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October 18, 2023October 18, 2023

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Mindful Trader is a stock-picking service that provides swing traders with detailed stock market newsletters. The platform is mainly focused on swing trading. Swing trades involve trading stocks over a period of a few days to several weeks to capitalize on short-term stock price moves.

The service was developed by Eric Ferguson, who has 20 years of data and statistics experience. Subscribers get real-time trade alerts whenever Eric Ferguson makes a trade using his own money. Mindful Trader takes a data-driven approach to achieve triple-digit returns regularly. It gives its members stock alerts to opportune moments to buy and sell stocks to gain from price increases and decreases.

Mindful Trader could be the perfect solution for experienced investors wanting an easy-to-follow service to make the most of market volatility. Eric’s uncomplicated system gives members the best chance of succeeding in the challenging world of active trading.

Still on the fence? Here is a Mindful Trader review of what the trading platform offers and if it tops the charts for the best investment newsletter.
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Mindful Trader Trading Style

Mindful Trader uses a data-driven approach to find the best trading opportunities. Eric Ferguson tests thousands of trading strategies to find ones with a high win percentage and solid risk/reward ratio.

A Systematic Approach

Eric Ferguson doesn’t trade based on hunches or hot tips. Instead, he uses statistical analysis and backtesting. In other words, he examines historical data to see how certain trading strategies would have performed in the past. Each strategy is tested with the Monte Carlo method, using over 10,000 variations, to find the approaches with the highest probability of success.

In-Depth Analysis

Eric Ferguson doesn’t take shortcuts. He has run over 5,000 code sets to analyze how different trading techniques would have performed in various market conditions. His newsletter provides data to back up each recommendation, so you understand the “why” behind every trade.

Mindful Trader Returns

Eric Ferguson and the Mindful Trader team have delivered another strong performance over the past six months. The ‘Extra Options Account,’ geared towards higher-risk options trading, yielded an astounding total annual return of 43.1% in just half a year. This stellar result demonstrates Eric Ferguson’s mastery of options strategies and ability to capitalize on financial market volatility.

The S&P 500 rose a modest 15% over the same period, highlighting Mindful Trader’s significant outperformance. The ‘Extra Options Account’ returns were achieved through a diversified set of trades across individual stocks, indices, and ETFs, which minimized overall risk exposure and risk tolerance.

Mindful Trader’s Key Features

A key feature of Mindful Trader is the stock picks provided in the weekly newsletter. You’ll receive an average of 6-8 weekly stock picks, though this can vary. For each pick, you’ll get the following details:

  • Bought or shorted: You’ll see either “Bought WMT” or “Bought ETN,” indicating the ticker symbol of the traded stock. Sometimes, it may say “shorted” instead of “bought,” meaning the stock was short-sold.
  • Sale Price: After “bought” or “shorted,” you’ll find the price paid or received for the stock. If a stock was just purchased, this is the price that must be reached to turn a profit.
  • Target Price: This is the price the stock must hit before the next action, like selling for a profit after buying. To earn a profit, the stock must increase to this target price.
  • Stop Loss: This tool helps limit losses for active traders and experienced traders. If the stock moves in the opposite direction needed to profit, the stop loss price triggers an automatic sell to curb losses.

Mindful Trader Pricing

Mindful Trader’s pricing is very reasonable for the value it provides. At $47 per month, it’s more affordable than specialized day trading services but delivers targeted, actionable stock recommendations to boost investment returns.

The cost of Mindful Trader falls right in the middle of comparable investment newsletters. It’s pricier than general advice from sources like The Motley Fool but much less expensive than day trading groups that can charge upwards of $200 per month.

Eric Ferguson invested $200,000 of his own money in developing this service. Considering the time and capital required to identify stocks with the potential for sizeable gains, $47 a month is a steal. This is especially true given Eric’s track record of success and dedication to subscribers.

Is Mindful Trader the Best Investment Newsletter

When it comes to stock newsletters, Mindful Trader stands out from the crowd. Eric Ferguson is committed to a transparent risk-aware, data-driven approach to swing trading.

Mindful Trader’s dedication to extensive backtesting, diversification, risk management and an impressive track record of solid average returns makes it an appealing choice for many investors. At $47 per month, the pricing may seem steep for new-day traders.

However, considering the quality of research and potential profits, it represents excellent value. The fact that Eric Ferguson has invested $200,000 of his own money in developing this system demonstrates his confidence in its effectiveness. For more information on what Mindful Trader offers as an investment newsletter, click here to sign up.
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