Is Motley Fool Options The Best Options Trading Alert Service?

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October 20, 2023October 20, 2023

Motley Fool Options

Options trading, a highly lucrative but equally complex domain, has seen a rise in demand for alert and recommendation services in recent years. Among the frontrunners in this industry is Motley Fool Options, a subscription service that promises to guide traders to potentially profitable trades. But is Motley Fool Options the best options trading alert service? Let’s delve deeper into our Motley Fool Options review to find out.
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What is Motley Fool Options?

Motley Fool Options is a unique subscription service provided by the Motley Fool, a respected name in the financial and investment sector. Catering to both new and seasoned investors, this service primarily recommends options trades, aiming to generate income and offer a hedge against risks that may affect stock portfolios.

Options, although sometimes regarded as complex, can play a critical role in portfolio management. When employed judiciously, they have the potential to supplement stock portfolios, allowing investors to hedge positions, thus reducing market volatility, or enhancing portfolio yields. A simple example would be the strategy of buying and writing put options. This tactic enables investors to predetermine a selling price for shares if the stock plunges below that set price. Additionally, writing put options can become a source of income, especially when the Motley Fool Options team identifies an attractive company they believe will reach a desirable price to own in the future.

The essence of Motley Fool Options isn’t merely about capitalizing on short-term options trades. The team embodies a long-term business ownership perspective. This means, in addition to acquiring premium income from writing puts, they are keen on helping subscribers become shareholders of commendable companies. Such an approach aligns with the broader Foolish Investing Philosophy, which underscores the value of long-term “buy and hold” strategies. By endorsing stocks to retain for a minimum of five years, the service aids users in establishing diversified portfolios, thereby guiding them to navigate market volatility without succumbing to the temptation of timing the market. Their ultimate vision is for subscribers to achieve financial independence by consistently adhering to this investment methodology.

Moreover, Motley Fool Options doesn’t solely concentrate on trade recommendations. An integral component of the service is education. The service furnishes invaluable content that demystifies both fundamental and advanced options strategies, ensuring subscribers not only execute trades but also grasp the underlying principles. It is not about day trading or employing options as the lone investment approach. Instead, it emphasizes the significance of understanding the inherent value of companies while employing options to leverage those positions.


The Motley Fool Options service comes at an annual subscription fee of $999. Prospective subscribers might wonder about the return on this investment. Each trade suggestion is accompanied by an in-depth analysis, offering insights into potential risks and rewards. For those new to options trading or even seasoned traders, the service appears to be a worthwhile investment, primarily when focused on long-term, lower-risk recommended trades

The procedure to gain access to the Motley Fool Options picks is simple. The service has an underlying principle of identifying stocks with strong fundamentals coupled with enticing valuations. With each stock pick, the team at Motley Fool provides a comprehensive analysis explaining the rationale behind the chosen options strategy, expected outcomes, associated timelines, and exit strategies.

Is Motley Fool Options The Best Options Trading Alert Service?

Motley Fool Options is a prominent options trading advisory service that has carved a niche for itself in the world of trading. So, is Motley Fool Options the best options trading alert service? Here’s a look at what sets it apart:

  • Nature of Service: Unlike some services that focus primarily on short-term options bets, Motley Fool Options aims to recommend trades on companies that are considered good for long-term holdings. Their primary goal is to assist investors in generating income and minimizing portfolio volatility through the strategic use of options.
  • Education: For beginners and those new to options trading, Motley Fool Options offers an educational course named “Options U”. This course introduces options trading in a way that’s safe for beginners and covers topics ranging from the basics to advanced strategies.
  • Recommendation Rate: An impressive factor about the service is its success rate. According to reports, the options recommendations provided by this service have an over 84% success rate on closed trades.
  • Community Support: One of the standout features of the service is the community support offered via message boards where knowledge sharing is promoted.

While it’s true that the ideal service varies from one trader to another based on individual needs and risk tolerance, Motley Fool Options has proven to be a valuable tool for many. It’s advisable for anyone considering a trading alert service to give it a close look. Starting with foundational knowledge and complementing it with such a service can be a promising approach to success.

Final Verdict: Is Motley Fool Options the Best Options Trading Alert Service?

After weighing the comprehensive features, rich educational content, and the proven track record of Motley Fool Options, the recommendation is clear: subscribing to this platform is a wise move. Not only does it offer valuable insights into the often intricate world of options trading, but its emphasis on transparency and community support sets it apart from many other services on the market.

If you’re truly committed to optimizing your trading strategies and leveraging expert guidance, it’s time to take the next step and explore what Motley Fool Options can offer you.
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