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October 22, 2023October 22, 2023


Diversifying one’s investment portfolio is paramount, especially in volatile market conditions. Yet, accessing alternative investments often comes with its set of challenges, primarily the hefty capital requirements which push them out of reach for many. Enter Percent, formerly known as Cadence. This platform is paving a new path for individual investors, providing an avenue to delve into short-term private credit lending.

What sets Percent apart? For starters, it opens the gates to high-yield investment opportunities spanning a myriad of industries. These unique offerings not only help bolster portfolios but also usher in a potential stream of passive income. The common grievance among investors has often been the prolonged holding periods synonymous with ventures like real estate.

Percent strives to offer a remedy to fix this. It bridges the gap by presenting private credit opportunities, designed for short to medium durations, striking a balance between potential gains and financial flexibility. As intriguing as this sounds, a pressing question remains: is Percent legit?

To shed light on this and to offer a deep dive into its mechanics, offerings, and potential returns, a comprehensive Percent review is in order. Through this Percent review, prospective investors can gain clarity on what the platform brings to the table.
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What is Percent?

Percent is a distinctive platform catering to accredited investors, offering them direct access to a rich selection of alternative investment opportunities, particularly in private credit. Once known as Cadence, this platform was initiated by CEO Nelson Chu in 2018. In 2021, it adopted its current name, Percent, while maintaining its operations in New York. Emphasizing a diversified portfolio to combat market uncertainties, Percent stands out with its diverse range of private credit options.

What sets Percent apart? It’s their dedication to democratizing this space. By providing individual accredited investors direct access to a broad spectrum of private credit ventures, such as SMB loans, merchant cash advances, and trade receivables, they are reshaping how people approach investing.

What’s more, entering this space doesn’t necessitate vast wealth; investments start at a modest $500, offering many an affordable dive into investments beyond traditional stocks or bonds.

Is Percent Legit?

Is Percent legit? Absolutely. Percent has carved out a niche as a credible platform in the domain of private credit investments. Since its debut, it’s been a gateway for investors into diverse private credit arenas like SMB financing and merchant cash advances.

They uphold stringent financial regulations, including compliance with the SEC’s standards. Their commitment to transparency is evident, offering users a deep dive into comprehensive market data on deals and companies.

While young, its track record in successfully navigating hundreds of deals is noteworthy. Prioritizing security, the platform incorporates top-tier encryption methods safeguarding user data.

Every deal undergoes thorough vetting, ensuring that only the best make the cut. Feedback from users further cements its reputation, often highlighting its vast investment opportunities and stellar customer service.

Percent Features

  • Short-Term Investing: Percent offers investment opportunities with the potential for high yields in shorter durations. These can provide annualized returns of up to 18% and can sometimes mature within a month. This means investors can have access to liquidity faster. These investments span across a range of assets including short-term business loans, wage advances, and residential mortgages. The average duration of these assets is around 9 months.
  • Diversified Portfolio: With Percent, investors get the chance to diversify their portfolios across a myriad of asset classes. It allows for exposure to unique investment avenues, from small business lending in Latin America to litigation finance in the U.S.
  • Blended Notes: This feature enables investors to make a single investment that gets distributed across multiple private credit opportunities. Percent Advisors, the platform’s investment manager, uses established concentration limits to ensure a diverse spread. Furthermore, a proprietary algorithm decides on interest distributions and cash management on a daily basis. For the first year, variable monthly interests are received. After the year, amortization starts, which is based on interest from the overall pool of revolving notes.
  • Low Minimum Investment: A standout feature of Percent is its low entry barrier. The majority of the platform’s short-term notes have a minimum investment of just $500. In the world of alternative investments, this is quite low, especially when considering other platforms might require a minimum of $5,000 or more. This also promotes portfolio diversification since investors can spread their money across multiple investments.
  • Zero Fees: As of June 2022, Percent doesn’t charge any fees to start investing. However, there are plans to introduce a fee structure,
  • Exclusive to Private Credit: Percent distinguishes itself as the sole platform dedicated only to private credit investment opportunities.
  • Transparent Fees: While the platform currently doesn’t charge any fees, any future fee structures or associated costs with investments will be clearly outlined.
  • Top-Notch Customer Service: Percent takes pride in offering its investors personalized guidance and assistance, ensuring they have a smooth investment journey.


In the alternative investments space, Percent has established itself as a standout platform. With its unique blend of short-term and diversified investment options, transparent fee structure, and commitment to providing top-notch customer service, it becomes evident why many consider it among the best alternative investments available today.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor seeking to diversify your portfolio or a newcomer looking to dip your toes in the private credit space, Percent provides a robust and user-friendly avenue to explore. Ready to embark on your investment journey with Percent? Click Here to get started.
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