Is Monument Traders Alliance a Scam?

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August 11, 2023August 11, 2023

Monument Traders Alliance

In today’s online world, investment advisory services are springing up every day. One that has garnered attention recently is Monument Traders Alliance. But with so many scams out there, many are asking, “Is Monument Traders Alliance a Scam?” Let’s dive deep into what we’ve discovered.

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Monument Traders Alliance Overview

In our recent Monument Traders Alliance review, we delved into the workings of Monument Traders Alliance, an innovative online investment advisory platform and community, co-founded by two industry veterans, Bryan Bottarelli and Karim Rahemtulla. Together, they’ve aimed to offer their members a comprehensive set of tools, insights, and support to navigate the fast-paced world of trading.

Bryan Bottarelli’s roots in trading can be traced back to his early days, where even as a boy, he showcased an incredible knack for identifying and leveraging investments, whether it was selling Star Wars figures for a significant profit or purchasing a Michael Jordan rookie card only to sell it later for a substantial gain. This inherent trading intuition was further honed during his time at the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), a period during which he was mentored by one of the country’s top floor traders. These experiences culminated in Bryan launching Bottarelli Research in 2006, where he dispensed precise trading instructions to an elite group of followers.

Karim Rahemtulla brings vast experience in both domestic and international markets. With a penchant for LEAPS trading, Karim has also contributed to prestigious publications like The Oxford Income Letter and served as the chief options strategist for Wall Street Daily

Benefits of Monument Traders Alliance

The core services offered by Monument Traders Alliance encompass:

  • Trade Recommendations and Alerts: Members receive trade recommendations based on market intelligence gathered by the Alliance’s trade experts. This ensures that members are informed promptly about potential trading opportunities.
  • Community Chatroom: A valuable feature offered by many MTA services, the community chatroom allows traders to connect, share advice, and grow their trading knowledge collectively.
  • Training Videos: Whether one is a novice or an expert, MTA offers training videos that cater to all. These videos serve as educational tools for those looking to deepen their understanding of trading concepts and strategies.
  • Paper Trading Account: Recognizing the risks associated with options trading, MTA advises members to start with a paper trading account. This practice allows members to hone their skills in a risk-free environment before diving into real trading.
  • Dedicated Trading Tool “ProfitSight”: An exclusive tool aimed at enhancing the trading experience.

Pricing and Plans

Monument Traders Alliance offers multiple subscription services, primarily focused on trading recommendations, alerts based on market intelligence, and an opportunity for community engagement. Here’s a look into their top-tier services and their respective prices:

War Room – $7,500/year

It serves as a unique, collaborative platform that brings together a community of like-minded traders. Subscribers receive live, real-time actionable recommendations on trading days. Gone are the times when you’d only hear about big market moves after they’ve occurred. The Monument Traders Alliance War Room keeps its members ahead of the curve.

Another distinctive feature of the War Room is the opportunity to collaborate with fellow traders. This makes the trading experience less solitary and more engaging, offering a chance for traders to share and learn from each other’s insights.

Insider Matrix – $5,000/year

Priced at $5,000 per year, the Insider Matrix focuses on the significance of insider buying. Insider buying is not only legal but is often a strong indicator of a company’s future stock performance. Insiders have a wealth of knowledge about their companies, often possessing information about upcoming products, sales trajectories, and merger and acquisition negotiations. Such knowledge often prompts them to buy shares, indicating their confidence in the company’s growth potential.

Additional Offerings

Aside from the War Room and Insider Matrix, the Monument Traders Alliance offers other services, including the “Daily Profits Live,” “ProfitSight,” and “Trade of the Day.” The emphasis is always on informed, smart speculation to help subscribers amplify their wealth.

Claims & Marketing Tactics

Like many online advisories, Monument Traders Alliance has utilized aggressive marketing tactics. This promise of consistent profits is indeed enticing, suggesting you could outperform even the world’s best investors by following their advice. While bold claims can be a hallmark of online promotions, it’s important to remember that high and consistent profits like this only come to those who have spent the time to learn the ins and outs of trading and who have sufficiently large accounts to take advantage of their knowledge.

Customer Feedback & Experiences

It’s always a good idea to check user reviews. One user mentioned their experience with The Monument Traders Alliance War Room (TWR), praising the service. They found value in the guidance and mentorship provided by the TWR community and its leaders.

This user wrote on Trustpilot: “I have been trading for many years and wished I had something like The Monument Traders Alliance War Room (TWR) when I first started out and was learning how to trade. Now I am a lifetime member of TWR and would not give it up for anything.

He also added:

“Anyone wishing to join TWR should understand that there are inherent risks in trading and that is especially true in short term options trading which is a particular focus of TWR and that you could lose everything if you go into it without the proper guidance and mentorship.”


So, is Monument Traders Alliance a Scam? Monument Traders Alliance, despite the skepticism around its bold marketing rhetoric, offers a comprehensive suite of services that cater to traders of all levels. Its emphasis on community and collaboration is a refreshing approach in the world of trading. As always, potential subscribers should do their research and understand that while the platform offers tools and advice, trading inherently carries risks, and there are no guarantees of consistent profits.

If you’re interested in exploring new strategies and insights in trading, don’t hesitate to take action today and dive into a community that focuses on growth and support.

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