Is Motley Fool Stock Advisor The Best Swing Trading Alerts Service

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October 6, 2023October 6, 2023

Motley Fool Stock Advisor

You might already be familiar with The Motley Fool Stock Advisor, the main newsletter from the investment advisory titan. This service stands out among stock-picking services, and there’s a good chance you’ve come across Motley Fool through ads, word-of-mouth, or personal encounters.

In this detailed review, we’ll scrutinize Motley Fool’s prominent stock-picking service to ascertain whether it meets its reputation.

Venturing into our Motley Fool review, you’ll learn about the monthly newsletter curated by the founders, David Gardner and Tom Gardner. The Gardner siblings, using their distinct “foolish” strategy, have consistently outshone the stock market for over a decade. Puzzled about how they manage this? You’re about to find out.

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Motley Fool Overview of Performance

The Stock Advisor service aims to assist investors in outpacing the market by granting them access to superior stock picks. The team at Motley Fool delves into comprehensive research to present stock recommendations to their subscribers.

Since its inception in 2002, Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor has generated returns of 400% as of April 2023. When juxtaposed with the broader market returns during the same timeframe, these figures are strikingly impressive.

Opting for the Fool’s stock picks could have tripled the returns you would gain from simply investing in the S&P 500. To put it simply, a $10,000 investment could have turned into an additional $30,000. When compared to mutual funds’ performances during the same period, the company’s track record becomes even more noteworthy.

Understanding the background of the Motley Fool can offer insights into its reliability. Like many, you may prefer trusting companies that have established credibility and a proven track record.

Motley Fool History

The Gardner brothers initially shared their investment ideas on online forums and publications, using a mix of humor and humility to spotlight their methods for identifying undervalued stocks. This novel approach fostered a community of like-minded followers.

The aim of the Motley Fool has always been to enable retail investors to excel beyond Wall Street professionals. In 1997, the company inaugurated its official website at

As the best stock research website gained traction, the offerings expanded. The Gardners authored several New York Times Bestsellers and hosted radio shows and live podcasts, contributing significantly to the finance sector with their transparency and innovative perspectives. The Motley Fool quickly ascended to a leading position in investing and personal finance.

All this underlines that the Motley Fool is a well-rooted investment research company with verified results.

After evaluating numerous premium services from the company, we maintain that the Motley Fool Stock Advisor stands as their prime offering. Continue pursuing our review to discover why, and also check out the best swing trading alert services for more options.

What is The Stock Advisor Program?

What exactly is the Motley Fool Stock Advisor? It’s a straightforward program designed by its founders, Tom and David Gardner, with one key goal in mind: to offer stock picks that are poised to outperform the market, making it incredibly user-friendly for beginner investors.

Here, there’s no intricate jargon or convoluted systems; as a subscriber, you’re provided with stock recommendations, plain and simple.

Now, the intention behind this program is clear-cut: it aims to assist average investors in navigating the financial markets by offering top-notch research reports and stock recommendations.

In comparison, the world of investing might seem daunting, with the right guidance on which stocks to invest in and when it becomes significantly more manageable.

What Do Stock Advisor Members Get?

Upon joining, new members gain access to a plethora of investment resources, with the stock picks being the highlight of the service. Instantaneously, you are introduced to various types of stock picks, which include:

  • Two new stock picks every month
  • Comprehensive access to stock rankings and recommendations

Each month, Stock Advisor members receive two new stock picks, accompanied by detailed research reports elucidating the reasoning behind each selection.

A remarkable aspect of the Motley Fool is its transparency; you can meticulously examine every recommendation ever made by the company. This data is organized coherently, allowing members to gauge the performance of past recommendations.

In addition to the resources provided, you also get the chance to learn from an experienced options trader and integrate into an investment community, all at an affordable price. With educational videos, chat room access, and a money-back guarantee, Motley Fool ensures you are well-equipped to make informed decisions.

David Gardner’s expertise, coupled with real-time alerts and trading strategies, makes this platform a go-to for both seasoned traders and those who are new to the game. With a variety of premium services and an annual subscription, you can tailor your experience based on your risk tolerance and trading needs.

More Stock Advisor Benefits

When you delve into Motley Fool, you might find that most subscribers are drawn to it primarily for the stock picks. This isn’t surprising, given that, for less than $10 a month (with an annual subscription), you are granted access to stock market picks with the potential to yield significant returns, potentially up to 100x your subscription cost.

Additionally, these selected stocks have a track record of outperforming the market, aiding you in steering clear of additional mutual fund fees.

You might think that the value of the subscription lies solely in the stock picks, but you’d be pleasantly surprised to discover that membership brings along a few more perks. From the get-go, new members are introduced to a wealth of invaluable resources.

Investment Education

Within the members’ area, you gain access to top-tier investment education and concise lessons. This treasure trove of knowledge can prove invaluable if you’re keen on enhancing your understanding of personal finance and investing.

While relying on financial advice and stock picks is a practical approach to building your stock portfolio, having a grasp on basic investing methodologies can bolster your confidence in navigating the markets.

If you find yourself at the starting line of the investing journey, it’s certainly worthwhile to explore the resources and information that Motley Fool generously provides.

Is Motley Fool Trustworthy?

By now, you’re likely acquainted with what the Stock Advisor membership entails. The looming question that might be on your mind is, “Is Motley Fool truly legitimate?” The company has garnered attention for its bold marketing tactics on social media and news platforms, but does it genuinely fulfill its promises?

We embarked on a meticulous examination, incorporating a rigorous screening process, to address this question. Several factors were considered in our review, one of the foremost being the Fool’s Track Record.

The Fool’s Track Record

In scrutinizing the Motley Fool, the initial aspect we focused on was the company’s track record. Assessing past performance is paramount when evaluating any investment research firm. We aimed to determine whether the team has indeed managed to outperform the market consistently.

It satisfies us to report that the Motley Fool Stock Advisor program boasts an exemplary track record. Since 2002, Motley Fool’s portfolio has been surpassing the S&P 500. Conversations with several investors, seasoned and new alike, who have used the service over an extended period revealed noteworthy results.

The feedback and reviews from members have predominantly been positive, indicating a community of satisfied individuals benefiting from the services.

Conclusion: Is Motley Fool Stock Advisor The Best Swing Trading Alerts Service

Whether you’re looking at favorite stocks, blue-chip stocks, options trades, or growth stocks, the Motley Fool offers insights and resources to help you achieve your desired annual returns. With BENZINGA Pro features, real-time alerts, and experienced options trader advice, you’re in good hands.

The affordable price of an annual subscription, coupled with educational videos and chat room access, ensures you are well-equipped to adapt your trading strategies and meet your risk tolerance.

David Gardner’s expertise and the availability of premium services make Motley Fool a trustworthy partner in your investment journey.

Whether you’re a money manager, a member of Bear Bull Traders looking for trade setups, or someone seeking a reliable investment advisory, the Motley Fool stands as a credible option, backed by positive personal experiences and a robust investment community. Click here to sign up and explore what the platform has to offer.

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