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October 15, 2023October 15, 2023

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Sharesight is an intricate online portfolio tracker that allows you to see all your investments in one place. With over 300,000 users, it’s become a popular portfolio tracking tool for DIY investors, day traders, and financial advisors alike. Sharesight gives you a holistic view of your investment performance. You can:

  • Track stock, ETF, forex, and cryptocurrency portfolios.
  • See your investment balances, returns, and asset allocations at a glance.
  • Get customized performance reports, including for tax time. Sharesight generates tax reports for several countries to help you stay on top of your obligations.
  • Set up regular rebalancing and get alerts if your portfolio strays from your target allocations.
  • Share portfolio access with your financial advisor or accountant.

With an easy-to-use interface, tons of integrations, and useful performance reporting features, Sharesight makes keeping track of your investments simple and stress-free. For hands-off portfolio management, it’s a winner. But is it the cream of the crop when it comes to the best stock portfolio tracking apps? Here is a detailed Sharesight review to determine that.

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Sharesight Key Features

With Sharesight, managing and monitoring your individual stock portfolio has never been easier. This intuitive app provides tons of useful features to help you gain valuable insights into your investments.

  • Tons of integrations: Sharesight connects to over 200 global brokers, enabling integrations with 40+ markets and software partners, including Charles Schwab, Robinhood, and Interactive Brokers.
  • Deep portfolio analysis: Sharesight makes it simple to track your entire portfolio and see how it’s performing. You can easily calculate returns for specific periods with customizable options to best suit your needs.
  • Tax reporting: Thanks to its dividend tracking and ability to generate shareable tax reports, Sharesight simplifies tax time. You’ll have access to detailed dividend and distribution summaries to accurately complete your tax returns.
  • Simplified dividend tracking: Dividends provide compounding returns over time and are key to a wide variety of portfolios. Sharesight tracks all your dividends and distributions in one place so you gain a clear picture of this important income stream.
  • Diversity Report: Sharesight’s Diversity Report gives you insights into your portfolio’s diversification, which is essential for stable long-term returns. See how your investments are spread across countries, currencies, industries, and market sectors so you can make adjustments to optimize your portfolio balance.

Sharesight Pricing & Plans

Sharesight offers three subscription plans to suit different investor needs and budgets: Starter, Investor, and Expert.

  • Starter: The Starter plan is ideal if you’re just getting started with a stock portfolio and investment tracking or have a smaller portfolio. For $12 per month, you’ll get access to Sharesight’s core features like automated data imports, performance reporting, capital gains tax reporting, and dividend tracking. This plan allows up to 10 individual holdings and 3 users.
  • Investor: The Investor plan provides additional features for portfolios of up to 50 holdings. At $18 per month, it includes everything in the Starter plan plus sector and asset allocation analysis tools, additional benchmarking options, and up to 5 users. This mid-range option is suitable for most long-term investors.
  • Expert: Sharesight’s Expert plan is designed for active traders, financial advisors, accountants, and high-net-worth investors managing large portfolios. For $23.25 per month, you get access to all of Sharesight’s features with support for up to 500 holdings, 10 users, and API access. The Expert plan also includes advanced performance attribution analysis and custom benchmarking.

How Sharesight Compares to Other Portfolio Trackers

When comparing Sharesight to other popular portfolio trackers like Yahoo Finance or Personal Capital, a few things stand out that make Sharesight a superior choice, especially if you’re an international investor. Sharesight allows you to choose a benchmark that matches your investing goals, whether that’s a major index like the S&P 500 or the ASX 200, a custom portfolio you create, or a blend of multiple benchmarks.

Unlike Yahoo Finance or Personal Capital, Sharesight covers over 40 international exchanges, so you can track investments from around the globe against relevant local benchmarks. Sharesight also offers highly detailed dividend yield and distribution tracking, recording everything from dividend amounts and dates paid to franking levels and withholding tax rates.

This frees tax time since Sharesight can generate detailed tax reports integrated with popular tax prep software. Yahoo Finance and Personal Capital lack these advanced tax features, providing only basic dividend info and no tax reporting.

Is Sharesight The Best Stock Portfolio Tracking App

When it comes to the best stock portfolio tracking app, Sharesight is a top contender. As an advanced investor, keeping track of your investment accounts, holdings, and performance can be tedious and time-consuming. Using a powerful tool like Sharesight to track everything in one place automatically can save you hours of work.

Sharesight seamlessly connects to your brokerage accounts and downloads all your transaction data, dividend income, corporate actions, and prices. It calculates your investment portfolio value, asset allocation, returns, and income. You can see all your investments in one dashboard, set up watchlists, create advanced reporting, and share insights with your accountant or financial advisor.

Overall, Sharesight can simplify your investment life and provide valuable insights into your portfolio performance and trajectory. The platform integrates with most major brokers, provides useful metrics and reports, and has pricing suitable for all investors. Click here to sign up for Sharesight today. You can also use our coupon code to save upto 33% on sign-up.

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