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October 23, 2023October 23, 2023

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Options trading is becoming a top choice for investors aiming to diversify their assets and maximize returns. However, it’s not without its challenges. Understanding the markets and developing effective strategies are crucial. For newcomers or those feeling overwhelmed, trading alert services can be invaluable.

These services track the markets for you, sending alerts about ideal times to buy or sell options based on technical indicators and market trends. Instead of pouring over charts for hours, traders get real-time insights delivered via text, email, or app.

Among these services, Rockwell Trading stands out. Beyond just alerts, Rockwell offers a wide range of educational tools such as webinars, training programs, and coaching sessions. Their PowerX software is especially notable. This tool scans thousands of stocks, identifying potential profitable trades. For traders looking for both guidance and effective tools, Rockwell Trading might be just what they need.

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What is an Options Trading Alert Service?

An options trading alert service provides subscribers with real-time recommendations and insights into potential trading opportunities in the options market. For a subscription fee, which can be structured monthly, quarterly, or annually, traders receive alerts detailing the option contract, strike price, expiration date, and suggested entry and exit prices.

These alerts are typically delivered through email, text messages, or specialized mobile applications. To choose the right service, traders should consider several factors: the service’s reliability in delivering timely alerts, the qualifications and expertise of its analyst team, its overall cost, and how straightforward and clear the alerts are.

While these services offer valuable insights based on market analysis, the ultimate decision to act on a trade remains with the trader.

What is Rockwell Trading?

Rockwell Trading is a company founded by Markus Heitkoetter, specializing in trading education and tools. With over 20 years in the industry, Markus has helped the company stand out as a trusted resource for learning about stocks, options, and other financial instruments.

Instead of just offering theoretical knowledge, Rockwell Trading emphasizes hands-on learning. They teach technical analysis, money management, and the psychology of trading. What’s more, they don’t just tell you about trading strategies; they show them in action through live examples.

Another crucial player at Rockwell Trading is Mark Hodge. After roles at American Express and Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Mark decided trading was his real passion. His expertise, particularly in short-term trading, complements Markus’s vast experience, ensuring that Rockwell Trading offers its learners comprehensive insights from two seasoned experts.


  • PowerX Optimizer: Proprietary software that simplifies stock and options trading. It provides high-probability trades, eliminates the need for technical chart interpretation, and clearly details entry, exit, and stop points for trades.
  • Live Trading Room: An interactive platform where users can watch and learn from real-time trading experiences, observing and imitating Markus’s strategies.
  • Educational Coaching Programs: Comprehensive learning sessions, including the Rockwell Freedom Mastermind, giving weekly access to Markus and other lead coaches.
  • The Complete Guide to Day Trading: An eBook for beginners with tips and insights to avoid common pitfalls, available for free in PDF format.
  • The Wheel Options Trading Strategy: A guide on systematic trading methods for consistent outcomes, available for just the shipping and handling costs.
  • Live Charts: Advanced tools to help traders strategize and visualize market movements effectively.
  • Trading Platform: A reliable platform equipped with state-of-the-art technology for an enhanced trading experience.
  • News Feed: Integrated real-time news updates from leading business media outlets.

About The PowerX Optimizer

The PowerX Optimizer is a web-based trading platform geared towards assisting options traders in pinpointing and executing lucrative trades using the wheel strategy. This platform stands out as it boasts a mathematically-driven approach, meticulously scanning over 12,000 stocks, options, and ETFs across major US exchanges.

With this tool, traders are not left in the dark; it provides clear entry prices, profit targets, and stop-loss parameters. By doing so, the PowerX Optimizer eliminates much of the guesswork typically associated with trading, guiding users towards optimal stock and ETF trading decisions.


Their pricing, while on the higher side, reflects the comprehensive features and quality they bring to the table.

PowerX Optimizer:

  • Price: $1,997 (with potential promotional discounts)
  • Feature: Web-based platform with lifetime updates that assists traders in identifying and executing profitable trades.

Theta Kings Trading Package:

  • Price: $997
  • Feature: Provides lifetime access to a comprehensive suite of valuable recordings.

For those seeking intensive coaching, Rockwell Trading has curated two specialized coaching packages:

  • Platinum Plan: A structured six-month coaching plan available for $12,000.
  • Diamond Plan: A detailed year-long program priced at $30,000.

Additionally, Rockwell offers a selection of insightful publications for traders keen on expanding their knowledge:

  • “The Wheels Options Trading Strategy” and “The PowerX Strategy” both priced at a one-time fee of $4.95.
  • “The Complete Guide To Day Trading” generally comes at $14, but watch out for promotions that might offer it complimentary.

It’s worth keeping an eye out for Rockwell Trading Promo Codes for money saving discounts.

Is Rockwell Trading The Best Options Trading Alert Service?

Is Rockwell Trading the best options trading alert service? The answer to that question hinges on individual trading preferences and styles. Rockwell Trading has made its mark in the trading industry, even bagging the ‘Commitment to Excellence’ award on two occasions. The Better Business Bureau has consistently recognized its efforts with an A+ rating. Numerous customers have showered praise upon the platform, particularly its enriching educational content, leading to a slew of five-star reviews.

For novices wanting to get a grip on trading or seasoned options traders aiming to refine their strategies, Rockwell presents a compelling value proposition. Boasting a plethora of educational tools and resources, and possessing a sterling reputation for customer service, it’s clear why the platform has generated such positive feedback. If charting a course towards financial freedom is your goal, then Rockwell Trading is undoubtedly a contender worth considering.

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