesn’t end there. He also founded Payability, providing over $3 billion in financing to e-commerce sellers.

Amidst all this business success, Scott has nurtured a lifelong passion for art. At 20, he began collecting works from artists like Willem de Kooning and Jackson Pollock. He also founded the Lynn Foundation to showcase local artists in Kansas City.

When you blend Scott Lynn’s tech-savvy advertising acumen and deep-rooted fascination with art, you get Masterworks—a platform dedicated to democratizing investment in blue-chip art.

The Allure of Art: Why It’s a Financial Masterstroke

When people think of investments, the usual suspects like stocks, bonds, and real estate often come to mind. However, many overlook the potential of art as a lucrative asset class. The figures speak for themselves: Contemporary art has outperformed the S&P 500 for the past 26 years. That’s not a typo; art has consistently proven to be a solid investment.

But what about risk? It’s essential to consider risk-adjusted returns when weighing investment options. Art offers better risk-adjusted returns compared to traditional asset classes. In simpler terms, it provides a strong performance while adding diversification to your portfolio, effectively spreading risk.

Here’s the cherry on top: Masterworks makes this compelling asset class accessible to the average investor. Before Masterworks, the art investment scene was a playground for the ultra-wealthy. The platform changes this landscape by letting you invest in shares of multi-million dollar artworks from legendary artists like Basquiat, Picasso, and Banksy. Masterworks has democratized the art world, opening up a previously gated community to retail investors.

So, is Masterworks a good investment? With its mission to make art investable for everyone and its performance-backed asset class, the answer is leaning strongly toward a yes.

Masterworks: Unveiling the Canvas of Unique Features and Services

When it comes to art investment, Masterworks is a masterpiece in its own right. The platform has revolutionized the way people approach this asset class. But how exactly does it work? Masterworks purchases blue-chip art, divides it into shares, and then offers them to retail investors. You don’t need to be a millionaire to invest; the entry barrier is intentionally kept low to make it accessible.

Here’s a rundown of its unique features:

  • Invest in Multi-Million Dollar Artworks: Previously a luxury only the ultra-rich could afford, now you can own a piece of a Picasso or a Basquiat.
  • Extensive Portfolio: Masterworks offers over 200 paintings, making it easy for investors to diversify their holdings.
  • Expert Team: The company prides itself on its personnel, boasting over 200 employees with expertise in art, finance, and technology. This is an indicator of both credibility and resourcefulness.

Considering the platform’s features, the range of artists available is remarkable. From Banksy to Picasso, the choice is vast and well-curated. With a dedicated team of experts guiding your investment journey, you’re not just buying art; you’re buying peace of mind. That’s a work of art in financial planning if there ever was one.

The People’s Palette: Customer Reviews and Ratings of Masterworks

User feedback is often a reliable yardstick for the quality of a service, and Masterworks scores quite high in this department. The platform boasts a solid rating of 4.3 based on 79 reviews, painting a generally positive picture of its effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Here are some highlights from the reviews:

  • 72% 5-Star Ratings: Most reviews glow with praise, revealing high customer satisfaction.
  • Efficient and Informative Customer Service: Many reviewers specifically mentioned the excellent customer service, noting the representatives’ expertise and willingness to answer questions.
  • Highly Informative Conversations: Investors particularly appreciated the depth of information provided during discussions about risk, diversification, and asset allocation, which helped them make well-informed decisions.

So, is Masterworks a good investment? According to its users, the platform meets and often exceeds expectations. Whether it’s the customer service or the educational conversations, Masterworks appears committed to ensuring a smooth and enriching experience for its investors. The strong ratings and positive reviews testify to its quality and reliability, making it a compelling choice for those looking to dip their toes into the art investment pool.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

In the realm of investment options, diversification is key. Art, often overlooked, has emerged as a lucrative asset class, outperforming traditional investments like the S&P 500. The question posed at the beginning, “Is Masterworks a good investment?” finds an affirmative answer through various facets explored in this article.

From its exceptional leadership team helmed by Scott Lynn to its unique business model that democratizes art investment, Masterworks offers a compelling investment platform. The platform allows investment in multi-million dollar artworks and supports this with a team of over 200 experienced professionals. Furthermore, customer testimonials reflect excellent service and highly informative support, bolstering the case for Masterworks as a wise investment option.

Are you curious to further explore this lucrative avenue? Don’t just take our word for it. Discover Masterworks for yourself and open the door to a world of art investment opportunities.

So, why wait? Your masterpiece of an investment is just a click away.

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