Is Monument Traders Alliance The Best Stock Market Newsletter?

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October 23, 2023October 23, 2023

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Navigating the stock market can be daunting, but with the right partner, the journey becomes more manageable. Monument Traders Alliance, co-founded by seasoned trading experts Bryan Bottarelli and Karim Rahemtulla, stands out as a potential companion.

Positioned as an online advisory service and community of traders, Monument Traders Alliance provides precise trading instructions tailored to bolster your daily wealth creation. Numerous subscribers advocate for its genuine value, especially underscoring the insights they gain from Bottarelli’s investment guidance.

Beyond advisories, the firm is committed to driving innovation in its services, ensuring it remains a cut above the rest. Through this Monument Traders Alliance review, we’ll dive deeper into what they offer, from its educational resources to its unique service portfolio so you can decide if Monument Traders Alliance is the best stock market newsletter
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What is Monument Traders Alliance?

At the intersection of experience and innovation in the trading world stands Monument Traders Alliance. This online venture was co-founded by two seasoned traders: Bryan Bottarelli and Karim Rahemtulla. Bottarelli, a business graduate from Indiana University Kelley School of Business, began his career trading options at the esteemed Chicago Board Options Exchange.

After absorbing a wealth of experience, he established Bottarelli Research, a trusted trading advisory service. On the other side, Rahemtulla, known for his expansive trading experience in both local and international markets, is a staunch advocate for LEAPS trading. He has penned his insights for renowned publications like The Oxford Income Letter and once held the title of chief options strategist for Wall Street Daily.

But Monument Traders Alliance isn’t just about these two experts. Their team is an amalgamation of diverse talents. It’s enriched with former Chicago Board Options Exchange traders, adept hedge fund managers, and seasoned retired CEOs.

Adding more depth to their expertise pool are volatility specialists, technical charting wizards, dedicated researchers, and keen analysts. Together, this ensemble, led prominently by Bottarelli and Rahemtulla, aims to provide top-notch options trading services to its users.

Monument Traders Alliance Features

  • Trade Recommendations and Alerts: Monument Traders Alliance offers an elite service of trade alerts based on thorough market research by their experts. These alerts, complete with ticker symbols, current and forecasted share prices, ensure you’re always prepared to make strategic trading decisions during market hours.
  • Community Chatroom: A hallmark of the Alliance, this interactive platform fosters a sense of community among traders. Here, you can connect with like-minded individuals, exchange trading tips, and enhance your overall market insight.
  • Training Videos: Catering to traders at every stage, their instructional videos are invaluable. Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned in options trading, these resources provide the clarity you need to navigate the trading landscape.
  • Paper Trading Account: With the inherent risk of options trading, Monument Traders Alliance suggests newcomers first familiarize themselves via a paper trading account. This simulated environment allows for practical learning, sans the financial stakes.
  • Exclusive Members-Only Content: Membership comes with its privileges. Subscribers gain access to an array of exclusive resources, from specialized market reports to trading cheat sheets and unique trading strategies.
  • ProfitSight Tool: A testament to their dedication to trader success, their proprietary tool, ProfitSight, is designed to give traders a competitive edge in the market.

What Services Does Monument Traders Alliance Offer?

The following stock market newsletters  are at the core of Monument traders services.

The War Room: At the heart of Monument Traders Alliance’s offerings is The War Room. Far from being just a digital space, it serves as a vibrant, interactive hub where traders rally together to exchange real-time strategies, insights, and advice.

Bryan Bottarelli and Karim Rahemtulla helm this platform, providing members with daily actionable recommendations. Instead of waiting for market summaries from popular media outlets, The War Room members receive up-to-the-minute advice on when to buy or sell, positioning themselves ahead in the market.

But beyond individual gains, this space underscores the importance of community, transforming trading from a solitary endeavor to a collective journey. The cost for accessing this top-tier service stands at $2,500 for a year, with a two-year deal at $3,500. Within The War Room, there are three main trading strategies:

  • Overnight Trades: Focusing on options to capitalize when the market sleeps.
  • Sniper Trades: Specific options trades zeroing in on stocks expected to see swift value shifts.
  • Market Swing Trades: These trades ride the waves of the Nasdaq, capturing value from market fluctuations.

And if Bottarelli’s assurance stands true, members not witnessing 300 successful trades in a year earn free lifetime access.

Insider Matrix: This comprehensive service grants subscribers access to trade recommendations, an engaging chat room, a weekly review named Insider Matrix Weekly Recap, insightful video lessons, the “Insider Matrix Cheat Sheet”, and more. The yearly subscription fee totals $5,000.

Million Dollar Challenge: Spearheaded by Nate Bear, this service offers live trading sessions, unveiling the methods behind transforming an ordinary trader into a trading millionaire.

Trade of the Day: Elevate your trading prowess with this daily briefing. It updates subscribers about notable stock movements, dives into expert strategies, and provides a forward-looking stance on market trends.

Trade of the Day Plus: Crafted by Bryan Bottarelli, a former trader at the Chicago Board Options Exchange, this weekly trading advisory program comes with a yearly subscription fee of $79. Subscribers receive curated trade recommendations from Bryan, with a guaranteed win rate of 83%. These suggestions are complemented by concise videos and buy-sell instructions. In addition, a repository of valuable resources, including the riveting series “Wall Street’s Most Treasured Secrets… UNCOVERED!”, is at the members’ disposal. Bryan also regularly churns out specialized reports, such as The Last Great Value Stock, My Favorite Small Cap Play for 2022, and IPO Buying Guide 2022. To cement his confidence in the service, Bryan offers a no-strings-attached, one-year money-back guarantee.

ProfitSight: As Monument Traders Alliance’s premier trading tool, ProfitSight scans for “W” and “M” setups, alerting users of potential profits. Subscription levels determine the number of preset index trackers available, with additional symbol support varying by tier. The yearly subscription cost ranges between $3,000 and $5,000.

Is Monument Traders Alliance The Best Stock Market Newsletter?

Is Monument Traders Alliance the Best Stock Market Newsletter? It’s a question that may depend on individual trading goals and expertise. This platform is primarily designed for those enthusiastic about options trading, offering timely alerts and a supportive community.

While experienced traders can refine their strategies with its advanced tools, newcomers will find resources like the ‘War Room Video Training Series’ beneficial. It fosters a communal atmosphere, allowing traders to exchange insights, making trading more than just a solitary act.

For those who enjoy actively managing their investments and appreciate real-time market updates, Monument Traders Alliance might be the best investment newsletter available. To get started today, Click Here.

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