Is NewRetirement the Best Net Worth Tracker?

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October 7, 2023October 7, 2023

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NewRetirement aims to be more than a budgeting tool and investments tracker. It is a comprehensive tool to help its users take control of their retirement. By factoring in taxes, income, real estate, debt, goals, medical, and dozens of other factors, users can know exactly where they stand and how to stay on track.

NewRetirement’s tools are primarily self-directed and simple to use, and plenty of resources help you learn more about retirement planning. You can connect your financial accounts to get a complete picture of your net worth and cash flow.

If you want access to certified financial planners and a more robust set of tools, you can upgrade to PlannerPlus or PlannerPlus Academy for a monthly fee. While all this sounds good, does it make NewRetirement the best net worth tracker? Here is a NewRetirement review.

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How Does NewRetirement Work?

NewRetirement works by providing you with an interactive platform to track your entire financial picture in one place. You start by entering information about your income, expenses, assets, liabilities, retirement goals, and time horizons.

This comprehensive overview goes far beyond a basic retirement calculator. NewRetirement understands that your net worth and financial security depend on various interconnected factors like:

  • Taxes: Federal, state, and local tax rates
  • Income: Salary, rental income, social security, etc.
  • Savings: Bank accounts, investment accounts, retirement accounts
  • Real estate: Home value, mortgage, rental properties
  • Debt: Loans, credit cards, medical bills
  • Goals: Travel, hobby, education, legacy

With the free plan, you get useful tools to optimize your money. See where you can improve and explore “what if” scenarios, like relocating or retiring early. The paid plans provide extra features such as live Q&A, robo-advising, and real-time net worth monitoring.

NewRetirement Features

NewRetirement offers some really useful features to help you keep track of your net worth and plan for retirement.

Run Scenarios

Predicting your retirement and investment futures with the “what-ifs” of retirement is a great way to see where and how you can optimize your planning. You can adjust things like your retirement age, annual returns, inflation, healthcare costs, etc.

Real-time Monitoring

Easily track your net worth and where you stand on your way to retirement. Connect all your accounts like investment, banking, mortgage, and loans to get an overall view of your assets and liabilities.

Resources and Support

It offers a ton of great resources, including coaching, classes, and groups. If you upgrade to PlannerPlus Academy, you get a full range of retirement planning classes. Learn from experts and get your questions answered.

Visualizations and Analytics

NewRetirement excels at visualizations. You have access to a wide variety of analytics, including Monte Carlo analysis, asset allocation, investment returns, and more. See your data in charts, graphs, and interactive displays that make your financial information easy to understand.


NewRetirement offers personalized recommendations that can signal errors and optimization opportunities. Get guidance on how to improve your plan and make the most of your money. The financial advisor considers your full financial picture to provide tailored advice for your unique situation.


There are various calculators to help determine how much you need for retirement and the best ways to save. The simple retirement calculator estimates how much you need to save each month to reach your goals. You also get access to a Roth Conversion Calculator and a Lifetime Annuity Calculator, which are popular retirement options.

Chat support

Unlike some competitors, NewRetirement offers chat support so you can get help quickly. Do you have a question about how something works or need guidance using the financial tools? Just start a chat and get answers right away from the support team.

NewRetirement Pricing & Plans

If you want to upgrade from the Basic plan, NewRetirement offers two paid subscription options:


For $120/year, PlannerPlus unlocks additional financial planning tools like tax planning, investment analysis, and Medicare cost projection. You’ll get access to NewRetirement’s library of educational courses on retirement topics. PlannerPlus also provides unlimited scenarios so you can model different retirement paths.

PlannerPlus Academy

The PlannerPlus Academy plan costs $270/year and includes everything in PlannerPlus and personalized guidance from NewRetirement’s certified financial planners.

You can schedule video calls to review your retirement plan, get recommendations, and ask questions about retirement savings, Social Security claiming strategies, and managing retirement income. PlannerPlus Academy may appeal to those wanting a high-touch experience.

The Pros and Cons of Using NewRetirement

NewRetirement has some attractive features as a net worth tracker, but also some downsides to consider before committing to their paid plans.


  • The free plan is quite robust
  • Detailed calculations and retirement scenarios
  • Affordable plans for support from retirement planners and coaches


  • No mobile app

Is NewRetirement the Best Net Worth Tracker?

So, is NewRetirement really the best net worth tracker? If you’re looking to gain complete control of your retirement planning, the answer is yes.

NewRetirement gives you an easy way to see your whole financial picture in one place. You can input all your financial accounts, assets, and liabilities to get a crystal-clear view of your current net worth and how it’s trending over time.

Their intuitive interface makes it simple to track your balances, spending habits, and progress toward major financial goals. Beyond just number crunching, NewRetirement provides powerful retirement planning tools to optimize your retirement strategy. Click here to take control of your financial life today.

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