Is MetaStock Legit?

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April 22, 2023April 22, 2023

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In the world of trading and investing, having access to the right tools and information can make all the difference. MetaStock is a popular charting software and market analysis platform that has been catering to the needs of traders and investors for over three decades.

If you’re considering using MetaStock for your trading and investment needs, this article will provide you with the information required to understand that MetaStock is legit and worth it.
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Company Background

MetaStock was founded in 1985 and has since evolved into a powerful and comprehensive charting software and market analysis platform for private, active, professional, and institutional traders alike. With its range of products and services, MetaStock caters to various trading styles, including day traders, swing traders, and longer-term traders. The company’s commitment to innovation and excellence in providing powerful tools and resources has earned it a solid reputation among traders worldwide.

MetaStock offers two primary versions of its software: MetaStock R/T (Real Time) and MetaStock D/C (Daily Charts). MetaStock R/T is designed for day traders and active traders who require real-time data and news coverage, while MetaStock D/C is tailored for longer-term traders who primarily analyze end-of-day data.

Both versions of the software come with powerful charting and analysis tools, as well as access to Refinitiv Xenith, a real-time news and market data platform.

MetaStock R/T

MetaStock R/T is a real-time charting software and market analysis platform designed for active and professional traders. It offers powerful tools, including real-time data, technical analysis, artificial intelligence, and forecasting functionality to help traders make informed decisions.

The software is compatible with personal computers and provides access to a wide range of stocks and markets, including stock prices from various stock markets around the world.

One of the key features of MetaStock R/T is its integration with Refinitiv Xenith, which provides real-time news and market data to help traders stay informed about market developments. This news coverage, combined with the software’s charting capabilities and in-depth analysis tools, enables traders to execute trades based on accurate and timely information.

MetaStock D/C

MetaStock D/C is designed for longer-term traders and investors who focus on end-of-day data analysis. It offers similar charting and analysis tools as MetaStock R/T but is tailored to accommodate the needs of traders who analyze data on a daily basis rather than in real-time. The software provides access to a wide range of stocks and markets, making it suitable for both private and professional traders.

Refinitiv Xenith

Refinitiv Xenith is an essential component of the MetaStock platform, offering real-time market analysis, news coverage, and data for traders and investors. It provides excellent real-time news and insights, empowering traders to make informed decisions based on the latest information. The integration of Refinitiv Xenith with MetaStock’s charting software allows users to conduct comprehensive technical analysis and stay informed about market trends and developments.

Powerful Tools and Features

MetaStock’s charting software offers a variety of powerful tools and features to help traders and investors analyze the markets effectively. Some of these tools include a wide range of technical indicators, various types of charts, and scanning possibilities that allow users to identify potential trading opportunities based on specific criteria.

The software’s artificial intelligence feature, known as the Expert Advisor, offers forecasting functionality and generates buy and sell signals based on historical data and user-defined criteria. This feature allows traders to test their strategies and make informed decisions based on the software’s analysis and recommendations.

Time Frame Flexibility

MetaStock offers flexibility in terms of time frames, catering to different trading styles and preferences. Users can analyze data on various time frames, from intraday charts to weekly and monthly charts, making the software suitable or day traders, swing traders, and longer-term investors alike. This flexibility allows traders to adapt their analysis and strategies to suit their specific trading style and goals.

Personal Computers Compatibility

MetaStock is compatible with personal computers, making it accessible and convenient for individual traders and investors. The software’s user-friendly interface and powerful tools make it easy for both novice and experienced traders to conduct comprehensive market analysis and execute trades effectively.

In-Depth Analysis

MetaStock’s charting software and market analysis tools enable traders to conduct in-depth analysis of various stocks and markets. The software offers a wide range of technical indicators and chart types, allowing users to analyze market trends, patterns, and price movements effectively. This comprehensive analysis capability empowers traders to make well-informed decisions and develop strategies based on accurate and timely data.

Customer Support and Community

MetaStock has a dedicated customer support team that is readily available to assist users with any questions or concerns. The company also has an active online community where traders can share their experiences, insights, and knowledge with other users. This strong support system and community engagement further contribute to MetaStock’s legitimacy as a reliable charting software and market analysis platform.

Final Thoughts – Is MetaStock Legit?

MetaStock is a reputable and powerful charting software and market analysis platform that has been serving traders and investors for over three decades. With its range of products, including MetaStock R/T and MetaStock D/C, the company caters to various trading styles and preferences. Its integration with Refinitiv Xenith provides users with access to real-time news and market data, while its powerful tools and features facilitate comprehensive technical analysis and informed decision-making.

Given the company’s background, extensive features, and strong reputation in the trading community, it’s clear that MetaStock is legit and worth considering for anyone looking to enhance their trading and investment strategies. Whether you’re a day trader, swing trader, or longer-term investor, MetaStock’s software and services can help you navigate the complex world of trading and investing with confidence and success. Click here to get started today!

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